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Enoxaparin (English) – counselling video

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Instruction video for self-injection of clexane watch this instruction video from beginning to end and in any event always use clexane as your doctor or nurse has told you check with your doctor or nurse if you are not sure if you are able to give clexane to yourself your doctor or nurse will show you how to do this do not try to inject yourself if you have not

Been trained on how to do so if you are not sure what to do talk to your doctor or nurse immediately this video does not replace instruction given by your doctor or nurse for detailed information please always read the package information leaflet provided in the box before injecting yourself with clexane collect together the items that you need such as clexane

Syringe sharps container and alcohol swab to clean the skin where you will inject check the expiry date on the medicine do not use if the date has passed check the syringe is not damaged and the medicine inside is a clear solution if not use another syringe make sure you know how much you are going to inject check your stomach to see if the last injection caused

Any redness change in skin color other than bruising swelling oozing or is still painful if so talk to your doctor or nurse to inject yourself with clexane first prepare the injection site choose an area on the right or left side of your stomach this should be at least five centimeters away from your belly button or existing scars or bruises and out towards

Your sides wash your hands cleanse do not rub the area that you will inject with an alcohol swab or soap and water sit or lie in a comfortable position so you are relaxed make sure you can see the place you are going to inject a large chair recliner or bed propped up with pillows is ideal take your syringe and carefully pull off the needle cap from the syringe

Throw away the cap the syringe is ready for use do not press on the plunger to remove air bubbles this can lead to a loss of the medicine once you have removed the cap do not allow the needle to touch anything this is to make sure the needle stays clean if you have been told to inject the whole syringe you are now ready to use the injection if your dose is less

Than the full content of the syringe follow the instructions provided by your doctor or nurse to get rid of any extra medicine rotate the plunger to see the medicine level if required and inject the extra amount into a container a drop may appear at the tip of the needle if this occurs remove the drop before injecting by tapping on the syringe with the needle

Pointing down you are now ready to inject now inject yourself hold the syringe in the hand you write with like a pencil with your other hand gently pinch the cleaned area of your stomach between your forefinger and thumb to make a fold in the skin make sure you hold the skin fold throughout the injection hold the syringe so that the needle is pointing downwards

Insert the full length of the needle into the skin fold at an angle of 90 degrees press down the plunger for 5 seconds before removing this will send the medication into the fatty tissue of the stomach remove the needle from the injection site by pulling it straight out to reduce bruising do not rub the injection site after the injection drop the used syringe into

A sharps container place the container out of reach for children when the container is full close the lid tightly and dispose of it as your doctor or pharmacist has instructed if you get any side effects talk to your doctor or pharmacist this includes any possible side effects not listed in the patient information leaflet provided with your medicine you can also

Report side effects by emailing or calling us directly at the details shown on the screen by reporting side effects you could help provide more information on the safety of this medication details of the product information can be found at the patient information leaflet provided with your medicine you

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Enoxaparin (English) – counselling video By HOSPITAL SUNGAI BULOH Pharmacy