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Enbrel Update: What Patients Are Saying

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Dr. John Young updates us on what has been going on with the Enbrel treatments and what patients are saying that have had it done.

Hi i’m dr john young with foundational health center here in largo florida and wanted to just kind of give you an update uh you know i’ve been doing a lot with embroil e-n-b-r-e-l a drug that you see advertised on television uh forced use in psoriatic arthritis autoimmune conditions we’re use using that drug once a week for years to kind of help alleviate a lot of

The signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis some of the autoimmune conditions but there’s been some interesting articles out there looking at the use of this drug in kind of a one or two time use just once or twice because one of the interesting things about that drug is it has a very unique effect on the brain it seems to stop inflammation very very quickly and

They’ve looked at it in any type of brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder depression down syndrome they’ve looked at a lot of neurological conditions and there’s been some interesting reports so i just want to report to you that we’ve been using it more and more in my practice side effects we’ll start off very quickly is i don’t really know because

All the side effects are based on using this drug week after week for a year or so and it does depress the immune system if you’re using it once or twice really doesn’t seem to have any depressive effect on the immune system so we really can’t say but you’re using only once or twice and i’ve had a number of patients lately who have come in and just they’ve had

Multiple sclerosis they’ve had chronic pain they’ve had strokes some with just um you know depression and all of that and they’re coming to the end of the rope they’re like john the drugs just drive me crazy i can’t take them i have no zest for living i really just like to just call it quits and so uh i’ve talked about some of the studies um it’s an off-label

Use of of this drug and want to report that the results we’ve been getting with our patients is very very interesting probably about an 80 success rate and i think a good illustration was i had a person with multiple sclerosis and i gave the drug hoping that he would be out of the wheelchair and so we gave it to him you give it just subcutaneously right under i

I go about c6 c7 right under the skin there and then you lay them flat and but downward so the drug then goes right into the blood brain area right into the central nervous system and i was kind of disappointed when he came back a couple weeks later because he wasn’t walking now he had more use of his arms he was and he was just showing me raising his arms he

Couldn’t do that before but here’s the thing he talked about the whole time john my whole mental attitude has changed it’s just great to be alive i know i’m not walking but i am honestly i just i feel like it’s just my whole mental attitude has changed a really upbeat guy and before he was just blah and i’ve had several patients in fact i just had one today i

Reminded me that why i wanted to share this with you is a woman with she’s 90 years old and she knows she’s getting older and she’s slowly wearing away wearing down and so i gave her the embroil and she came in today i gave it to her last week and just a completely different person just saying john ever since i got that umbrella completely changed i just life is

Wonderful and it’s just great to see how this has changed this lady reminds me of a guy that i did it to about a year ago and here a year later and he’s still this upbeat you know life really is good and i think we don’t realize how inflammation can cause a lot of problems in a person in the mental aspect because depression um just kind of the living with uh as

We age the body still ties to christ or it starts to break down and when you have the breakdown of body parts you have inflammation and it’s interesting to see when you stop this inflammation it’s amazing how for people with a lot of depression and that zest for life it goes away so it’s something you may want to think about for a loved one or for yourself that

In role subcutaneously may be an option where you’ve just you aren’t yourself again and it may be something you want to talk to your doctor about to see if you can’t get that zest for life back

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Enbrel Update: What Patients Are Saying By Dr. John Young – Young Foundational Health Center