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Ear Infections: Avoid This One Thing…

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Do you (or your child) have an ear infection? Avoid this one thing!

So there’s one thing that you absolutely need to  avoid if you get an ear infection i’m primarily   talking about your children if they develop an ear  infection they must avoid this one thing but let’s   first talk about what this infection is another  name for it is otitis media the word media comes   from the word middle because

You have an external  part of your ear then you have a middle ear then   originate from the middle part of the ear   which i have in my nice diagram right here there’s  a small tube which is about an inch and a half   that connects the inner ear to the back of your  throat and normally it’s collapsed but it’s there  

For several reasons number one to prevent mucus  from your back of your throat back up into the ear   there and it’s also there to help equalize   in a plane and there’s pressure building up   pressure you can also yawn and do the same thing   and it also has another function of helping you  drain mucous if there’s mucus in

The inner ear   throat so it can actually work both ways   now there’s several things that can increase the  risk of getting an ear infection number one is   smoking or being around secondhand smoke infection  now as far as an infection goes 92 percent of the   cases are bacteria and 70 of the cases are viral  related

So you can see that there’s a combination   problems that i see is as soon as a child gets   an ear infection a lot of times the parents run to  get an antibiotic and sometimes doctors continue   to give these antibiotics over and over and over  and then this child develops antibiotic resistance   and that becomes a huge

Problem and so a lot of  doctors now are not recommending antibiotics right   and sometimes it gets resolved but there is a   common allergy which is cow’s milk allergy   and so if your child is prone to your infections  or they have an ear infection get them off milk   and milk products immediately it’s probably the 

Number one trigger in developing ear infections   because if you have an allergy to milk you’re  going to generate a lot of mucus that can back   is the connection between the back the throat   other things you can do and by the way there’s   absolutely zero research on this but it works  i’ve seen it work over and over

And over again   just use a drop of colloidal silver you can drop  it right into the ear it creates no side effects   and you can do this several times a day and   also a drop of garlic oil works very well and  you can mix it in some olive oil and dilute it   in this take one drop put into the ear let it soak  down

In there it’s very antiviral antibacterial   and then number three and this is very important  avoid milk and milk products and i would also   avoid all sugars and one last point xylitol which  is an alternative type of sugar it’s a sugar   alcohol which has the ability to decrease risk of  getting ear infections so as a sugar

Substitute   for children xylitol would be a good thing women  that breastfeed their children dramatically   all right there you go and thanks for watching   product or you’re new to keto and you want to   know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you  need a debug because it’s not going as smooth   people in

The u.s hopefully in the future  we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call   so you can call and get some help

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Ear Infections: Avoid This One Thing… By Dr. Eric Berg DC