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Dr. Adappa and Dr. Palmer teach you How to do Nasal Irrigation

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Dr. Adappa and Dr. Palmer teach you how to properly execute a nasal irrigation.

Hi dr. jim palmer again again disclaimer that we always start off first of all i apologize for being silly when we do this but you know it’s part of being with patients number two these are videos put together by dr. nathan adopt and myself to talk about how to do things it takes cares of you should take care of your sinus is better and so these officially are not

Directions from other physicians unless they told you to follow them and to look at them this is just for us and our patients anyone else that’s interested in watching we hope you enjoy the information let’s talk about nasal irrigation there’s two big groups one is uslan neti pot the other is using the sinus rinse bottle it doesn’t have to be exactly the sinus

Rinse bottle but admittedly the sinus rinse by neal med works really well and it’s so easy to use this is what we normally recommend for our patients a couple things you start off with the bottle it’s an 8 ounce bottle so this is prefilled here but you’ve either use boiled or distilled water and i’m going to pour off just a little bit because you’re supposed to

Be right the line there you can see there i am at the line one trip the line you take a salt packet and just tear out the top you’ve washed your hands beforehand we’ve talked about all these things about being relatively clean and then just pour the salt in once the salts in there’s also baking soda in there put on the top put your finger on the spot give it a

Few shakes now you don’t have plain water anymore you have salt water or you have saline now should we decide and we’ll go over in subsequent videos putting in antibiotics putting in steroids putting in other things to make this saline plus those treatment areas next thing when we set when people do this they oftentimes just put it like this load it like this

And give it a big squirt that is bad don’t do that why first of all you’re slamming all the saline on your septum first and then when you’re heads up like this it’s not really bubbling up into your sinuses let’s go to the picture this is you if you look up down the middle it’s officially called a sagittal view and here’s the sinuses that we want to get the sinus

Rinse too here’s the problem if you’re standing up like this and you squirt it in your nose it’s going to go along the lower sinuses come around the back and then back out the other side it’s not getting up to where it getting up all in there like i like the jokingly say where we can get these areas treated so take your head and 90 degree angle to the floor all

The way down like this 90 degree angle remind yourself third grade geometry that because if you can do that then when you squirt it it’s gonna fill up like a tank and then dump over to the other side next thing everybody talks about dr. power my ears are giving me trouble doing it and this is why let’s go to this picture again right there is news station two

We’re gonna go up to here here’s eustachian tube going up into the middle ear so if you have your head up and you slam it too hard it’s gonna go right in that eustachian tube go up this way to give you trouble with your ears so what do i like people to do i like them to say kay cuz if you watch it won’t make some videos later to show it to you when you say kay

Your soft palate pulls up covers over that area and then the irrigation will come around with your head dumped over you’re going to fill up your tank and it’s going to dump over the other side hopefully there’ll be some subsequent videos it will show some of our science behind this we’ve got a pretty cool computer model can show how the interrogation goes and

We’ll cover it all all right so let’s get back to actually your new fill the line with blood or spilled water add an assault packet or you made your own saline with our homebrew recipe shake it up really good my favorite way to have people do this is then just get into the shower because you need to make this up maybe put in the microwave hit the button test it

A few times so it’s warmed up a little bit but it’s not hot don’t want to burn the inside your nose room temperature is fine then wherever you’re gonna be sink or whatever don’t line it up like this line it up straight on 90 degree angle to the floor i’m going to turn so the video shows a little bit better there see of 90 degree angle i’m gonna say kay and then

A nice big squeeze when you squeeze give nice big squeeze did your hand touch the side then let go it’ll go and it’ll glug back in it’ll be basically exactly half that’s why this eight ounces just happens to be the right number all right let’s do it 90 degree angle oh floor put my hand up there get ready to say kay load it up okay just let it drip out switch

Hands other side load it up not on this side like this put it straight on head 90 degree angle to floor now we know i have done a good job because all of it came pouring out the other side that’s where the win is when it comes it’s not on the side that it goes in when it dumps around the other side that’s when he cleans it up then real quick blow your nose a

Little bit don’t try to blow your head up with it just a little bit of a blow and you’re done cleaning the bottle pour out whatever is left if you’re in the shower put it up in the showerhead to wash it in maybe throw a little baby shampoo shake it up then let it dry out you’re good to go for tomorrow thank you

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Dr. Adappa and Dr. Palmer teach you How to do Nasal Irrigation By Rhinology at Penn