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Dr. Kevin Conners – DIM and ‘bad estrogens’

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Hello everybody this is dr. kevin connors and i just wanted to make a very quick video on the use of dib for everybody including kids or patients but the purpose of dib is to help pull out what we could call bad estrogens so bad estrogens are estrogen metabolites that are made in your body or xenoestrogens that you receive from the environment that could interrupt

Estrogen metabolism they can block specific apop tonic receptor sites on the cell membrane and can be contributor to cancer and especially any of the hormone derived cancers that are prostate breast uterine ovarian etc so dib is a great product to add to your protocol and it’s a product that we’ve used for quite a long time so we talked about the different types of

Estrogens this is a chart that you could look at dim has an action to help pull a strode to two hydroxy estradiol and two hydroxy ester own those are the protective or what are called maybe the good estrogens the 16 hydroxy ester owed and the four hydroxy ester owed could be considered the bad estrogens even though in reality there’s no such thing as good or bad

Here it has to do with the balance of those things and what we have too many of those 16 and 4 hydroxy ‘s then that can end up causing a problem it could disrupt different metabolisms of estrogen breakdown of estrogen it in itself could block a pop tonic receptor sites those are the receptor sites needed other cell membranes to stimulate cell death so by themselves

They can cause a lot of problems so dim helps decrease the 60 to the or hide roxies and increase the to hide roxy’s and that’s really what we want so how do we take tim we could buy dim in a supplement we have used dim a load in a supplement and so what’s the best thing to take and the reason for this video is we had some patients asked why did you change your

Supplement well we did change our supplement instead of it just be dim we added some synergistic nutrients to it so in more of the research as you look at it many of these nutrients don’t work just by themselves or i should say they do work by themselves but when you add synergistic herbs to the component it can help the the component in this case dim work even

More effectively so with this adaptation of dim that we put together here it has some harsh maganda which is very good at balancing hormones ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen along with ginseng and tribulus those are adaptogenic herbs that could help balance estrogen progesterone thyroid and adrenal hormones and they can work synergistically with them velvet

Bean extract which is the makuta is very good for helping with dopamine balance dental extract is an anti-inflammatory along with log jack grapeseed extract as a th2 stimulator and a little bit of beta hydrochloride for proper digestion and absorption of these nutrients so we tweaked the formula on our product to add these synergistic nutrients so it would work

Better so i i dunno and twiki the formulated adding these things we lowered the total number of caps in the product but we added a lot of beneficial synergistics to this as well so i’m very confident that we have a better product than tim alone so that’s why we make some changes to some products as as data comes out we want to constantly be improving so things

Work better in a person’s body all right hopefully that helps this product can be filed on our website if you look at connors clinic comm and you click on the store and you search for dim di m you’ll find this product all right bye-bye

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Dr. Kevin Conners – DIM and 'bad estrogens' By Dr. Kevin Conners – Conners Clinic