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Drugs Intoxication : Mr. Binod Bihari Rohidash (RNRM)

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Toxicology is the study of the adverse effects of drugs and chemicals on biological systems. Drug intoxication is the physical state in which impairment is caused after exposing to a drug.

Hi friends good evening to all today i will tell you none of the important topic that is drug intoxication in our daily life if we have ill health then we’ll go to the medicine store integrities sometimes that medicine may cause different problems poverty there’s well it is a duty of all to take the medicine with the supervision of the physician next another you

Consider whether over-the-counter medicines are so much harmful it will take model or more for example acetaminophen paracetamol suppose someone is taking the paracetamol that is for more than the rossford his or her killing so be aware okay basically i will relay three important body system will be impaired in the body due to taking a different role – ito integral

System that is ototoxicity second monitor unit is redundant inappro– toxicity and third wanida hepatotoxicity so much word subscribe my channel like comment and share two different forgetting of this current medical means now i will tell you the few drugs that which although they have no toxicity in the body mean kidney functions will be impaired no toxicity

Minako means kidney toxicity me indian the function it will be imperative to over to doctor medicine for example number one acetaminophen or paracetamol that pods in a pro toxicity second one in the year cycle v doran tamara drugs hermanito amino glycosides like amicus indian tamils portal in the protein b or the p also became different all drugs next one willa

Unsaid the remains of hold on the pro toxicity another one drops of ciprofloxacin they’re supposed on the toxicity mean kidney function via another cross life sis plastic cisplatin dnt comes across another process called l for pre model okay another draw that it called calcium disodium another probe that is called edt or either just am telling remaining children’s

Data may also find in a pro toxicity brock’s like me throat reject the nac ideas or the tea also called a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs rebound be seen the tentative a blood rose that is also black dots another projects from phenomenal tetracycline excel minocycline and dog sizzling doxycycline meaning whatever i have already told you that drugs will

Cause on the photos now i will tell you the different roles that we’d caught the ototoxicity before with to the drawers first i will tell you though what is the meaning of ototoxicity auto means your toxicity me know mean intoxication of the particular system met in vr and function of the that particular organs for the systems will be impaired due to in json of

Different draws drugs like aminoglycoside for a young hoodlum gentamicin amicus in tobramycin whom i send each are the different nucleus whenever will take much more amount of this drug that will lead to or to toxicity bumetanide see splashed anti-cancer drug aerodrome icing macrolides like in this room i see it had crying acid for salmonella six the delicious

Okay next come back to hydro group with nsaids or non-steroidal anti dogs salicylates being home i see these are the different drugs that will follow ototoxicity now back to the capital toxicity drugs the meaning of the hepatic toxicity there happened to me leave her toxicity inoperable due to integral over both of the medication do tend to move though nobody

So nobody worries to detoxify communications another important in their liver will pour from the first pass hepatic mentally hartford hepatic metabolism mean ii bedrock is heavy under person the award of roggeveen on that for school when will consume or one will take this bra will rahu 20 to 30 40 persons probably metabolized in the liver so that the function of

The particular medication will be india okay rocks like ece and newton’s in converting engines acetaminophen or paracetamol alcohol consumption over a true maizing or the teacher sue collini provide students fluconazole antique angle iron over booze i soon added a team to develop a he took not again different nsa ideas means non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Hennington repurposing penetrant its antipsychotic group solo me took me talk tag duel time it appear in suriname mines were curiously each other different role they bring for the liver

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Drugs Intoxication : Mr. Binod Bihari Rohidash (RNRM) By Nursing with Binod Sir