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DR TED NAIMAN 6 | EATING A PROTEIN BOLUS: no problem for digestion: illeal brake slows GI tract

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These researchers saying how you can only absorb digest and assimilate this small amount of protein yeah i mean that’s basically not true so there are plenty of people eating one meal a day and they’re completely fine if that was true humans would have become extinct a long time ago and we have all these animals you’re like a lion who eats a gazelle you know once a

Week and a a cat that eats a mouse every other day and obviously animals can eat protein and these boluses and then you get this um you get all sorts of pulling of the amino acids there’s the splanchnick bed that pull in your gi tract that pulls some aminos and you have this increased amount of aminos in your bloodstream for you know up to 24 hours afterwards and

So there are all these reasons why you can eat protein uh higher amounts less frequently and it’s very slow to digest that’s the other thing there’s this ileal break in your small intestine where the more the huge piece of protein you eat the more it slows down your gi tract and kind of meters out the amino so honestly like i really don’t worry about people who

Are just eating you know maybe twice a day personally i think shrinking it all the way down to once a day it’s a little hard to get enough protein in and so meal frequency is on a u-shaped curve as well and i think once a day or less is probably really far from optimal but like nobody needs to eat like 12 times a day and so you know i like two two meals in a snack

A day or somewhere around there yeah absolutely blood urea nitrogen bun so anytime you get a basic metabolic panel or a comprehensive metabolic panel from your doctor um part of the kidney function is blood urea nitrogen this is just a basically um an ammonia like a protein breakdown factor that’s in your blood that you’re filtering out your kidneys and they

Establish the normal range of blood urea nitrogen not by looking at what where humans should be but just from everyone who goes to the lab so if you take every trillion people who go to the lab and graph out all their buns on this little bell-shaped curve you just put the upper and lower limits of normal at two standard deviations away from the mean on the high

End and low end everybody on these super high protein diets are going to be way up here on the high end of blood dreaded nitrogen and it’s going to be reported as high and your doctor is going to be like i don’t know what’s wrong maybe something’s wrong with your kidneys as long as your creatinine is fine and your glomerular filtration rate is fine uh it kind of

Doesn’t matter how high your bun is and we definitely see these higher and higher iron people high on higher and higher protein diets it does seem to be harmless do you support digestion with enzymes i really don’t but i am aware of the fact that some people when they really up their protein struggle with with abdominal pain and digestion and all this stuff and

That’s why i am a fan of slowly progressing things and i find that most people if they progress slowly they usually don’t have to go that route i mean there’s always exceptions i have patients you know with chronic pancreatitis and they’re taking all sorts of pancreatic enzymes they kind of have to do that but the average person is they’re just slowly progressing

They can kind of adapt and get used to it and up regulate their production of certain digestive enzymes yeah i don’t really it’s not age specific for me i pretty much recommend everybody target a gram per pound of ideal body weight um and i really think that as you get older it’s more and more important to target that and it’s a bigger deal and we do see anabolic

Resistance it appears to be that the amount of protein available to trigger a hypertrophy and anabolism you need a higher threshold so you you literally have to eat more protein to get to the same threshold for anabolism annotated and summarized easy to share with loved ones the description below the title for this video has these summary points

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DR TED NAIMAN 6 | EATING A PROTEIN BOLUS: no problem for digestion: illeal brake slows GI tract By DoctorsToTrust