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Dr. Richard Bartlett on inhaled steroid Budesonide and Covid-19

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West Texas Dr. Barlett reports great success with his protocol in treating Covid Patients and suggests that treatment of Covid patients must begin sooner rather than when patients start having difficulties. Early treatment is common in virtually all illnesses including common flu but it has not been suggested as part of any protocol for Covid-19.

We’ll get right to it i know you’re busy man i really appreciate this this call this is definitely answer to prayer so let me tell you i mean i’m part of a prayer task in nashville prayer coalition and we have over four hundred churches praying we did a forty day fast just a couple months ago a coalition of concerned citizens got together and then i was praying for

A cure basically and two weeks ago i learned about you and came across your news flash i stumbled on to the breaking news that you have found a simple cure that’s working in what i hear is 100 percent of the cases and that day i heard about that a friend of mine called said my mom scott kovac and i said well i’ll get to you tonight i got some news for you the next

Day how’s your mom doing she passed away last night and i was just devastated to hear that i’m thinking are you kidding me i have this cure and i was just about to get it to you so now god is answering prayer in a big way and it’s made mine part of my mission is to get this news out so i guess i’m gonna introduce dr. richard bartlett from texas here and you know i

Want to tell you ask you is like how did you first learn about this tell us a little about it you know since january we’ve all been watching with horror what was happening in china where people were just dropping in the streets the country was quarantine 70 million of his own citizens shutting everything down it seemed like there was no hope they had incinerators

Parked up mobile c incinerators parked outside of their hospital and it was just a it was a nightmare to watch and then we watched it a creep across italy to france to spain to the uk and then across the united states and by march i work in the emergency room and in march i was doing a 48 hour shift and during that during that 48 hour shift i was praying god what

Do i do someone comes in here with kovac and they tell me i can’t breathe and i was praying in between patients you have a call room that you can go take a catnap in i woke up convinced that god given me a winning strategy and an understanding of how to how to deal with kovat and within a week i had two patients a husband and wife that i employed the strategy on

And it worked and it continued to hold a hundred percent of my patients are alive zero mortality rate wow okay and so we’re talking about since march i’m not keeping a tally of my patients at this point i’m having so many people reach out to me from across the world but certainly across the united states that i’m referring them to other doctors because i already

Am extremely busy and there are doctors across the united states that are stumbling upon the same winning strategy that i uncovered many of them are starting to employ because i saw my original interview that was done in dallas but the bottom line is all the good answers come from god and this is a solution you know kovat is a respiratory inflammatory disease

It’s a respiratory virus sars – that attaches to a sri scepters in the lungs and then triggers a cytokine storm a fancy word for inflammatory chemicals were released they caused multi organ failure and that’s what kills people yeah tell me chemicals and how it matches with the cure so the the inflammatory chemicals will include interleukin 2 3 4 5 6 11 13 15 s

Cf gm-csf thromboxanes are also released that increase the tendency to have dangerous clots throughout the body whether it’s causing the lungs or heart or brain right or it also causes a release of cyclooxygenase which is blocked by ibuprofen aleve but all of these inflammatory chemicals when i did the research going and doing due diligence in researching what’s

Already been done with inhaled budesonide which is what i’m using it’s a respite is a respiratory anti-inflammatory solution for this respiratory inflammatory disease of kovat same thing as my users have so inhaled budesonide right you decimide when i did the research blocks interleukin 2 3 4 5 six 11 15 scf gm-csf roxane’s cyclooxygenase all the things is a

Perfect overlay when you look at the two this is a perfect answer and so what we’re having is doctors around the world now employing this i’ve gotten calls today from el salvador australia honduras all over the world people are treating their citizens early and so no hospitalization no hospitalization at all actually when you talk about hospitals the most extreme

Situation is in the icu and a hospital south of san antonio emptied their icu and 48 hours when they employed inhaled budesonide according to my protocol all these patients improved and went home and the nurse anesthetist told me up until they started this strategy of inhaled budesonide which can be given in the icu and be given in the hospital but why not start

It in at home right and so they before after they started using this everybody went home but before that they said 50 percent of the people that ended up in the icu with kovat were eventually intubated and transferred to another hospital when you cross that line research shows that a third of the people who get intubated are going to die yeah so you don’t want to

