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Dr Brenner Vitamin C Serum 20% Pure L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid Review and How to Use

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Dr Brenner Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid Full Ingredients List:

Hi today i’m reviewing the dr. brenner vitamin c serum and really quick i just want to say i purchase all these products with my own money well therefore waste your time with sponsored ads or videos so if you want to help support the channel check out no bs beauty comm check my patreon community or click on the amazon link below lincoln came down i think he wanted

To say hi but then he just left lincoln come here love bug come say hi everyone loves you okay i guess that’s all you get miss shy today lincoln come here okay lincoln you know what the only time he likes to come down here is where you can sit in my chair and walk on the desk that’s all you get for lincoln for today but you can still hear his wonderful coffee

Noises come here lincoln come here real quick yeah new you cute little face okay he’s such a good boy okay so i do this vitamin c serum which i absolutely love and if you pick it up from dr. brenner’s website you get a little sample of the skinsuit achill serum with it which is nice so um dr. brenner calls us the most effective vitamin c serum developed by a

Dermatologist formulated with the same exact ingredients as skin so tackle ce4 llyich but with 20% pirandello sorbic acid the skin so de gaulle’s contains 15% this one contains 20% so you’re getting a little bit more bang for your buck well and you’re saving a ton of money too brightens skin’s complexion our powerful vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid working

Together with vitamin e and freulich acid clear skin imperfections and even helps with acne and lightens acne scars increases skin firmness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles we use 20% pll’s orbik acid which is pure vitamin c as opposed to other brands that use sodium ascorbate or magnesium is garble phosphate which only contain a fraction of

Vitamin c guaranteed fresh which a big deal in my opinion we manufacture a vitamin c serum every two weeks to make sure that the bottle you get is fresh and full of active vitamin c and folic acid 100% guarantee or your money back which is a big deal in my opinion because so the tarts youth or dare vitamin c serum i loved when i got the first bottle loved it did

A video great i finished that bottle and eventually a couple months later it was on sale at sephora i was in sephora so it was like a just a splurge purchase picked it up got home try it two days later and as oxidized you know i have a feeling it’s sat on the shelf at that’s the sephora store probably since they first came out and they sent their first shipments

Out so the fact that something’s manufactured fresh is an absolute huge deal okay so that right there is a huge selling point in my opinion timeless i think does the same thing too so it’s worth investigating before you spend your money on it okay so packaging another dropper bottle which i’m not a huge fan dropper oz for vitamin c although when you get something

Super affordable like this one is super affordable i can kind of forgive them a bit although the vitamin c degrades every time you open it up and gets less and less effective keep it in a cool refrigerator we’re not using it also helped so i’m not gonna ding them but i think in the future it’s gonna be a bigger hurdle for vitamin c products i think i’m gonna get

A little strict on it okay denatured or drying types of alcohol there is none and it is also fragrance free so that’s a big deal the manufacturing location for it is the us so no issues with that ease of use so i recommend using this in your morning routine i cleanse tone do an essence apply serum then i’ll apply my vitamin c product apply moisturizer sunscreen

Then you’re good to go so can it’s well worth putting your morning routine and if you if your skin gets really used to the vitamin c’s time’s throwing it in once around your evening routine for a little boost is certainly a good deal so as long as your skin is not sensitive to it this one is a little stronger is 20% as opposed to 15% or a lot of other ones are 10%

So i really recommend starting out slowly mix a couple drops in with your moisturizer for a few days until your skin starts to become acclimated to the higher percentage i will say i’ve used a lot of vitamin c products and the first several times i use this one my skin did sting a bit so it is a little bit higher percentage so be cautious of that you don’t overdo

It anything that’s good can be bad if you overdo it pretty much anything except for ice cream well you can’t even overdo that i haven’t gotten to that point yet in life but i’m sure maybe i’ll try to okay so for the ph 4 this one looks to be pretty close to three i would say almost right about 3 actually and for vitamin c serum you want it to be a ph of under 3.5

Ish the ph if it’s a under that allows it to become readily available for your skin to soak in and start turning it into benefits so they did a good job ph is spot-on no issues with that so very easy to use then we get to antioxidants and beneficial ingredients so i mentioned the ph so on this one we’ve got the exact same ingredient list as skin suta khals they

Send you a sample of skin suta khals with it i think if you buy from their website to use and compare the only difference is this one contains more vitamin c otherwise the ingredients are all the same we’ve got the 20% vitamin c we’ve got vitamin e 1% by manny hyaluronic acid 1% freulich acid 0.5% panthenol and then a couple preservatives so the ingredient list

Is very impressive kind of minimal but it works for most people most people shell out readily 170 bucks for skinceuticals you can save yourself 150 bucks and send the check to me just kidding for ice cream no i’m just kidding so overall very impressive ingredient list and i much else to say about that it all works well i’m surprised amp and sood yet because i know

L’oreal was kind of throwing the hammer down on some people but i hope they don’t you know what the patents gotta be close to expiring at some point okay in terms of animal testing this is the other other than the more vitamin c you get the only other difference between this and skinceuticals is that the doctor burner brand is cruelty free and skinceuticals is not

So that makes it another big selling point i guess there’s three main differences price animal cruelty and actual percentage of vitamin c performance it’s a great vitamin c serum works well helps brighten skin so fast stronger and skinceuticals yet cruelty-free and affordable works well on my routine i did notice a bit of stinging when i started but now after after

I’ve used it for several weeks it went away pretty quickly if it’s just like the first week i used it i know it’s the stinging and after that it pretty much went away and now my skin’s adjusted to it i will say notice a bit of an improvement in brightness and as well as preventing breakouts with this one i’m not sure if that’s the extra 5% vitamin c in there doing

It or it’s just attributed to the overall formula this one but overall the performance of it was great very happy with it no issues at all then we get to the price and this is one ounce 30 million retails about 1999 and you get a tiny little skinceuticals sample with it if you buy from the website so i think the price is a bargain especially when you can spend a

Lot more i think so skin soup is a hundred and seventy dollars how many balls this can you buy for one spa skin suta khals 14 i don’t know that might be i don’t know like 10 whatever 8 whatever i don’t know not gonna math on the fly or in general so overall the price is a deal and then we get to the it factor love it affordable cruelty free fragrance free alcohol

Free proper ph a boost of vitamin c you can’t go wrong with this one love it well we’re checking out highly urge if you’re a season vitamin c user this one’s one to check out if you haven’t tried it all yet so very impressive okay overall out of 10 being a perfect score this one got a 10 which says a lot there’s not a lot of vitamin c products that i’ve gotten a

Perfect 10 and this is one of them so certainly worth checking out if you haven’t anyway i’m interested in hearing from you guys if you’ve had a chance to try this one out and if you have what your thoughts are so leave a comment i love hearing from you and stay tuned for more tomorrow thank you so much guys brenner vitamin c serum hey come here lincoln come here lincoln

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Dr Brenner Vitamin C Serum 20% Pure L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid Review and How to Use By No BS Beauty