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Episode 23 — Women’s Health Wednesday: Osteoporosis Month

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May is National Osteoporosis Month where the aim is to promote good bone health through the prevention, detection and treatment of osteoporosis. Did you know that, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, about half of all women and a quarter of all men over age 50 will break a bone in their lifetime because of osteoporosis? Did you also know that 2-time Oscar-winning actress, Sally Field, has been a spokesperson for osteoporosis awareness after being diagnosed with the disease in 2005? Tune and learn more about screening, treatment as well as racial disparities, and how YOU can get involved!

Hello there, i’m dr. lipi roy, and welcome to  my show, health, humor and harmony! on today’s   women’s health wednesday, i’ll be discussing may  as national osteoporosis month where the aim is to   detection and treatment of osteoporosis.   about half of all women and a quarter of all  men over age 50 will break a bone in

Their   lifetime because of osteoporosis? and did you know  that 2-time oscar-winning actress, sally field,   has been a spokesperson for osteoporosis awareness  after being diagnosed with the disease in 2005?  so, what is osteoporosis? it’s a disease that  weakens bones and increases the risk of sudden   “porous bones”

– Viewed under a microscope,   osteoporotic bones have lost density or  who gets osteoporosis? according to the cleveland  clinic, about 200 million people across the globe   human services’ office of women’s health   reports that osteoporosis affects ~10 million  people in the u.s., among whom 80% are women.  

Women are 4x more likely to develop the disease  than men. after age 50, 1 in 2 women and 1 in   fracture in their lifetime. another 30%   have low bone density, known as osteopenia, which  increases the risk of developing osteoporosis.   although black women are less likely to get   women usually have smaller, thinner

And less dense  bones than men. women often live longer than men.   women also undergo rapid bone loss in the first 10  years after entering menopause because of a drop   in estrogen, which is a hormone that protects  bone density. i cannot overestimate the harms   breaking her hip is equal to her combined risk of  

Breast, ovarian and uterine (or endometrial) cancers. so, what are the symptoms of osteoporosis?   at times, there are no symptoms; that’s why –  like high blood pressure – osteoporosis is sometimes called   occur, they can include bone fractures;   shorter); change in posture (such as bending   forward); low back pain;

And shortness of breath  because ribs can’t fully expand during exhalation   a dexa scan is an x-ray that uses low levels  of radiation to measure bone mineral density   fracture such as the spine, hip and wrist.   scan, or earlier if they have risk factors.   how is osteoporosis treated? the  1. proper nutrition –

Lots  of fruits and vegetables,   as well as calcium, vitamin d and protein can decrease your risk of osteoporosis 2. exercise – it builds muscle mass and   strength and improves coordination and balance,  3. lifestyle changes – avoid tobacco, drink  in moderation and get regular medical checkups  fractures, e.g. wearing shoes

With good rubber soles,   medicines to treat osteoporosis include  bisphosphonates like ibandronate (boniva)   estrogen and hormone therapy; and parathyroid  hormone analog like teriparatide (or forteo) which   increases bone mass in men and postmenopausal  women who are at high risk for getting fractures  how can you get

Involved? you can sign up for a  clinical trial. you can learn more about the risk   treatment options for osteoporosis, then share this   important health information with your family and  community. remember – knowledge is power! you can   in osteoporosis screening and treatment.   any number of organizations including

The bone   health and osteoporosis foundation, the american  society for bone and mineral research, the   national council on aging, the american college  of rheumatology, the national institute on aging,   global healthy living foundation, as well as many more amazing organizations.  day…bone-theme! why are ribcages bad at 

Lying? … you can see right through them!!   thank you for tuning in. be sure to join my show this friday 3pm eastern when  and fitness. be sure to subscribe to my  youtube channel and follow my instagram   be well. i’ll see you soon!

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