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ERYTHROMYCIN EYE OINTMENT (ophthalmic product)

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Today i’m going to present aerotromicine ointment which we use it on ice so firstly autonomy atromacy is used to treat in fashion of the eyes then it was in the class of medication called microlight intimidating it was by killing bacteria that caused infection so type of product erythromycin is after my ultimate product is is ion moon so for the generic name we

Call erythromycin for brain name we call elotizine so these are the examples of the product so for the ingredient each gram containing thromycin usp5mg in a streamlight of the meat based of mineral oil and white petroleum petrolatum indication for the treatment of superficial ocular infection involving the conductive and coronary cause by organism susceptible

To aerothromycin so mechanism of action is stop bacterial protein synthesis by inhibiting the transplantation step of protein synthesis and by inhibiting the assembly of 550 as ribosomal subunit there is result in the control of various bacterial infections so for the adverse effect we have 6 which is the first one is minor eyes irritation stinging burning

Redness temporary blood vision or hypersensitivity eye ointments i get asked how to use these on a daily basis and i think it’s the word ointment that confuses people so this week’s video is all about how to use an eyeliner and at the end of it i promise you you’ll be a pro you’ll be a pro as always thank you for all the support and please like share and tag

Friends will find this information useful so here’s my eye opener it’s just a lubricating one which i’ll be using to demonstrate with but make sure to watch the full video because there’s more to it than just applying it first wash your hands with warm soapy water you’re about to touch around your eye and the last thing you want is an eye infection then remove the

Cap otherwise nothing will come out sit or stand in front of a mirror tilt your head back and pull your lower eyelid down using your index finger to form a pocket and now observe squeeze gently to release a thin line of ointment along the inside of the lower eyelid without touching the eye give the tube a little twist at the end to cut the oil your ointment will

Be much thicker than my example but the technique is as shown now close your eye for about 30 seconds to a minute then blink a few times to spread the ointment around the inside of the eye then recap and store and now that you know the basics here are some important tips about eye ointments tip number one if you’re using eye drops and eye ointments first use your

Eye drop and then wait five minutes and afterwards use your eye ointment if you do it the other way around and use your ointment first when you put the eye drop in it won’t absorb into the eye properly and it’ll just flow down your puncture tip number two if you’re using more than one eye ointment use your first one and then wait at least 30 minutes before applying

Your next one tip three don’t let the tip of the eye open touch the eye hands or any of the surfaces this will keep it free from bacteria and any other germ tip four eye openers have preservatives but they only keep for a limited amount of time once they’ve been opened it’s usually about four weeks but always check the information leaflet for clarification so right

Today you opened it either on the box or on the tube and don’t use it after the recommended time because you’re at risk of getting an eye infection eye ointments are thick so when it sticks to your eye it can cause temporary blurred vision so make sure not to drive or operate any heavy machinery until it wears off to reduce this blink several times after you apply

And don’t rub your eye tip number six don’t wear contact lenses whilst you’re using eye ointment unless advised otherwise because some of the ingredients and preservatives can accumulate in soft lenses and may cause damage and that’s it for this week’s video if you know anyone who uses an eye ointment or eye drops please tag them into this video as they may find

This information useful hey guys thanks for watching if you haven’t already hit that follow or subscribe button now to get more videos i get asked how to use these probably and we continue for precautions level so we have four which is before using intramycin tell your doctor of pharmacies if you are allergic to it and the second one before using this medication

Tell your daughter or pharmacy your medical history experience of contact lens user it’s possible that this medication will momentarily blur your eyesight after you use it driving using machinery machinery or engaging engaging in any other activity recovery requiring sharp vision should be avoided until you are certain you can do safely this drug should only be

Taken during currency if absolutely necessary describe the advantage and disadvantage to your doctor so it is for the storage how we storage the information keep this medication in the container it came in and then tightly closed and out of reach of children store in a room’s temperature and do not freeze it so for the packaging we the from is i online the pkg

Is collapsible till so this is my reference i think that’s all from me thank you

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