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Hi everyone my name is mendoza menendez i am medical student of the university of catholica center guayaquil and today my topic is in fact disclosing and preparation of kidney disease in time to diabetes we start with the definition renal failure is a preventative mobility in patients with diabetes in addition to cardiovascular risk chronic hypoglycemia in

Diabetes induced alteration of renal infection diabetes neuropathic abdominuria and state kinase disease and cardiovascular disorder sympathy closing off very beneficial effects not only in on glycemic control in addition to cardiovascular and kidneys benefit these drugs is highly potent selective in reversible competitiveness vector of the sodium glucose

Codon port type 2. type 2 diabetes can lead to a number of complications including kidney disease healthy kidneys play an important role removing waste products from the blood inside the kidneys millions of tiny blood vessels act as filters many substances are too big to pass through the filters so remain in the bloodstream while smaller substances including

Some waste products flow through the filters and become part of the urine kidney function helps to regulate the amount of fluids and salts in the body and control blood pressure but with type 2 diabetes the high levels of sugar circulating in the blood can damage the kidneys and compromise their function approximately 40 percent of patients with type 2 diabetes

Have established kidney disease patients begin to lose their kidney function including their ability to filter out waste medicines and excess fluids from the body the presence of protein in the urine can be an early sign of kidney disease symptoms of kidney disease may include swelling due to fluid retention tiredness insomnia itchy skin and nausea kidney disease

Progresses through different stages as the kidneys lose efficiency and waste materials build up in the body it also increases the risk of hypoglycemia and type 2 diabetes complications including cardiovascular disease the last stage kidney failure usually requires treatment with dialysis or kidney transplantation many of the medications available to treat

Type 2 diabetes are predominantly removed from the body by the kidneys declining kidney function can affect that process if the body can no longer filter medications out effectively the risk of side effects may increase it may also be necessary to adjust the dose of medication or change medications as approximately 40 of people with type 2 diabetes have

Established kidney disease it is important that healthcare professionals consider the kidneys and the impact they have on diabetes management application in medicine inhibition of the type 2 sodium glucose called transport in patients with type 2 diabetes diabetes and hypoglycemia induce excretion of glucose in the urine in addition the increase of sodium

Excretion excretion which leads to osmotic durations and unreduced intravascular volume empathy closing is usable in patients with types of diabetes imperfection or kidney failure in state 2 and 3 also its effectiveness and reduce when the glomerular infiltration rate decrease in patient trade with insulin infested closing decrease itself and from the closing

Shouldn’t be administered in patients with diabetes catastrophes kidney defeater failure and risk of hypokalemia or urinary tract infection the emperor’s study was a study testing the efficacy of empire glycogen in patients with diabetes and for the first time up to 25 years we have a drug which showed a reduction in mortality and morbidity but not just overall

Mortality but also the occurrence of new heart failure cases this is very important because of the safety concerns that we had with previous drugs like the glitter zones or the some of the glittens and therefore the results of the emperor tell us that we have a new class of drugs that can be safely used in patients with heart failure of course there are neutral

Trials ongoing to address specifically the efficacy of the sdgl2 uh inhibitors in patients with heart failure and this the results of these studies will be important not just to confirm the results of vampiric that seems to be also mirrored by the interim analysis of the other trials with these tgl2 inhibitors but also to teach us how to use friendly these drugs in

Patients with heart failure one important point is that now cardiologists are empowered to treat diabetic patients with heart failure we shouldn’t leave diabetes to other specialties and the guidelines specifically say that patients with diabetes should be supervised by a cardiologist okay pros and cons is associated with lower progression of kidney disease and

Lower rate of clinically relevant kidney and in cons some patients with type 2 diabetes continue to happen grace degrees of death and heart and kind of complication and long-term adverse kidney effect israel playing airport canadian flows in associated prison not promoting a potential especially of details has increased as well as cases of diabetic ketoacidosis

Of unusual presentation and several causes of acute renal filler with the use of emphysema and in conclusion impact conclusion provides optimal control of hyperglycemia hyperbole cardiovascular and renal disorder and type 2 innovative fiction you must have to retain indications such as not giving to patients with diabetes ketoacidosis kills the filler grease

Of bulimia or urinary tract infection in general it’s a good solution to deduce hyperglycemia disorders plasma at home to reduce kidney disorder which are common in people with type 2 diabetes thank you so much for your attention and goodbye

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Empagliflozin By Boris Mendoza Menendez