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Dr. Richard Bartlett Press Conference Covid Treatment with Budesonide

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Texas doctor is treating Covid patients with inhaled Budesonide with 100% success.

11 13 15 s df and gm-csf and other inflammatory chemicals like cyclooxygenase which is blocked by anti-inflammatory ibuprofen has been and interleukin which is blocked by singular a lot of luke aster there’s 30 different laboratory chemicals that are released in coated 19 those are the exact chemicals that have been proven to be blocked by the us tonight it is a

Perfect match when you overlay what you nessen i blocks from being released to what coated 19 releases we have an exact match we have the answer for the problem the key that needs to be given earlier for people that watch this so for people that watched this and think oh this is the miracle cure is that the case with this or do you not want people to get that

Message what i can say is that i have 100% of the patients that i’ve treated this way recovered and if you look nationwide statewide citywide people are dying from coated 90 and i believe there are many factors persons unknown as a factor and he’s here to say i have had the worst of underlying factors my recovery and so early treatment with the right medicine

Esteem and so if someone’s not being treated they need to be treated and they need to be treated early and the nih study is looking at people on the ventilator with pneumonia that’s not true that’s late and that is where souls are the risk of death i want my job whether it’s this or any other disease is to prevent my loss of life and life and to ensure health

And to avoid upset health-wise and this is a disease that’s a killer we have something that works and it’s not just my opinion it takes a lot for the nih to do a study it takes a lot for the country of france to do it should get organized to do the study and spain as socialized medicine it takes a lot for them to do anything and they’re planning on doing a study

With the exact same treatment plan and able to decima so i i would not want any my loved ones to not be treated for a deadly disease if there’s a treatment and i would not want to do what communist china is saying which is being the strategy of the world health organization wait until your very stick to seek seek help if you got mild to moderate symptoms even

If you’re positive for cobra just spit it out that’s a bad idea for any disease this disease is a killer and there’s a treatment that works so my message is the right treatment and he’ll be decimide using using antibiotic to prevent a secondary bacterial pneumonia if they’re an adult you can give them a baby aspirin but the silver bullet of the disease coded 19

Is inhaled budesonide where does the fda where they stand so the fda has no freedom for kogan 19 so tell that to my patients that are dying that’s what some doctors tell their patients that’s what some patients are being told by their healthcare system by their hospital by their emergency room go home there’s no three and not given any thing but at work and i

Believe in prayer but i like the practicals and this is a medicine that’s been out for over 20 years super safe it’s been used on a 2-pound bring me babies in the icu to the elderly safety used it for over 25 years in my practice every doctor uses it without blinking it doesn’t have the risk of hydroxychloroquine which has been controversial lately because of a

Potential risk with a heart this medicine doesn’t have that risk and it’s working every time for my patients my desire is to help save as many lives as possible you people in front of me or people that i never meet my goal is to help and this seems to help everybody that uses it is you future for you plan on reaching out with to the fda so i’m currently writing a

Paper that we’re going to submit to the medical journals and the science journals because this is solid scientifically and instead of the imaginary models and the imaginary theories that we’re gonna have a second wave because someone said so maybe we will maybe want but bottom line is there’s no science behind what they’re saying and is anti science to not treat

Somebody that is working i’m using something that’s scientifically sound and using good judgment something that’s intuitive for every doctor to use a respiratory anti-inflammatory for a respiratory inflammatory problem and this works and i have successfully you know what if there was a treatment that only worked 50 percent of the time that would be better than

What’s being offered right now where they say there is no approved treatment but i’m having a hundred percent of my patients recover zero percent of my patients die i want to keep my patients out of the icu on a ventilator if at all possible i’m having patients that are definitely sick with serious health problems recovery i think it’s worth doctors talking to

Their patients about is she an outlier with cancer do you have other patients that are i have i have other patients besides kathy kathy has been wrestling with two kinds of lymphoma she’s currently being treated for those fighting those cancers the chemotherapy had radiation of up before she got kovac it so her situation is extreme but i’ve had the other extreme

Patients recover as well on patients with a 50 year history of smoking had her chest open for four by a vessel bypass surgery and is being treated for thyroid disease is elderly in be treated for high blood pressure and she recovered entirely and she said that same thing that i’ve never heard until cove in 1930 i’ve never heard that before penicillin was discovered

By observation son a scientific fact is observable and reproducible and i have something that’s observable and reproducible and the patients are voluntarily agreement voluntarily telling me without me asking i feel better with the treatment i’m recovering i think my coughing fit stops my shortness of breath and chest pain go away with the treatment that’s an

Observation that i’ve made a scientific observation this is all sides

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Dr. Richard Bartlett Press Conference Covid Treatment with Budesonide By R. H. Lee