Cross that line of having to intubate someone that should be the last resort by the way speaking of last and first we’ve been sold a losing strategy from the beginning and that strategy actually originated in communist china where they were saying don’t treat until late stages mild and moderate symptoms don’t come in and so what that did was it made us have only

Late disease that was starting to get treated and that meant they get hospitalized which nosocomial infections nosocomial is a fancy word for infections and iatrogenic or is a fancy word for problems that you would get in a hospital or in a healthcare system those problems all of a sudden you stepped into another level of potential problems so you people get put

In the hospital if they get intubated there they’re isolated they’re isolated from their families this new this new normal has been pushed upon the american people because of this disaster called kovat which has been handled mishandled from the beginning this handle is we report a strategy that was then used in italy and look how did that work over 30,000 died in

Italy and then then we saw it slowly creep across europe there they used the same strategy in france 30,000 deaths same strategy in spain 30,000 deaths same strategy in the uk 30,000 deaths late treatment was the strategy otherwise no treatment or late treatment is what we’ve been told and that’s what’s been forced on the american people we’ve never done anything

Like that before in the united states in the united states in the united states we have early detection and early treatment for heart attacks for heart disease stroke and cancer and all infectious diseases this is the only disease in american history where we have followed a foreign strategy of health care of late treatment only and withholding care unless it’s

Late treatment right and so how has that that has not worked very well no so doctors of doctors across the united states have stumbled upon a strategy of early treatment yes with a winning strategy and i believe this is a absolute answer to prayer that we have an in a respiratory anti-inflammatory solution that’s been out forever that super safe then this medicine

Has been out for 25 years it’s been used safely on two-pound premature babies in the icu that’s pretty delicate it has been used on the fragile elderly in nursing homes and everyone in between it is so safe we have 25 million americans that have asthma millions are using this medicine every day yes so we know it’s safe and here’s the other thing it’s super cheap

You for $3 patients many patients are getting immediate shortness of relief from their shortness of breath and chest pain and they’re recovering weeks sooner because they’re being treated early amazing they’re for three dollars at home on their couch watching netflix for the cost of three dollars which is what it costs for a cup of coffee at starbucks yeah and

So easy that’s where each dose is about three dollars generic and so this is readily available at every pharmacy in the united states i am convinced that god had the solution for us before we had the problem i agree with you 100% dream trip don’t answer pray he does the first it’s amazing so there’s no more need to wait it out for vaccine we have a solid solution

You have to get to it early right and i want to get this news out to the cova doctors to the four hundred churches i represent we were trained i seco 37 the other day about the breath of god 37 nine and so i want to say a prayer before we let you go so one time wants to pray so i don’t thank the lord for his work and i thank you probably god for dr. bartlett he’s

A hero god we’re changing our story music city usa to worship city as god’s breathing a fresh breath over the sick and a massive wave of new health is coming so we speak life we speak life and healing in jesus name to ezekiel 37 9 we prophesied to the breath of nashvillians across the state and across the nation to get awakened and come back to life in jesus name

Well doctor i just thank you so much you’re awesome and i’m just thanking you for this simple interview we’re gonna spread the news to our friends our doctors anything else you want to leave us with at the end here you must to get a lot of calls what in taiwan right that it’s low there too and singapore in japan right let’s talk about that for just a second taiwan

24 million densely populated on an island that’s a third the size of new york and only seven have died during this whole pandemic over cells are you can they don’t they do not need to vaccinate 24 million people because seven people have died over seven months and we have an excellent health care system but our health care system has been since january stand down

Hmm wow yes and i’m saying we need to rise up we need we need to do the right thing we need to treat our patients and there’s an answer there’s a solution this was a case closed this mystery has been solved hope it is over a headline i’m gonna have is gonna say no more need die no more need to die simple as that i agree all right doctor you’ve been a blessing

Tonight keep up the good work we got people trained for you they will see you on the other side all right thank you blessings bye-bye

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Dr. Richard Bartlett on inhaled steroid Budesonide and Covid-19 By EricMajors.TV