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Dutasteride VS Finasteride – Which Is BETTER For Your Hair Growth?

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Dutasteride or finasteride? Which is better? We have a detailed, point by point comparison coming right up. And in the end, we’re gonna give you our verdict. There is a winner, and you’ll find out who it is in today’s video.

Deut asteroid or finasteride which is better today we have a detailed point-by-point comparison coming right up and at the end of the video we’re going to give you a verdict based on a whole variety of factors which one is better stay tuned to find out hey guys leon hear from hagar calm we’re people who are worried about their hair loss go to regrow their hair

Welcome to the hague on youtube channel if you are new hair do consider subscribing so today we’ll be comparing finasteride to detest ride across various domains like their efficacy and the side effects we’re gonna give you the winner in each area and then at the end of the video we’re going to give you our verdicts on the overall winner and guys just before we

Kick things off talking about the mechanism of action if you’re watching this video because you’re personally worried about your own hair loss don’t forget to click the link in the description to take the hair guard hair loss quiz you’ll answer a few short and simple questions about yourself in your hair loss then you’ll receive free personalized expert advice on

How to be grow healthy hair so first things first guys let’s look at the mechanism of action so both finasteride and deut astroid block dht and they do this in a similar way by inhibiting the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone this enzyme is called 5-alpha reductase by inhibiting this enzyme our body is unable to convert the circulating

Testosterone into dht and the levels of dht drop dramatically so both drugs are so called 5-alpha reductase inhibitors that being said there is a big difference between the two of them there are two versions of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme these are simply called type 1 and type 2 they have a slightly different chemical structure but exactly the same function they

Convert testosterone to dht now finasteride only inhibits the type 2 enzyme whereas do test-ride inhibits the type 1 and the type 2 because our body makes dht for both enzymes do testified results in a near total suppression of dht levels over 90% this compares to around a 70% reduction from finasteride so clearly the winner here is due tast right right well actually

No you see is only the dht made from the type 2 enzyme that causes hair loss we know this from a rare genetic mutation that makes some people lack a functional type 2 enzyme these people still have dht in their system from the type 1 enzyme but they’re immune to hair loss so even though to test-ride is the most efficient dht blocker of the two udrih medication by

Selectiveness and not by its potency if it’s only the type 2 enzyme that causes hair loss the superior medication is the one that only blocks the type 2 enzyme and not both of them the more targeted the medication and the less it interface with other aspects of our biochemistry the better so therefore the winner is finasteride to the next thing we’re gonna look at

Is the efficacy so both drugs are efficient to blocking the progression of hair loss at least for the majority of users there is so much research at this point that this is beyond doubt but which of the two is better with which one are you more likely to regrow hair now guys i want to be clear the differences between the two drugs are not actually that large but

Do test-ride does appear to have a clear advantage we had a meta-analysis published just last year which looked at this question a meta-analysis is like a study of studies so what you do in a major analysis is you take all the individual studies that compared finasteride to two tests right you run some statistics on them and you get an overall result and the result

That you get is obviously more reliable compared to the individual studies and it’s because you’re dealing with a much larger sample size and the larger the sample the more confident that you can be in the results makes perfect sense right so the major analysis looked at three efficacy parameters the first was objective hair growth counts the second was photographic

Assessments by expert doctors of the vertex area and third photographic assessments of the frontal scalp guys believe it or not on all three measures doot asteroid was superior to finasteride to give you an idea to test right typically gave around 50% more hairs in a small area of the scalp that was 1 inches in diameter and in some studies this difference was even

Larger now this might sound like a very large difference but you need to bear in mind these counts are typically taken at the border between the boding and hairy areas of the scalp these are the parts of the head more likely to see regrowth and they are not representative of the entire scalp in parts of the head that have gone completely bald now the finasteride

Naruto stride will be able to do anything the other thing is even in these selected areas that are typically measured in stories the hair counts themselves are not that impressive we’re talking something in the area of 10 to 20 percent regrowth but still the result here is clear and the winner is doot asteroid the third thing we’re going to look at is side-effects

