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Doxcycline & Minocycline my experience

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Im not used to having my voice heard… Did you try ny of these medications? I am aware of the side effects , it is scary to be honest, dont expect to take this medication within like a week or 2 and it go away, noo this will take many months of taking. depending on how bad your problem is.

Okay i guess i’ll make a video real fast about this um well there’s two medicines here one is doxycycline one is a minor cyclin and i’m gonna tell you my experiences with them this kind um they told me to stop taking the doxycycline because um does it if you wonder what any noises in the background doesn’t add on my computer anyway um that’s the doxycycline

They told me to stop taking it because um when i took it it seriously gave me like a very very horrible bad migraine and headache like um it was like a 10 out of 10 pain in it and it lasted like seven hours and i was trying to go to sleep but um but i couldn’t even get sleep that much because like it was i was having that much pain in my head like it felt like my

Head was going back like my skull was going to crack that’s how bad this pain was with this medicine now with this one the c76 um minor cyclin been taking that for like a few months or more now and i think um i think i noticed it was helping a little bit it is but barely at all like um let me see if this nope that’s not the right pills just let me check my i got

One more refill after this let’s take two times a day i don’t want to show my information on it um like at least my name and you know address and all that stuff but this is take two times a day with food and it comes with 60. and maybe i can actually show you that part see this is um it comes with 60 and um that it’s minor cyclin 50mg um this is a doctor who

Prescribed it but yeah um this one’s actually okay to take at least in my opinion it hasn’t really caused me any problems that i know of uh but i do not recommend this kind but then again it’s up to you because um well i don’t know everyone’s different you know so and i’m also pretty skinny like i’m on the way so i don’t know if that has to do any of anything

I’m pretty sure i might i’m only taking a um 50 milligram remember what i was called mg that’s actually that one right there is a hundred i think let me take a look nope that’s actually also m50 but for some reason on the pills it says it says 100 but i don’t know that could be something else so about there were both 50 just this one was horrible to me and

This one was uh really it’s working okay i don’t want to say about it just want to give my advice so it’s not advice uh just want to get my word out i’ve taken both i mean both these are for the same thing to get rid of acne insisted acne and stuff but i don’t i don’t know there might be something slightly different i don’t know something in this just didn’t

Agree with me but this one it just feels like nothing’s happening you have to use anything happening it’s super slow or just something i don’t know because you know i have acne pretty much um all over me and i like it so yeah i’m gonna put these peels back in the bottle because i don’t wanna use them i don’t know why i’ve been hanging on to these i guess for

The video or something and i wanted to get my review on these ones the doxycycline and this is that minor cycling if i’m pronouncing them wrong that i don’t care you know what i’m talking about okay uh that’s all you

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Doxcycline & Minocycline my experience By The Hidden Samurai