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Dr. Carrie Jones on Melatonin

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Dr. Carrie Jones and I discuss supplementation of melatonin for both sleep and acid reflux

Obviously a lot of people use melatonin for helping them sleep so i personally have not noticed it helped me sleep at all i’ll get in a bit as to what i did find it helped me but do you find most people it helps with and when do you tend to use it um yes i’d say it’s probably 5050 so remember most of melatonin is made in the gi tract and very little melatonin is

Made in the pineal gland but it’s the melatonin the pineal gland that really sets this health set the circadian rhythm and so that the actual taking of melatonin like it doesn’t work at all for me i’m taking melatonin it physiologically we don’t make very much melatonin out of the pineal gland you know it’s like 0.2 or 0.3 but you know what we do take a supplements

They’re generally one milligram up to five milligrams and sometimes you can take it a lot higher and so there is some debate like maybe we’re taking way too much we’re over melatonin izing ourselves but i’ve tried everything i’ve tried 2.5 all the way up to 3 no effect for you that really no effect for me but melatonin productions not my problem when i measure my

Melatonin that’s not what’s it for me and sleep is that a blood test that you’re using it’s not it’s a urine test you catch the there’s great research that shows the melatonin that’s produced turns into a metabolite that gets excreted in urine testing or and urine and so we you pick it up on urine testing and so you do in the morning so it’ll catch your melatonin

That’s through the night and then store it in your bladder and you urinate it out and catch it gotcha yes i always fine so i’m like dang it yeah it’s like you almost want it to be bad because then it’s like here’s a problem i can fix and get better right exactly especially when they cross time zones i’ve even you know when i i travel a lot for my job and even then

People are like oh take melatonin and they help you acclimate like nope it doesn’t work all right yeah unfortunately it hasn’t helped me for that but what’s interesting i did notice help is so for bright gi issues i tried a keto diet and i’m definitely not like a keto zillah or anything like that and it makes it harder to get in a lot of calories but it did help

Me from a gi standpoint but i will say that i started getting an acid reflux and i’ve actually read a lot of people do keto to help reflux but i’ve never had noticeable acid reflux in my life and so i couldn’t it was pretty bad and i didn’t want to go or anything like a mep rizal especially a long-term and then i just started reading about people using melatonin

And i had never heard of melatonin for gerd or anything like that but i read a few studies where people with acid reflux had roughly half the levels of melatonin in their blood compared to i don’t know if it was blood or saliva how are they measured it was half the levels and so i’ve been taking it now for about three weeks and no more reflux actually i mean yeah

I don’t know if you’ve ever used it for that or but if you and i don’t know the mechanism behind it i don’t know if they said that but one of the reasons melatonin much like serotonin is made in the gut is that like i said is a huge antioxidant for the gut but it helps quite a bit with peristalsis and moving things along so it’s entirely possible it’s helping move

Things down and out faster you know down into the intestines faster versus even giving it a moment to hang out and then worsen reflux because of this thinker there yeah i don’t know the actual like like if there’s a sphincter mechanism that melatonin has i don’t know that yeah i think when they compared it to a mep resolve they both had very similar efficacy but the

Difference was it actually it caused the sphincter to close more so military way yeah then the omeprazole didn’t have any effect on that clown and so when they looked at acid levels in the esophagus there you know they were still high to some degree people of mep resolved but it was lowered throughout with i’m not sorry i said the obviously way omeprazole did lower

The amount of acid which is obviously how it works right um but melatonin i thought was a better way to actually address the problem which is that the sphincter wasn’t closing because this way you’re not you’re still digesting everything just as much you’re not losing that acidity in the stomach you’re just preventing it from getting it where it shouldn’t be so

Absolutely so which is really about a mep resolve because like the mechanism of action as well as you know it’s proton inhibitor right so like lowers acid levels but what they find is that it’s not always that that’s not the problem it’s the problem with the sphincter won’t close so the normal production of acid is coming up and and really obviously irritating and

So so it doesn’t ever address the cause i guess my point not often you prove that sphincter tone so the door closes completely in an acid can just stay in the stomach and do its job right and that that’s kind of going back to our first topic with the naturopathic versus like the traditional medicine that that’s something i just annoys me because like i’m heavily

Research-based in my recommendations and i’m you know like to be very scientific but when i see something like that and i see that there are i think i came across at least three studies showing melatonin compared to a mattress old showing at least similar effects boy ask any traditional medical doctor what do you do for acid reflux i prescribe a ppi i’ve never ever

Heard i never even told like a couple weeks ago even really heard about this melatonin for gerd thing it’s just not yeah never learned about in school it just wasn’t brought up and my thought is like why why wouldn’t anybody would probably rather take melatonin with yeah most side effects compared to a ppi which we know for years and years and cause a lot of issues

So yeah a lot of issues with nutrients and minerals and vitamins and for sure

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Dr. Carrie Jones on Melatonin By Brains and Gains Podcast