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EMT/Paramedic Medication Notecards || Toradol

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To download a set of EMT-Basic notecards (15 medication cards total), follow the link below.

Welcome to lights sirens action today you have tuned in on a medication monday medication monday is a quick little mini series that airs every single monday where we highlight a different ams drug that’s administered out in the field and we do it specifically an emt drug card format but as always please abide by your local protocol and scope of practice this is

Never intended to be a replacement for professional medical advice today’s medication is called ketorolac and ketorolac is most commonly known as toradol toradol is an nsaid also known as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug you give it for moderate to severe pain so ketorolac works by inhibiting the prostaglandin synthesis and prostaglandin is a hormone that

Is secreted at the site of an injury or tissue damage maybe a fever something like that it almost takes part in that inflammatory response that your body has to an injury so let’s say you smash your thumb prostaglandin will be released but ketorolac will work by entering your system and synthesizing that prostaglandin and this will reduce the overall inflammation

Swelling and pain to the site of the injury it is a potent non-narcotic pain medication and a great option if you are not wanting to administer narcotics as always before we go into dosages please abide by your local protocol and scope of practice the adult dose for ketorolac is going to be 10 to 30 milligrams iv or io and then if you give it intramuscularly it’s a

Little bit higher it’s going to be 30 to 60 milligrams i am your pediatric dose which i will just preface this by saying toor dhal is typically not recommended in pediatric patients at all so most ems protocols advise against it but if you are going to give it for a patient that is over 1 year old it will be 0.5 milligrams per kilogram iv or i am the contraindications

Are going to be allergies to nsaids asthma gi bleeds bleeding disorders renal failure or impairment and women that are in active labor or breastfeeding some adverse reactions or side effects you can expect with toradol are drowsiness a headache possible gi bleed vasodilation dyspepsia diarrhea stomach pain and nausea drug interactions the bleeding time in patients

Taking anticoagulants and nsaids could be longer how its applied there are a few different ways there’s 10 milligrams and 1 ml 15 milligrams in 1 ml 30 milligrams in one ml or 60 milligrams in 2 mls a few side notes about the medication it is a good option for patients that are in pain but have a history of drug abuse narcotic addiction toradol is a very effective

Pain medication but it is non addictive so in situations where a patient maybe doesn’t want to relapse or you’ve run on them before and you know they have a narcotic addiction toradol would be a good alternative in these situations it is not a medication that a patient needs to rely on for pain i did say that it’s not addictive and it’s not but if somebody is in

Chronic pain it’s not a medication that needs to be used because it’s extremely hard on your kidneys and it can cause long-term damage do not use it in a traumatic situation where the patient is actively bleeding also use with caution in the elderly and those with renal impairment kind of going back to the one where it says that you shouldn’t rely on this i’ve seen

Several documentaries where past nfl players have said that they were given toradol all throughout their career to give them relief for their injuries that they experienced while they were playing football and this has had long-term effects on them so just be aware although it’s a good medication it’s not meant for chronic pain as always guys remember to abide by

Your local protocol and scope of practice this is purely informational for those in the ems field and never meant to be used in the place of local protocol or formal education thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you guys next monday bye

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EMT/Paramedic Medication Notecards || Toradol By Lights Sirens Action EMS