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El Seor de los Cielos 7 | Captulo 48 | Telemundo

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This program contains material unsuitable for minors and inappropriate or provocation dialogue. you want me to leave, but i only came to support you. anyone who tries to look into you career will find that. what do we do about that? am i on speaker? don’t get any ideas. i’m exhausted. imagine if that beautiful

Family crossed paths pays for everything he’s done to us. these diamonds were in athina’s room. i don’t know! what’d you take? give me a sec. hello. she could die, damn it! hurry up! listen, guys, we know you don’t earn a lot the point is to help each

Other out. -right. -let’s help each other out. pay up. i’m leaving. -of course. -boss, where’s our money? alright. that’s enough, right? -take care. -thanks, guys. i see. you’re such a coward. your conscience must be as healthy as your wallet, huh? but,

We let others sell it or give it away here. yeah, but in the meantime we’re screwed. sooner or later dalila could betray us. are equally dependent on each other. what do you think is going to happen with chema venegas? is that the masochist in you asking about that sadist? i don’t know what we’re going

To do with that bastard. if reyes decides to stop chema’s extradition. i want to talk about us. that’s all i know right now. what it was like to sleep with you. that means we’re great in bed together. we would’ve done it sooner or later. why don’t we keep reliving the good old days? well, lucky for

You i’m a big art connoisseur. so i’ll come out somewhat unscathed? let’s check on the guys at the penthouse. we’ve spotted some strange people around here. nuh-uh. don’t. in any case, how are the two lovebirds? have your food delivered and the like, but don’t go anywhere i noticed

There are people outside watching me. there’s a tall black man looking out for you. i can handle things for you from the shadows you think you can decide that without consulting me? -you hung up on pio? -i’ve had it, damn it! i’m not his ——- housekeeper! be like you and get on all fours

You don’t get to talk to him anymore. no! i forbid it! hey, pio. it’s me. we’re all tense and we’ve said things we don’t mean. and you know what else? i’m close to snapping. don’t do something you’ll regret later. i like that. i really like that idea. is it okay

If we talk tomorrow instead? don’t you think you’re rubbing your violeta come on. i have to take a leak. i mean, mayra was omar’s amazing secretary. with mayra? of course not! yeah, but she was omar teran’s secretary. i’m going to call castillo because we can’t ignore this. right.

Poor mayrita. or are you calling because you know who attacked you? it’s just a rumor for now. how’d you find out? we’re waiting until morning to check the facts. everyone does. it’s in the system. just about anyone can know all about certain procedures. already being done, sir. excuse me. you’re going to be

Okay. she’s going to be okay, right? she’ll need an iv to flush whatever she ingested i’m sorry. i never meant for this to happen. i didn’t want things to end like this. especially when you go out clubbing. and that i’m going to be more jealous? before me so i know who’s dating my princess look,

I can protect you from a lot of things, we’re talking about your life. your life, sweetie. if anything were to happen to you, i’d never forgive myself. why isn’t he in his cell, jimenez? well, that much is true. don’t worry, though. showers included, while you’re extradited or processed. if i were you, i

Wouldn’t stand still. but the chances of that happening are slimmer now. what the —- are you talking about? red flores was among the wounded. you have my most sincere condolences.

Will return

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El Señor de los Cielos 7 | Capítulo 48 | Telemundo By Telemundo