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Entresto |Sacubitril-Valsartan | how to use | side effects| hypertension| heart failure

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Our youtube channel all right so let’s go ahead and talk about our topic for today so our topic for today is intel and tresto so entresto is also known as sakubatro valsartan which is a two drug combination medication that’s used in our patients for to treat heart failure as well as hypertension so this medication comes in three different um doses which is the

24-26 milligram it comes in a 49-51 milligram as well as a 97-103 milligram tablet so this medication is usually used twice a day and patients will usually start with the 24 26 milligram tablet twice a day and they may be increased every two to four weeks depending on how well the patient is tolerating the medication and or how well the medication is helping in

Terms of their condition so what are some side effects to look out for with intresto so side effects of interesting include low blood pressure so we’re treating patients who have hypertension and this can be a good side effect because it’s going to lower the blood pressure but what we don’t want is an abnormal level or value of blood pressure which is a way lower

Amount than it’s supposed to lower it for so another um common side effect is abnormal heart rate so make sure that you’re looking out for that make sure that you’re checking your blood pressure to make sure that it’s not too low or too high and you know the medication is actually working as it’s supposed to another common side effect is dizziness as well as cough

So this cough usually comes in terms of a dry cough and you can check out one of our videos regarding how to treat a dry cough so what are some serious side effects that we want to know when treating a patient with entresto and we want to reach out to the physician immediately so that way they can substitute the medication or monitor the patient closely if this

Therapy is absolutely required so this serious side effect include angioedema so angioedema is a form of an allergic reaction to the medication which can cause swelling in the facial area in the tongue or the lip area and usually when this happens this medication is usually stopped immediately um and it’s noted on the patient’s profile that way such medication or

Something in that class of that medication is not prescribed for that patient during their lifetime so another serious side effect is kidney failure um usually this medication um is taken in patients with kidney disease but you also have to make sure that you’re monitoring those patients this medication can also cause swelling in the leg so make sure that you’re

Reaching out to your doctor if this becomes you know bothersome it can cause low potassium in some patient and low potassium can um cause side effects especially in the heart also this medication can cause decreased urination as well as cloudy urine or dizziness and fainting and if this become consistent make sure like i said you’re reaching out to your physician

That way they can stop that medication and prescribe something else as a substitute for that medication so what are some other pointers that you want to know about this medication so this medication may be given with or without food also this medication should be avoided in pregnancy as this medication can harm the unborn baby most especially during the second and

The third trimester this is not a medication that you want to use in that patient population so this medication those should not be doubled if it’s closer to the time of your next dose just make sure you skip that dose a regular or a general um note is you don’t want to miss your medication but there sometimes we’re all humans and you you know you forget to take

One or two doses here and there but you know you don’t want to double that dose just because you missed the dosing increase that side effect that’s not supposed to occur at dipping you’re taking it the regular um dose so this medication also you don’t want to take it with a class of medication called the ace inhibitor the ace inhibitor you are usually medication

That ends in perils such as lysinophil ramipril um but nasa pearl so those medication you don’t want to take red and trestle at the same time usually if patients are switching from this medication over to intresto they need to have a 36 hour wash out period before they start interesting so if you take lycinopro today you probably won’t start um entresto until

36 hour after you have taken the lysinopril some these are stuff to look out for when you’re taking the medication if you have any concerns you can leave your comments down below and we’ll try as much as possible to answer your um medication related question or you can reach out to a pharmacist on our um website which is and they’ll be able to

Better um assist you and consult with you regarding this medication as well as other conditions that you may have thank you for watching if you have not yet done so make sure you hit the like and subscribe button again that way you’re able to get a large any time we post any videos relating to this medication or other medication that you might find interesting

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Entresto |Sacubitril-Valsartan | how to use | side effects| hypertension| heart failure By DEMIRxCARE