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Drug Reviews on Ampicillin and Potassium Clavulanate Tablets, Understand between Generic product vs Branded Products…… Coating of Tablets,ADRs of Drugs, Clinical research and development,Drug analyst,Human Anatomy and physiology, Clinical Case presentation, Pharmacology, General discussion Consultant, Drug use, General Practice and Practitioner

Hi friend i am ajit i am going to discuss one important topic that is drug review so today’s drug is one club one club is a branded product if we see the generic product of this drug then we’ll see that there is amoxicillin and potassium chlorinate tablet indian pharmacopoeia six to five milligram this amoxicillin this is the antibiotic that is used for

Bacterial infection and potassium club whole on it that is the salt form of drug so salt form of drug it will be used for dissolution of the tablet disintegration of the tablet so that purpose the roots were used salt form of the drug and this is the genetic product and this is the branded if we want to know what is the difference between generic and branded then

We will see that there is one example is there see that example there is t leaf is there that is still if that is the red level t leaf is there so in the presence of water sugar and temperature along with labor we are going to prepare t is the branded product and this raw form of the t that is the generic product so there is a differences there their active

Constituent is t leaf here also active thing is t also there so that is the real difference versus generic product and branded product see that is the t and this is a branded product and raw form of t that is a generic product so we can understand that portion and one more thing i am going to clear about that this club on it is there this clavulanate that is the

Beta lactamase inhibitor if we see that and see that is the each limb coated tablet contain amoxicillin trihydrate ip equivalent to amoxicillin 500 milligram and potassium diluted ip equivalent to clavulanic acid this amoxicillin this is the antibacterial product or it inhibits the bacterial growth in our body and clubhoulinic acid this is the beta-lactamase

Inhibitor so there is uh they say they are saying that this is the film coated tablet so there is coating is mainly three type is there that is sugar coating and recording and film coating so what purpose that film coating is used number one to max the unpresent test of the tablet to control site of dissolution and to protect component atmospheric oxidation

Or moist moisture and to protect from sunlight that purpose mainly this film coated tablet is used and film coated see there is one tablet is there that is amlodipine means it is mainly used for that in hypertension patient so if we see that i’m not defined this is each unquoted tablet and how can we understand which is film coated which is non-coating so

See there is a no in case of film coating there will be no portion there is dividing portion is there in the tablet so if we see that in case of flim coated there will be no division but in the in case of unquoted there will be middle dividing portion will be there so after seeing that middle dividing portion we can understand that is uncoated tablet if the

Tablet is coated then there will be no dividing portion in the tablet and one more important things is that there is they are used coloring agent as a titanium dioxide so titanium dioxide is used as a coloring agent that is and goes as directed by the physician and store below 50 degree 20 sorry 25 degree celsius protected from moisture and this is the schedule

H drug schedule h drug we need first prescription to purchase this drug and this is the product manufact manufactured by malik life sciences private limited and this product is marketed by lupin company marketed by lupin and they are saying that if you have any

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