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Ehly Tenex Review

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Testing EHLY tenex in my Ruger 10/22 with ER Shaw Barrel.

Hey guys hope you’re having a good day i am out here at eastern nebraska gun club in lewisville nebraska it is about 90 degrees out so not too bad here in the shade a little bit of wind nothing too crazy uh maybe about five miles an hour but uh i haven’t been able to procure any uh sk rifle match so we’re going to try out some 10x local gun shop that i

Work at had a bunch of this in stock so uh figure buy about 100 rounds of it see how it shoots see if we like it and then if it shoots better than the then the sk uh look at buying a little bit more of it but it’s almost double almost double the price of the sk so uh this stuff better shoot about double what what the rifle sk has been rifle match has been

Shooting so we’re gonna make sure we’re sighted in here i’m just gonna kind of assume that the zero is roughly what the other stuff was um one thing i’ve been making sure i’m doing is not getting down too low a lot of times you get a rifle too low you start doing this and getting really uncomfortable so trying to shoot up on the up on the elbows a little

Bit more and uh just have a good time so get some magnification on this guy around at about 15 and double check that parallax make sure that’s all happy all right let’s get some rounds down range all right cool so we are on paper this eyepiece is a little off for me there we go all right so first shot two four six little bit too far right and hmm we’re

About wow four times low on that one so we’re gonna hit a few more see where we’re at all right all right so some sort of malfunction here looks like we got a a little stove pipe huh so just didn’t kick that out on the fifth round so first five rounds uh not super happy with that group on the last four i didn’t adjust it at all but they say not to not

To assume anything when switching ammo i also didn’t clean up the barrel for this so we’re just going to assume that we’re switching ammo and working on that build up slapping that out shoot a few more at this same target so we’re not wasting do so there’s first 10. hopefully hopefully it switches up here so uh i went ahead and left it at the same

Spot didn’t make any changes and the last few rounds they seem to really tighten up into the center of that target so we are going to go ahead and keep shooting and then pop up the pop-up pictures of the stuff here so i have switched to a different set of rings that are a little bit higher and so i want to get this cheek piece up a little bit higher for

Shooting prone it’s uh seems to be just a little bit low for my face so but there’s always always something to play with so just taking a look at those pictures down there uh not super happy with it uh i think i think the sk might shoot better at uh almost double the cost for this guy so um taking my time in between shots making sure my breathing is

Good making sure i’m getting good trigger presses not in a hurry so um we’ll see we’ll see what happens um these boxes are pretty nice though they click in a lot nicer than you know boxes this is some norma this shot like crap so um way nicer than that i don’t know if it’s uh if this doesn’t shape up here and shoot better in this gun i’m not sure that a

Really nice box is worth an extra 10 bucks a box so go ahead and throw we’re gonna shoot some five round groups maybe sitting behind the glass is just a little bit too long so i’m gonna stop it here let’s see what’s going on good night probably all right so he had two really low shots on that one we’ll have to do a bit of a bit of a look um i can say

That i have never had any issues with the sk rifle match it runs super reliable so we’re a little over halfway through this box i’ve already had two failures to extract and then move into stove pipes so or they extracted they just didn’t uh go far enough so well uh obviously see if it cleans up all right so that was a really nice group so we’re just gonna

Drop down to doing groups of five for a little bit once we get through this first box i’ll go down take some pictures do some measurements and then see we’ll see what the second box all right so that’s really nice consistency maybe it’s just barrel seasoning in here there’s all sorts of fun stuff people say about 20k all right so let’s go ahead and take a

Look at this so i’m going to try to clear this will hold in the on the camera here so so another just another failure so even if this ammo does shoot good i don’t know i can can’t really trust it in this gun so but we bought it so we’ll pop up all right all right so this is shooting a lot better these last two groups have been really solid that first

One i was getting some vertical stringing the second one i’m getting a horizontal stringing so i’m going to make sure my butt stock is in my shoulder right i’m getting fighting fighting the butt stock and the higher the higher rings i feel yeah i mean it’s not enough it’s not gonna happen though i have to switch to the lower back to the side so all right see

What these next foreign uh i fell apart again so this rifle does not like the teeth the eely so never know until you try it i suppose just too bad because this stuff i can actually get walking into a store right now all right shoot the last 10 here all right so we’re back to a nice group hoping it’s not me you never really know i also haven’t shot

This rifle with this optic in a while i haven’t shot groups in a bit so it may be may it’s still may so i’m gonna cut that out because that was a bad joke all right i’m gonna take her time on this one all right let’s go take a look at some targets all right guys that is all on the ely 10x not super happy with the shooting performance but could be

The ammo but then also me so trying to get used to the new scope ring height and then i need to get the butt stock adjustment uh get that cheap riser a little bit higher so we’re gonna work on that um but biggest problem with this accuracy went way out the window for a couple groups there took a while to settle in uh and then this thing this rifle does not

Like this ammo it had four or five failures causing stove pipes so that’s something that can’t happen in a match so uh we’ll be looking at some other ammo hopefully you can find some rifle match from sk redbox stuff seems to shoot really real out of this rifle never had a failure i was a little surprised the first time i had a failure with this guy so this

Action has been really reliable for with that with that ammo so yeah we’ll go back to what works and hopefully i can find it in stock so uh i did purchase a little bit of land down in missouri about a half hour north of st joe hopefully this summer 2022 we start running some matches if you want to shoot some 22 matches give me a ring i’ll put you on the list

And we’ll send out uh we’ll send out an invite to when we start having those matches i got my eye on a couple different brands of steel have some recommendations from some guys here in nebraska that have been running a couple different people’s steel so if you have any opinions about what you guys have run for the nrl 22 type matches and what you seem to like

For that let me know if there are any anybody in the area that wants to get together shoot to shoot that’d be great i’m based out of omaha right now so love to grow the community and let me know what you think if you want to know more about this rifle deal full breakdown i’ve tweaked a few things played with a few things here and there so hope you guys have

A great day appreciate taking the time to watch the video if you liked it go ahead and hit the like button if you want to see any follow-ups on this guy go ahead and hit subscribe and hopefully we’ll make some videos here shortly we’ve got some great weather coming up so i hope you have a great day guys you

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