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Dr. Phil Panel Discusses The Fentanyl Crisis in America

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Fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid, is plaguing the country and killing some of the most vulnerable people: children and young adults. Not only are counterfeit prescription pills routinely laced with Fentanyl, but so are street drugs like cocaine and marijuana, which is killing people in masses. Feliz shares the tragic story of losing her sister, Karina, to a mass fentanyl poisoning that killed her and four other adults. Also, John, a father, says he watched both his sons overdose in his home after taking what they thought was Oxycodone but instead was a counterfeit pill laced with fentanyl. One of his sons survived and shares what happened on that fatal night. (21028)

How many of you have heard of fentanyl everybody’s heard about it does anyone here know someone or of someone that knows someone who has died from inadvertently taking something laced with fentanyl okay look around take a second and look around and see i’m looking at an awful lot of hands up in here this is not an overdose phenomenon this is a poisoning phenomenon

What’s happening is this is a drug that it is so powerful so strong that’s being laced into these drugs that kids are buying and they have no idea what they’re getting they think they’re getting a and they’re getting z and they’re taking it and winding up dead and you think well why would drug dealers do that why would they want to kill their customers well

There’s a lot of different answers to that uh and we’re going to get into those one thing it’s highly addictive and if you can get them to take it one time they can really get hooked in a hurry this this is this is not a partisan issue this doesn’t have to do with borders this doesn’t have to do with politics this has to do with our children’s lives and it’s

Poisoning it’s poisoning this isn’t about drug addiction it’s about poisoning our children we can prevent this and that’s where we need to as community members and families and parents come together stop waiting on the government to do anything we need to come together and get stuff done well that’s right and i want to deputize everybody here i want to deputize

Everybody all of my listeners around the the country this is a call to action i want everybody to do something about this we’re going to be very specific about what that is but what are you seeing when you’re out there and this is spreading into a community it comes fast it comes hard and these kids are dying just one it doesn’t take but one time correct just one

Time and what i’m explaining to parents out there is our teens and our young adults are being deceived to death they truly are and if you think about the big picture here um americans are four percent of the the population of the world but yet we consume 80 of the opioids so kids today have grown up in a culture that appeals to can fix anything right and they see

Counterfeit medication prescription medication that they might have taken one time prescribed by a doctor right right and they see it right on the the internet and that’s where the drug dealers are going or on social media platforms targeting youth well let’s talk about that for a second because you’re saying they may have taken this from a doctor because maybe

They went to the dentist they had some work done so they gave them a short run of pills and so they look at that okay then they go to a snapchat or a social media platform somewhere and they go oh well here’s the same pill but it’s not the same pill is it exactly dr phil the best example is just look what happened to ohio state university in may two young girls 21

Years old i believe pre-med neuroscience major took what they thought was adderall say trying to get through their college education to graduate and they died and the whole community was shocked well the whole country’s shocked as i showed you last time his one gram of sweetener if this was fentanyl one gram 500 people could potentially be killed this is a poisoning

Like we’ve never seen and the average american doesn’t understand that’s not a lot of substance right it only takes two milligrams to potentially kill so that’s a real serious problem so 500 people 500 people can be killed with that do you have a story or a question for me click the link in the description and tell me what in the world is going on

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’Dr. Phil’ Panel Discusses The Fentanyl Crisis in America By Dr. Phil