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Erythromycin Part 3

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Erythromycin is one of the three macrolide antibiotics (the other two being clarithromycin and azithromycin).

So next we’re going to discuss the second of the two major chronic skin conditions that or other refre maizing can be used to treat and that is rosacea now rosacea is another extremely common skin condition however it’s much less famous than acne most people know what acne is and they can diagnose it so normally an ordinary person can go to the supermarket they can

See someone with acne and they know immediately what that person has got wrong with them rosacea on the other hand is a condition that most people don’t know what it is and wouldn’t be able to diagnose someone with in the supermarket however he is a very common skin condition and once you know what it is if you go to the supermarket you will see people with this

Condition especially if you live in a country with a lot of caucasian people because it’s particularly common and also particularly obvious in caucasian people so rosacea is a skin condition of the face and it is a skin condition that causes the skin of the face to be red all the time so if you go to the supermarket you will see individuals who have very red faces

And it is likely that the skin condition that is causing that is rosacea so next time you go to the supermarket and you do see these individuals with red faces you can be thinking to yourself i probably know the name for that skin condition it is probably rosacea now there are other skin conditions apart from rosacea that cause people to have a red face one of the

Key differentials would be a condition called kprs which stands for keratosis pilaris rubra facie eye now this is a form of keratosis pilaris which is another disorder of the hair follicles and it’s a disorder where the skin the boundaries of the hair follicles overgrows and seals up the hair follicles so i’ll just draw a picture of this so here is a picture of the

Skin again so we have our epidermis the dermis below and we have a hair follicle here so in people with carrot oh is polaris what happens is the skin the epidermis year over grows and if you imagine this bulging out like this and then the same thing happening on this side and actually the two opposing sides here of the hair follicle the two opposing boundaries

They come close together and actually seal over the hair for the course you actually get the epidermis growing over the hair follicle and sealing it up that’s what happens in individuals with keratosis pilaris now what can then happen is these hair follicles that are clogged up by the epidermis they can also become inflamed and you can get little red bumps and

Then keratosis pilaris rubra facing i what happens is this process occurs on the hair follicles on the cheeks of the face so you get loads of little tiny little red bumps on the cheeks of the face and because the hair follicles are so close to one another and these little red bumps look confluent so it looks as though it’s just one confluent area of redness so

If you don’t know what this condition is google it look at the pictures and also look at the pictures of rosacea and compare and contrast them they look very different and actually the way i would describe the appearance of rosacea is it looks as though the individual is sunburnt all the time although they’re not sunburned so obviously if an individual has just

Got too much sun and they are sunburned then the diagnosis for their red faces that they’ve got sunburn however an individual with rosacea they look as though they are sunburned all the time but they haven’t been out in the sun they’re not sunburned that’s how you can really tell this condition apart from other conditions that cause facial redness if you look at

The pictures on the internet of what keratosis pilaris rubra face yeah looks like it doesn’t look like the individuals or sunburned it looks very different the redness is limited to the cheek area the nose and the skin around the mouth are spared there normally a normal skin color the skin of the forehead is normally spared as well so these individuals with kay

Prf they usually just have very red looking cheeks and if you look in detail what the cause of this redness is you’ll see that it’s got that they’ve got loads of tiny little red butt on their cheeks and by the way these inflamed red bumps these inflamed red hair for the causing kay prf and much smaller areas of inflammation than you get in acne so the little red

Bumps that are the inflamed hair for cause it’s much smaller amount of inflammation compared to a great big spot of acne so that’s why when you look for without looking in detail it doesn’t even look as though the bumps are there it looks as though they’ve just got red cheeks but actually when you’re looking detail you see that it’s loads of little red bumps so

It looks very different to rosacea where actually the nose and the skin around the mouth are usually often the worst affected parts of by the redness which is more classic of sunburn because again in sunburn usually the nose is the worst affected area because it’s the bit that isn’t protected by the hair as much is the bit that sticks out and is most at risk of

Getting zapped by the sun’s rays now unlike acne and keratosis pilaris rubra facie i wear what is going wrong is reasonably understood rosacea we still don’t really have a clue why individuals have this so when these people have these red faces which is rosacea we don’t understand why it’s happened scientists still aren’t there we don’t know why it occurs however

Even though we don’t know what causes rosacea we do know that oral antibiotics are effective at treating it again like in acne a rifra micing wouldn’t be the first line treatment for rosacea instead you would start off with a tetracycline antibiotic again often line cycling to take lines like them once a day for months potentially even years to treat this facial

Redness if that doesn’t work then it can be changed to a rifra meissen 500 milligrams twice daily again which can be taken from months to potentially years and oral antibiotics in hugely are effective at reducing if not getting rid of the redness of rosacea sometimes they won’t be effective some individuals will take them and won’t get any improvement whatsoever

But other individuals will take them and it all improve and cause of the fact that all antibiotics are effective many people suspect that rosacea may be some sort of infection that we don’t yet understand within the skin so overall to summarize this discussion when you see an individual who is affected by a chronically red face and the redness is in the pattern

Of sunburn if that individual isn’t sunburned then the diagnosis is unlikely rosacea this is a skin condition that is not well understood at all we don’t understand why these individuals have this chronic facial redness however what we do know is that it can effectively be treated with antibiotic in many cases and a rifra maizing is one of the antibiotics that

Can be used to treat it again it would not be the first line treatment tetracyclines would be the first line treatment and then if those don’t work then it would be a rifra meissen and actually even before tetracyclines again you often would try topical antibiotics first and then if those don’t work go on to oral antibiotics so we’ll end the video there thank you

For watching i hope you’ve learned something and i do suggest that if you aren’t familiar with what these skin conditions are do look up pictures of what they look like on google this one looks very different to this one this one is usually considered quite an attractive skin condition as skin conditions go because it gives people that flushed cheek healthy look

Which people often seek by putting makeup on their cheeks whereas this one is considered less attractive because it gives you a red nose and it makes you look as though you’re sunburnt all the time so they do look very different so do look up pictures of what they look like and contrast them and you’ll see that most people that you see with a red face especially

The older people with a red face it’s going to be this one rather than this one

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Erythromycin Part 3 By Elliot Nicholson