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Ep#1: QUARANTINE LIFE – Funny Wiener Dogs Staying Home!

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Yay! We’re back! Crusoe and Daphne the adorable little dachshunds are here for their first episode of Season 5, where they are stuck at home so put together a #Quarantinevlog about how they are busy finding ways to keep busy.. and cause mischief!

The prime minister’s daily pandemic briefing here is the prime minister of canada as much as possible stay home don’t go out unless you absolutely have to work remotely if you can let the kids run around a bit in the house things will get better being careful yeah well there’s a bug going around yeah but not that kind of anyway you guys don’t need these suits as

Long as we stay home late we should be fine so we have to stay locked up forever no not forever just a little while a little while sounds like a long while but i really wanted to go to the dog park today wow but you hate the dog park yeah but ever since they said we couldn’t socialize i really feel like socializing i’m good with that well they said we needed

To maintain two meters between us so there’s a guest room down the hall i know that thanks sorry i already put my butt on it hey mum you’re not going to work today it feels like it’s been months you mean that’s not over yet yesterday so what are we supposed to do i don’t know what you guys don’t really do i still have to work so you guys i’m gonna have to

Play together okay huh we’re starting a bad we normally practice every day at this time yeah brutha plays the pot and i play the pan but we are both vocalizing i see that let’s find more fun activity okay oh boy crew wait where’s daphne daphne daphne what were you just doing nothing yep what’s all over your face my face i don’t know nothing probably waiting my

Lipstick hmm nope doesn’t ring your dml long silver tube filled with red stuff oh that was a lipstick yes i there you go we should be good to at least thursday as long as you don’t eat mexican until then hey heyo nice to hear from you yeah hi crew how’s it going it’s good given everything listen i was thinking of coming to visit but should i take the 195 bus

Or the 87 to get there what you can’t do that why not cuz you need to stay home the country’s on lockdown what oh no why don’t tell me the hamburglar is on the loose again no the corona wait oakley have you not heard of any of this huh no where have you been did you not read the news yeah i’ll get the paper every day okay so you haven’t seen the headlines well i

Usually chew it out first which does make it really hard to read maybe i should do it the other way around uh yeah anyway you got to stay home bro i’ll talk to you soon take care of yourself we keep hearing about flattening the curve flattening flatten flattening the current what are you doing because you have been confused but aside from the virus kurt’s rated

Oh okay well i’ll go eat some cookies in practice my truckers for a chick’s husband yeah me too me three just let mommy out sorry health regulations dictate you have to quarantine for 14 days we’re going to go order a pizza but don’t worry i’ll slide you a slice under the door

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Ep#1: QUARANTINE LIFE – Funny Wiener Dogs Staying Home! By Crusoe the Dachshund