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Here’s a video of me and a friend climbing a really popular route in Red Rocks NV. We left the trailhead real early to be the first folks on the route, and managed to get up the first few pitches in the dark before the sun came out. In the end we stood on top by 1pm so it took us about 6 hours to climb this route, it is easily a must do route if your in Red Rocks and a confident 5.9 climber!

Little hearts down made it to the first pitch belay those bolts were fun to find in the dark but pretty nice actually started seeing the wall come into view it’s hard to pull her up there with one hand all right made it to the second anchor it’s definitely getting lighter there’s the big tower and then there’s the top there’s the last pitch glenn’s coming up we’re

Leading in blocks so i’m taking the first three using the second three and then we’re gonna keep on switching sunrise over las vegas right there and deep inside black velvet all right okay top of the third pitch now they say edge it the chimney uh when the crack narrows but you actually want to exit about five or seven feet before that so i had to do a little bit

Of down climbing this ends at the base of the chimneys one should knee pitch left to go only one that’s where we came from all the chimneys so if you ever find yourself repelling off of epinephrine just be sure not to use that thread right there that’s deep inside the chimney i know how you would get there here we go moving on to the face there’s the elephant’s

Trunk going down our anchor looks kind of interesting we came up from the tower just down there actually really fun five seven just climbing okay so there’s glenn climbing up the elephant’s trunk that face right there it’s a five nine really fun to climb also really interesting gear placements that number two right there yeah really fun face climbing okay here’s

The top and one of the or the first five seven pitch it’s a real long one so it’s kind of a calf burner after going through so much other rock but we’re starting to get really good views and there’s vegas out there in the distance there’s a parking lot whiskey peak over there is some other feature i don’t remember the name of right now and uh hopefully we’ll be

In the shade soon as the sun’s getting kind of hot okay over there is where we finished up all the real kitchen cactus scrambled up came here scrambled up just followed the clean rock without the moss through the tunnel you have this really nice path and then this final fourth class where you say you walk up to the finish tree then black velvet peak is up there

Oh yeah quite a little slab of dabble move a little slab-a-dab part of the descent from epinephrine black velvet wall now do a cartwheel ramp going up is quite a fall so don’t fall it’s a little third class ramp and you even get a cairn i don’t know if you can see it but you even get a karen on top right there and there’s the finish tree top of black velvet

Peak just finished epinephrine that is the raw guy that is the vegas scene we got the true summit right over here so we’re going to cross this ridge right here and so we descend and come up to the peak then we go right along the ridge and right along here and then drop down out there a little bit of work to go not a bad day it’s uh just before one okay so this

We are descending toward whiskey peak from the top of black velvet peak we are coming down from epinephrine you just send a bunch of these slabs kind of following cairns it’s a hard left so you kind of have to look for it as you’re descending these small climbers trails just keep looking for cairns that’ll take you down this way a bit of short pitching down this

Way so it could take a while with clients and then this is what you’re aiming for this right here is the summit of whiskey peak and looking careful you can see karen in there i’m coming down and we’re going to hit this gully here and then descend this gully which is the descent for both whiskey peak and for black velvet peak so make sure to keep looking left

And foul karen’s hard left about how it feels like halfway down from the summit of black velvet

Transcribed from video
Epinephrine By Ryan Tilley