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Dr. Berg’s Wife Has Crazy High Cholesterol of 261..

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Here are a few important things you need to know if you have high cholesterol on keto.

So you just start a keto and your cholesterol  is off the charts what do you do okay there’s   a couple important things you need to know number  one and this was in 2018 the new guidelines about   is brand new they said total cholesterol   is not significantly associated with heart disease  okay that’s the new finding they

Just found out   really give you a lot of information with   in relationship to predicting heart disease okay  that’s number one number two your body makes 75   to make hormones sex hormones cell  and vitamin d which is very very crucial  and this is why when people take cholesterol   they have a lot of side effects

Relating to   get into now what i did is i took my wife   karen’s report okay that i’m going to show you  i’m going to walk you through this this is an   actual report done 11 15 2019 and we checked the  total cholesterol the ldl the hdl triglycerides   and we checked several other things because i  always recommend

When you get a cholesterol test   you get an advanced lipid profile an advanced test  that measures the two different types of ldl okay   which we’re going to cover now check this out this  is what we found her total cholesterol was 261.   normal is below 200. so this is too high right  so immediately you’re probably going to

Freak out   unless you understand that this total cholesterol  through your arteries it can’t it doesn’t  mix well with blood it has to be packaged   really all these other things combined okay   lipo proteins because you need a protein   and we have high density lipo protein okay   so really you know take the

Cholesterol and just  put it to the side right now all right so we know   the cholesterol is high we also know her ldl look  at that should be below 100 it’s 195. it’s more   greater than 50 because you want that higher   because that’s the cholesterol coming from the  cells back onto the liver okay it’s not the ldl  

From the liver to the cells it’s coming back the  other way hers was really good 71. triglycerides   it’s coming from right here but thank goodness   we did a test that goes a little bit deeper and we  measured two types of ldl one is the large buoyant   type of ldl which is kind of large and fluffy  as it goes through the artery

And number two we   measured the small dense ldl particles okay so i  want to focus on this one right here small dense   test is this right here s d l d l dash c   we go here’s karen’s report we have her name   we have the date and we have the total cholesterol  which is 261 right check that out right there  

And the second one this high ldlc that stands for  ldl cholesterol it’s 195. okay if we take a look   on the second page right here look at this the ldl  is 2128 right but let’s narrow in on this one type   of ldl sd ldl dash c that’s the small dense low  density lipoprotein this is one that’s dangerous   it’s optimal so guess

What this means it means   that karen’s high level of ldl is not the small  dense type it is the large buoyant type and it’s   it’s one of the better markers for predicting   heart problems it’s one of the best indicators for  detecting inflammation deep inside of the arteries   all right so let me just explain the inside

Of the  arteries so i got this really good analogy from a   dr sanjay gupta on one of his youtube videos using  a frying pan right so it’s a really great example   of what happens on the inside of your arteries so  here we have this non-stick frying pan okay so you   fry something on here you put some fat on there  and it

Doesn’t stick right and you rub it or you   scratch this and you get rid of this layer the  fat will start to stick here’s what you need to   know cholesterol is not going to affect the inside  of the arteries unless there’s first some type of   lesion some type of erosion on the inside of the  arteries where the small dense type

Ldl can then   developing plaquing so the question is why   such high ldl and also why did she have   more of the large buoyant type versus the small  dense type and that’s simply because of this this   consuming the wrong types of foods when you’re   doing a healthy version of keto where you’re doing  higher fats

Lower carb moderate protein guess what   you’re going to get into ketosis you’re going to  start burning fat and a fat cell is composed of   cholesterol has to come out it has to be mobilized   so you can have certain times or transitional  periods where your cholesterol goes up and it goes   down but as long as you keep your

Carbs low you’re  going to get more of this type of cholesterol   advanced lipid profile not just your regular   test that doesn’t tell you very much information  and so getting back to the arteries there’s   in addition to the glucose in the sugar   which is a kind of a most people know that seed  oils a lot of corn

Oils canola soy cottonseed   oil and so many different foods mayonnaise salad  dressings going off to dinner eating fried foods   very inflammatory smoking creates inflammation  junk food creates inflammation and also   when you’re deficient in vitamin e and you become  deficient in vitamin e when you start consuming  

Refined flour products and that would be in the  form of breads and pastas cereal crackers biscuits   things like that you start becoming depleted of  vitamin e which is the protective antioxidant to   protect the inside of the arteries and by the  way if you have any problems with the inside   of your artery the best vitamin

E to take is not  tocopherols it’s tocatrinals okay that’s the one   that you would want to help protect the inside  of that layer so now let’s take a look inside   the artery and get a visual of what can happen so  we’re looking here at the inside of an artery this   tiny layer on the inside of the artery is called  the

Endothelium and this layer controls the tone   of your blood vessel it can increase the blood  pressure it can decrease the blood pressure   elastic but it’s very sensitive to sugar   an average person in america consumes between 250  to 350 grams of glucose that is at least 13 to 15   times what is normal so when you expose

The inside  of your artery to that much glucose what’s going   to happen we’re going to get this oxidation effect  it’s like rusting out the inside of your arteries   now what happens next is the body’s response to an  injury we’re going to get inflammation we’re going   and start building up and start to to act as a  

Band-aid we’re also going to get cholesterol that  actually mixes in there and acts as a band-aid   we’re also going to get fibrous tissue that’s  going to act as a band-aid altogether this   and cholesterol is going to start to form a clot   the blood flow backs up and you start getting   a diminished flow of blood so what

Does blood  do it carries oxygen and nutrition so now we   starve off nutrition and if that blood vessel   turns into a capillary and ends up in the bottom  of your feet you’ll get peripheral neuropathy   the coronary artery that goes to your heart   your heart muscle will start to cramp as an angina  and eventually a

Heart attack if that clot breaks   off goes up to your brain and starts shutting  off oxygen into your brain you get a stroke and   just by getting the sugar out of the diet   your immune system it’s a free course  here’s you here is your environment everyone  your environment but what about here what about  strengthening

Your immune system that’s what’s   bulletproof yourself and so you can tolerate   strengthening your own immune system i put   below check it out and get signed up today

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Dr. Berg's Wife Has Crazy High Cholesterol of 261.. By Dr. Eric Berg DC