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Enoxaparin Injection Counseling

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Hello i am lucia patel and in this video i will be talking about the correct way to use lovenox this video has been made so that you can effectively counsel your patients on the lovenox technique loen ox is a self injectable and while you are counseling your patients on lower necks you want to keep in mind that many of these patients may have never used self

Injectables in their lives so it is possible for them to not have enough confidence injecting themselves with low annex your goal during counseling is not only to show the correct technique but also to instill confidence in them so that they feel comfortable using low annex at home let’s go through the parts of lonex low annex has three parts needle plunger and

Safety device safety device is something you activate after you’re done injecting yourself so that you do not end up hurting yourself or anyone else around you now we will be going through a step by step technique on how to use low and ex injection first thing you want to do is wash your hands and let them dry completely tell your patients that it is necessary for

Them to wash their hands before they even touch the lower nox because washing hands would eliminate any chances of infection at the injection site but for starting the injection process tell your patients to give themselves enough time and space so that they are now rushing through the entire process and making mistakes you can sit or lie down while injecting

Yourself but make sure you can see your abdomen so that you do not end up injecting in the wrong area low annex should be injected into the abdomen you can either just left all right side of the abdomen tell your patients to use only abdomen as their injection site and if for some reason that is not possible then tell them to talk to their physicians about this

Issue law enacted at least two inches away from the belly button and it should never be injected into the bruised or tender area one thing you want to tell your patients is to rotate their injection sites injecting at the same spot over and over again can cause pain and bruising so if they choose to inject on left side of the abdomen then maybe they should inject

On the right side of the abdomen the next day clean the injection site with alcohol swab and let it dry completely if while injecting your skin is still wet with alcohol then that can cause burning now take the cap off off the needle while you remove the cap just pull it straight out do not twist the cap because if you twist it you might end up bending the needle

Once you remove the cap do not put your needle down or let it touch elsewhere hold the syringe in your hand as if you are holding a pencil so for this step it’s better if you use the hand that you normally use for writing with your other hand make a fold in your skin by pinching the area of your skin where you will be injecting insert the needle into the fold at

90-degree angle make sure the entire length of the needle goes into the skin fold with the help of your thumb press down on the plunger until no medication is left in the range you want to make sure that you keep holding the fold of your skin until the syringe is completely empty this is to make sure that the medication only enters the fatty tissue and not the

Muscle after you’re done injecting pull the needle straight out at 90 degree angle and now you can let go off your skin fold once you remove the injection from your skin fold do not rub your skin because that can cause bruising and pain but for you throw away the syringe you want to activate the safety shield so that no one gets hurt by the needle in order to

Activate the safety shield make sure your needle is pointing downwards and then all you have to do is push down on the plunger to activate the safety shield once you are done with your injection process you want to discard your used syringe into the shop container if your patients do not own a shop container you can recommend them to make their own shop container

So what they can do is they can use detergent bottle or a bleach bottle something that is richard lick proof and puncture resistant and has a tight-fitting lid and ask them to label it as a biohazard and as as well as a as a shop container

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Enoxaparin Injection Counseling By ajbursua