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Dr Naomi Wolf says she was ‘denounced’ after linking women’s health problems with Covid jab in 2020

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Dr Naomi Wolf joins Mark Steyn to discuss being ridiculed after linking problems with women’s health with the Covid jab in 2020.

Yeah just first of all naomi things you said a year ago and got you denounced as a conspiracy theorist are now actually being accepted by governments do you think things are going your way as it were uh well it’s sad that it takes a year for the rest of the world to catch up with what used to be called journalism right i’m not a contrarian i’m not a conspiracy

Theorist i’m a journalist and i did a year ago exactly what i’ve done for 35 years which until 2020 led me to be a darling of the yes that’s the established media but in in 2020 and into 2021 when i was reporting accurately on women’s health problems that women were reporting subsequent to the mrna covid-19 injection specifically menstrual problems i was denounced

And smeared a global smear campaign actually it was pretty scary and um and and i was called all kinds of names and indeed as you point out in the last month nih washington post cnn all of them are confirming that in fact millions of women have been harmed in terms of their menstrual health by these mrna injections so that’s pretty sad but i’d rather women had the

Information and could protect themselves going forward and what happened to me is insignificant compared with that yeah let’s talk about that because you know the thing about these vaccines is they cause almost every conceivable kind of damage so you’ve been talking about women they also do terrible things to healthy young men but let’s just stick with the women’s

Thing because you you’ve been a famous feminist in the western world for quite a while these things as you say they affect women’s menstrual cycles they’re finding the mrna showing up in breast milk of feeding mothers uh there’s uh disturbing trends in fertility i i just looked at the numbers from switzerland and germany and various other continental countries but

I take it it’s pretty similar here and in the us um why is it that feminists aren’t interested in what seems to be an obvious women’s health issue yeah i mean feminists look you you just had a couple of segments showing that in britain as in the united states civil society has been wholly co-opted by bad actors trying to destroy british civil society trying to

Destroy u.s civil society my book argues that this is a script it’s been enacted all over the world especially aimed at the west so unsurprisingly um the people who used to be feminists you know the boston women’s health collective uh the national organization of women the american college of obstetrics and gynecology the doulas all the people who are supposed

To stand up for women’s health we’re silent they you know all these civil society institutions and the media took the money whether it was bill and melinda gates money which went to entities like the bbc which is why the bbc has attacked me and you know now you um or whether it’s a billion dollars from the cares act in the united states that went to you trusted

Messengers to co-opt them to overcome vaccine hesitancy and i found out very frighteningly that it wasn’t just the cdc that was colluding with twitter this was revealed through an america first legal lawsuit a couple of weeks ago to silence me and other people but in my case with this accurate tweet about women’s menses being harmed but also a more recent action by

The attorneys general of missouri and louisiana have found that the white house was involved yes so at the highest levels there’s silencing going on and it’s very parallel to what you showed with this vicar’s wife in britain at the highest levels people are being instructed to silence suppress coerced bully uh the truth about this particular issue what’s amazing

To me is the effect it’s had actually on the medical community i mean even before you get to this crazy law in california where you can get struck off if you actually have an alternative view to the official version i mean i don’t know what that’s going to do for the standards of medicine you it reminds me i don’t want to exaggerate but it does remind me of uh

Stalinist russia where every time stalin had a mild ailment he had to get a non-id all the doctors had to be ideological which meant they were crap and so he had to get here to get some non-ideological doctor if he had anything wrong with him i mean we’re moving into a situation like that aren’t we i think we’re there i mean mark i’m jewish and you know i can say

This i don’t think i don’t think you’re going too far i think you’re going exactly where you should go it was the doctors in pre-nazi germany in the early 30s who were co-opted by the national socialists and sent to do exactly what we’re seeing kind of replaying now it was the the medical organizations in the early 30s who were emboldened to be the arbiters of you

Know life worthy of life life unworthy of life and to kind of medical pathologize descent or difference so we’re seeing a wholesale purchasing of the medical establishment in the united states in britain and in countries around the world to do things much more serious but let me just give one example you brought this up and you’re so right i have 3 500 experts at the

War room daily cloud pfizer documents research volunteer effort medical expert scientific experts going through the pfizer documents and indeed they’re finding horrific harms against human reproduction 360 degree harms who should be stepping up to announce this the ama who’s announcing it it’s people like you and me the last remaining independent journalists but

This is a scandal that the human race has never seen before of such magnitude well we we’ve talked about it from a woman’s point of view there’s also evidence that it’s affecting male sperm counts yes what i find what i find out we had a lady on vicky spit who was widowed in her 30s she lost her husband the astrazeneca vaccine and they held a coroner’s inquest

And all the doctors and nurses called to testify said that they didn’t know anything about side effects the only thing they knew about side effects was not from the hospital not from the medical establishment but was from just googling around when they opened up their laptops shocking yeah i know exactly how this silencing is being enforced doctors and nurses are

Coming to us saying that if they even give their patients informed consent meaning any hint of the massive risks attached now confirmed with these mrna injections they get letters think they’ll be de-licensed and some of them are being de-licensed but you know you mentioned this pressure sperm count that’s absolutely correct in the general andrology reported that

But we our our team has broken stories even more horrific than that for instance amy kelly our team project director did a report based on the pfizer documents showing that little boys and baby boys um the their late excels and sertoli cells are damaged by the mrna injections that’s the factory of masculinity that’s that’s the factory of the hormones that turn boys

Into men so this is why i’m not ashamed to say it at this point i’ve got so much evidence this is why i believe these are bioweapons because they are literally sterilizing people they’re poisoning breast milk there’s not just mrna and breast milk there’s um there’s uh there’s polyethylene glycol now and vaccinated mom’s breast milk they’re damaging the placentas

Of women so that they can so that we’re seeing chromosomal abnormalities and they’re negatively if they’re they’re emasculating men essentially

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Dr Naomi Wolf says she was 'denounced' after linking women's health problems with Covid jab in 2020 By GBNews