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Eat Garlic Everyday And See What Happens To You – Watch This Video – Food Knowledge

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Eat Garlic Everyday And See What Happens To You – Watch This Video – Food Knowledge

Garlic is frequently used as a seasoning in cooking but it has also been utilized as a medicine throughout ancient and modern times being used to prevent and treat a variety of ailments and diseases garlic’s beneficial effects are due to a molecule called allicin it contains minerals such as phosphorus zinc potassium and magnesium garlic is also high in vitamin

C k folate niacin and thiamin garlic not only adds a delicious sink to recipes of all kinds but it also has some incredible health advantages in this video we are going to talk about 10 amazing health benefits of garlic number 10 garlic aids and immune system boosting your body’s immunity is what stops you from being sick in the first place and it also helps

You combat sickness when necessary garlic boosts the immune system which helps to avoid colds and the flu virus every year children get six to eight colds while adults receive two to four consuming raw garlic can help prevent coughs fevers and colds the best approach to reap the benefits is to consume two chopped garlic cloves per day number nine garlic aids in

The treatment of high blood pressure strokes and heart attacks are global health issues high blood pressure causes heart disease it causes seventy percent of strokes heart attacks and chronic heart failure hypertension causes 13.5 percent of deaths worldwide as one of their major causes of death high blood pressure must be addressed garlic is a great spice for

People with hypertension even if you don’t like garlic garlic supplements can decrease blood pressure manage fever and more take enough supplements to equal four cloves of garlic every day before taking supplements consult your doctor number eight garlic lowers cholesterol blood cholesterol is fatty bad ldl cholesterol and excellent hdl cholesterol too much ldl

Cholesterol and not enough hdl can be harmful garlic lowers total and ldl cholesterol 10 to 15 percent garlic doesn’t affect hdl or good cholesterol if you have heart disease or a family history of it eat garlic number seven garlic can aid in cancer prevention garlic’s health advantages do not stop there so here’s another reason why your body could benefit from

Consuming more of this onion relative consuming fresh garlic may help reduce the risk of colon cancer according to studies according to the iowa women’s health study women who ate garlic with other vegetables and fruits on a regular basis had a 35 percent decreased risk of developing colon cancer number six garlic contains antibiotics allicin is found in garlic

Allicin is a bioactive antibiotic found in sliced smashed or diced cloves that can help fight illnesses and bacteria garlic extracts have been demonstrated to inhibit the growth of the following fungus elements elements of protozoa infections caused by viruses many microorganisms such as salmonella allicin is thought to be a potential antibiotic substitute it also

Helps when combined with conventionally administered antibiotics number five garlic may help prevent alzheimer’s disease and dementia garlic contains a lot of antioxidants which help prevent oxidative damage in the body these antioxidant qualities may aid in the prevention of some cognitive illnesses such as dementia and alzheimer’s take it with a pinch of garlic

Though taking large amounts of garlic supplements on the other hand does not make you resistant to the condition garlic’s therapeutic powers can only improve health to a certain extent number four garlic has the potential to improve athletic performance this ingredient was one of the first available performance boosters garlic was once used to relieve fatigue and

Increase labor’s working hours and endurance it was also given to greek olympic competitors to help them perform better on the field garlic as previously mentioned can be beneficial levels of cholesterol reduce your blood pressure immune system booster shortens the duration of illness a healthy heart and body are essential for staying active finally consuming

Garlic helps to reduce albeit subtly how quickly you become tired when physically exerting yourself number three garlic aids in body detoxification detoxification is the process of removing substances from the body that do not belong there it is an essential component of excellent health and longevity we are exposed to a wide variety of chemicals and substances

On a daily basis while living in the modern world many of these substances are harmful to the body and should be avoided pesticides and chemicals used in agriculture are examples of contaminants in the environment water and food garlic is a potent detoxifier that stimulates the formation of glutathione by numerous liver enzymes it also contains several bioactive

Selenium and sulfur compounds which are significant detoxifying components number two garlic may benefit bone health there have been no human research on the impact of garlic on bone loss however rodent studies have indicated that it can reduce bone loss in females by raising estrogen levels in one trial of menopausal women a daily dose of dried garlic extract

Equivalent to two grams of raw garlic dramatically reduced in estrogen insufficiency marker this implies that this supplement may be advantageous to women’s bone health garlic and onions may potentially be effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis number one garlic may help you live a longer life garlic’s putative longevity benefits are virtually impossible

To show in people however given the positive impacts on crucial risk variables such as blood pressure it stands to reason that garlic could help you live longer its ability to combat infectious infections is also significant as they are prevalent causes of death particularly in the elderly or those with compromised immune systems thanks for watching this video

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Eat Garlic Everyday And See What Happens To You – Watch This Video – Food Knowledge By Food Knowledge