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You heart is that you yes it is me it is me chest pain pain in your arms in your joint your food in china shortness of breath seriously i don’t know if i can handle i quit i’m gonna quit excuse me yes let’s go inside okay i’m so happy this doesn’t just mean that happens i’m the other day on my way to class it actually have any collapse to my feet so the first

Things first i would actually want you to stop taking ibuprofen because this is going to interact with the action of an hour prep this is the drive i’m going to prescribe me today okay so now look bro this actually ibiza tech does this an ace inhibitor enzyme this is going to top the body not confer an angel tension one and she went you angiotensin 2 it’s a visa

That later and ath so it will help you to lose the water you are too much in your body yes these will help to decrease your blood pressure of course i’m almost paying your johansson and is there anything i should be worried about that did you any results from my house so yeah first up i will be prescribing and a low pro so this is either prescription from your

Drug and then i’d also going to be you need a blood work so you can i can check the legs just to see just i can check your kidneys see if it’s okay and then i was also watching from that bed about to eat just so you can see that it’s all free thank you very much i really appreciate are you okay i have a prescription for my doctor if you put that today so it looks

Like your doctor wants to put you on phase o test so that’s actually another problem you ever taking this medication before no i haven’t okay do you have a history of andrian edema that is no no tongue swelling so this medication can take up to an hour to kick in does come in a wall form so the maximum dosage is 40 milligrams per day we’re going to take it and

Divided dosage so it can interact with alcohol and it may cause lightheadedness in the first few days as well as persistent dry cough some of their side effects may include insomnia hyperkalemia ever tension you make it raj so just be careful like when you’re out in the sun if you have a fever if your hands fall or if you get regular heartbeat any chest pains or

Any sizes that angioedema trouble breathing make sure you don’t take any cold or cough or allergy medication and less prescribed by your doctor and avoid some light wear sunscreen and comply with your dose describe okay okay i’m sorry i was just collaborating with all my friends is there anything to be worried about for a first time dosage so for the first time

Because like i mentioned it could cause that dizziness the first few days of treatments you just want to be careful as it may cause that orthostatic hypotension just be careful when you’re moving around getting up at first is there any further incidents or anything anywhere ever is that all if you experience any other side effects contact your doctor okay awesome

Thank you very much side effects important brinkley’s definitely

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Enalapril By Taiana Milward