Being that the two drugs have very similar modes of action they also have very similar side-effects just like you’d expect so the most common side effects for both a loss of libido erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorders like low production of semen and guys decide effects appear with more or less the same frequency whether you take do test ride or finasteride

This is what the major analysis that we were discussing previously found out there was no statistically significant differences in side effects all we could look at this large study from a few years back that looks at large numbers of detached dried treated patients and again they found the same thing the side effects were more or less comparable with finasteride

By the way i should mention that the study was funded by glaxosmithkline which is the maker of do test right so in this table you can see the frequency of side effects in two groups of men who were treated with either do test ride or finasteride the results are almost identical 7% had impotence on you destroyed a percent on fast ride five percent had loss of libido

With the beaut asteroid six percent with the finasteride the other side effects were vary across both groups so gynecomastia headaches dizziness and fatigue were all around 1% for both drugs so when it comes to side effects is pretty clear that the two drugs are similar so in this case we’re gonna say do test ride and finasteride are tied the fourth thing we’re

Gonna look at is price now this is pretty straight forward a monthly supply of propecia the recommended dosage of one milligrams daily in the u.s. is around 110 dollars per month a monthly supply of avo dot which is the branded name of do test ride is just over $200 so we’re talking almost twice the price for do test ride if we look at the generic versions the

Differences are actually even greater generic finasteride starts from around $25 per month compared to $87 for the generic do test drive that’s over three times cheaper guys this one isn’t even close the winner is finasteride the fifth thing we’re going to look at is the availability of the drugs well there’s the deal both drugs are readily available you can pick

Them up at any pharmacy and both are prescription only but in the us and europe deut asteroid is only marketed for the treatment of prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia as per the scientific name so you’ll need to find a doctor willing to prescribe it off-label who knows your personal doctor might be willing to do it for you but they might not in

Which case you’ll have to shop around which is not gonna be the case with fast-track finasteride is more simple you lose your hair you go to the doctor he then prescribes the finasteride simple as that is done therefore in this case the winner would be finasteride the sick thing we’re going to look at is the popularity again this one isn’t even close the only two

Countries in the world where deut asteroid is licensed and sold widely for hair loss is south korea and japan in korea it actually recently overtook finasteride as the number one treatment but everywhere else in the world finasteride is the only licensed prescription medication for hair loss so the market share for hair loss isn’t even close therefore the winner

Is finasteride so the overall winner who is it well guys we’ve matched the drugs head-on and in most areas there was a clear winner finasteride when it comes to treating hair loss do test-ride does have an advantage in terms of regrowth but this is small the real strength of these drugs is that for most users they’ll halt the progression of hair loss that’s their

Selling point not the few hairs that you’ll be grow and for whatever reason glaxosmithkline the manufacturer of do test-ride did actually not try to get the drug law license to for male pattern hair loss in the us and this is led to finasteride taking over the market and becoming the undisputed number one prescription medication for male pattern baldness so if

You’re just starting out on your hair loss treatment and you’re debating which drug to take from do test rider pinaster i’d canasta right is probably the better option for you it would be much easier to get a doctor’s prescription and it will cost you far less money in the long run you could have do test riders the fallback option if you see that you’re not getting

Visuals with finasteride we know from the published research that many men who don’t get any beetles with finasteride often respond positively to do test right and you talk to it will probably be much more open to prescribing it after you’ve given finasteride a try the other scenario where you can consider do test ride is that if you’ve been off an asteroid for

Many years and you’ve developed resistance to its effects for many guys this will happen around the five-year mark at which point their hair loss presumes again consult with your doctor and you can both then decide together if do test ride is an option worth exploring guys make sure to click the video on the screen right now to learn more about the real truth of

Male pattern baldness and also you can learn about the 8 steps that will the founder of hair god used to reverse his hair loss

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Dutasteride VS Finasteride – Which Is BETTER For Your Hair Growth? By Hairguard