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Empagliflozin Retains Benefits in True HFpEF Patients

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Empagliflozin provides a wide range of benefits in patients with “true” heart failure and preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) , meaning an LVEF of 50% or greater, EMPEROR-Preserved investigators report.

Hello and welcome to medical dialogues journal club your daily dose of health and medical news i am dr nandita mohan and i am going to discuss about an analysis of the emperor preserved trial that has affirmed that a wide ranging impact in patients with elbef greater than equal to 50 now emphaglophysin has previously proven successful in patients with heart

Failure as well as in reduced ejection fraction in the emperor reduced trial previously which included patients with an lf below 40 percent while the emperor preserved trial has shown that amphagliflozin provides a wide range of benefits in patients with true heart failure and preserved ejection fraction meaning that an lv of 50 percent or greater the analysis

Demonstrates that amphigliflozin maintains its benefits in terms of hard clinical outcomes quality of life symptom status as well as kidney function the emperor preserved trial enrolled approximately 6000 patients with chronic heart failure and lvf greater than 40 percent and either a structural heart disease or hospitalization for heart failure in the past

Year before getting randomized to either amphoglyphin or placebo patients were stratified by baseline elvif and ultimately the trial included only 4 000 patients with an ejection fraction of 50 percent or greater and approximately 2 000 patients with an ejection fraction of 41 to 49 in the patients with an lvf of an at least fifty percent proportion emphasis

Was associated with a significant reduction in cardiovascular death or even the first hf hospitalizations that was driven by a reduction in the first hf hospitalizations with no significant difference in cardiovascular death the findings were similar in patients with an lvf of 41 to 49 although the magnitude of the reductions in hospitalizations was much greater

Than in patients with higher ejection fractions therefore the take-home message that the clinicians said that all the clinicians who are busy can now refer less to ejection fraction and focus more on what the phenotype of the patient is with regard to whether or not they can use this important therapy now we have with us today dr prema garwal senior cardiologist

At sanjeevan hospital giving us his valuable comments on this topic thank you nandita in fact this development is a continuation of the main results of placebo control trial which was released this summer and which showed that sodium glucose transporters too that is as cl2 inhibitors lowers down the risk of cardiovascular death hospitalization heart failure in

Patients with preserved direct affection with them for growth vision and this was emperor preserve trial and it was a many but many competitor commentators questioned that whether this was truly truly a trial of heart failure with preserved safety infection because this particular trial included a lot of patients with rejection friction between 41 to 50 49 and

This particular mid-range heart failure now it is called failure was not representing the preservation session to address this uncertainty the trial investigator in fact gave a extended trial extended study to the people who are already more than 50 percent ejection fraction and they we found that emphasising is found to be successful in patient with heart

Failure reduced action infection and it is also found to be a positive in heart failure with the preserved plantation in fact having uh patients who are having rejection infection more than 50 percent were isolated and given the um enrolled in the trial and we found that these people also got improved similar effects despite of any injection infection and then

They they had a i mean a very important landmark judgment that uh emphasis is not only in reduced risk infection but also in the high injection fraction that is more than 50 and can be used now and this is uh this particular development is further very encouraging because for the patients with the heart heart failure with present-day affection we never had

A very good medicine and all the medicines which have been used all the drugs which have been used for the reduced reaction fraction have not been found to be useful in preserved rejection infection so and i think that this particular presentation is a landmark and shall be very very useful in guiding the clinician that they should early start the glophogenes

Especially emphaglophysm in the patients who are suffering from preservative patients thank you never miss a medical update from medical dialogues like subscribe and press the bell icon

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Empagliflozin Retains Benefits in ‘True’ HFpEF Patients By Medical Dialogues