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Easily Treat Dark Knuckles, Knees, Butt, & Feet With Tretinoin and Kojic Acid

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Hi everyone, in this video I talk about how to get rid of Dark Knuckles, Knees, Butt, & Feet With Tretinoin, Kojic Acid, TCA peel, and More. We touch on 5 major points:

My dears i know you’ve heard it all when it comes  to dark knuckles knees elbows feet butt you hear   people say things like oh it’s normal normalize  it or you’re bleaching if you’re not bleaching   the evidence or it’s genetic don’t worry about   that you’re still concerned and my goal with   this video is to leave you with

A plan a solid  plan okay in today’s video we’ll be looking at   how to get rid of dark knuckles knees elbows and  even dark feet right we’ll be touching on five   different sections number one root causes number  two contributing factors that to avoid number   three treatment levels number four a typical daily  routine and

Number five precautions let’s get into   one is genetics second one harsh skincare products  number three underlying health issue okay as far   as genetics goes some people do struggle with it  and some people just don’t no matter what they do   i know someone no matter like it doesn’t matter  if she uses harsh bleaching creams

Her skin is   always even and that’s just genetic right second  one is harsh skincare products bleaching creams   will do it to you especially when it comes to dark  knuckles number three an underlying health issue   this is not so common but if you suspect that  you’re having or your head augmentation is due to  

Doctor the next point contributing factors   dryness and not enough sun protection for dryness  that can be addressed with just moisturizer   or just avoid the sun if you can right because it  worsens situation next treatment levels i’m gonna   be going over three treatment levels okay just  pick one pick one that you feel

You can stick to   one is beginner second one intermediate   last one advanced beginner all you need to worry  about is stay moisturized and using a sunscreen   right and then at night time using tretinoin for  intermediate you’re going to go a bit farther   in the beginner level but then you’re going   to add

A spot lightener i’m going to go over the  routine for this right last one is advanced again   everything you’re doing for an intermediate   chemical peel as well as occlusion occlusion is   just the act of wearing gloves to trap moisture at  nighttime okay a tca peel sorry for chemical peels   my preference especially

For the knuckles is a tce  peel but if you’re someone who’s not experienced   or just start really really low start with the   up as you get more experienced or just go   most of you you’re kind of like diy like me   what does the typical daily routine look like   in the morning you cleanse you apply your spot 

Lightener apply your moisturizer or in some cases   some people’s sunscreens act as moisturizer so you  don’t need a moisturizer so you can just cleanse   spot lightener sunscreen right pm your cleanse  tretinoin first then your spot lightener and then   depending on whether you’re i don’t know sometimes  you just don’t even need

Moisturizer because   can keep your skin moisturized but if you   that’s the typical daily routine number  five we’re going to look at precautions   right these are really important because they  can kind of make or mar your routine or your   treatment um or your current treatment so number  one for people who struggle

With dark knuckles try   using gentle cleansers right harsh harsh harsh  skincare products really worse in the situation   right number two wash your hands after applying  your spotlighters on your body what these creams   your fingers and then they end up lightening   the surrounding areas while leaving the knock was 

Really dark so remember to wash your hands after   using your spotlighter or wear a glove whatever  works for you all right number three don’t over   wash your hands i know we’re in the middle of a  panda making panorama but um see if you can really   control that situation that’s what i’m gonna say  about that and number four

Carry a moisturizer   moisturizer bigger sunscreen put it in a smaller   you’re out and about you wash your hands you   have to do stuff with your hands re-moisturize  your hands reapply your sunscreen and that’s it   thank you so much for watching guys your girl  is on a break short break uh i had a surgery  

And i’m currently recovering so  like this video um if you did like the video and  laughs

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Easily Treat Dark Knuckles, Knees, Butt, & Feet With Tretinoin and Kojic Acid By RitaSpeaksSkin