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Emotional Pain

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My mom has been experiencing a manic episode. Painful. She’d been refusing Meds. Injectable Geodon to the rescue. I feel for her. I know what it is like to be out of control due to bipolar disorder.

Okay i have about five minutes before lunch it’s onion take these off cuz ur for lunch with um banker for my parents actually says certified financial planner but um almost hit a car in the parking lot because i wasn’t doing this quite honestly i was caught up in my head and in my thoughts if didn’t notice him at all too much in my head you probably i probably

Messed up although audio sorry too much in my head um luckily i didn’t hit him i stopped we both stopped i oh i’m so yeah oh sorry sorry you know um it scary maybe it would have happened anyway it was kind of i don’t know there’s trees he’s coming in the parking lot notice him i’m coming to god you know it was like one of those she’s coming destroyer i’m going

Just wait one like didn’t see him until we were but he had the right way um i think yeah we did really in a lot of emotional pain there’s tears beneath the surface but no tears coming out i did do a little bit of coin with my husband recently in bed right we fell asleep my mom is in the throes of a manic episode and she’d was refusing medication not eating not

Drinking liquids not and she was aggressive behaving impulsively aggressively towards staff hitting them so um ok it psychiatric hospitalization they said there wasn’t a bed available yesterday so i said can you get her injectable medication if she won’t take medication because if she’s you know if you give us an anti-psychotic she will that’ll snap her out of it

So they got the doctor to ok injectable that had to call around because that’s not something that pharmacies just you know retail pharmacies carrie its hospitals that usually administer injectables so they got somehow they got their handle and some geodon injectable and it was the struggle for them but they you know injected my mom and later that evening she went

In and apologized the staff for having hit them um and the next morning accepted willingly the injection of geodon and also took her regular medications but she had been without medication for a while and it was just ramping up and i saw her sunday and it really i’m concerned me um my sister had a clue of it earlier she saw a photograph of my parents on father’s

Day and she’s like mom doesn’t look good and she had been acting out that week too i don’t know whether you know it was like kind of sketchy you know kind of react in everything that i guess i feel so much pink’s i know what it’s like to have a mental illness and to be out of control and in to behave in ways that hurt others and you didn’t really intend to so i

Feel compassion for my mother and i hope she’s doing better but no but i’m working on it i’m working on it i want her to be well

Transcribed from video
Emotional Pain By Kitt OMalley