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Very well chances really hurt and call for a lot i still feel right oh maybe we should go see dr. buck dog oh yeah dad i’ll let you know what doc says hey doc okay nick what’s up you know i’m feeling very well lately you know a lot of congestion in my chest area trouble breathing coughing a lot a lot of funds coming up dad said covered and see you so all right

So we’re gonna run some tests hello nick i’ve got the results of your test here it appears that you have a respiratory infection that’s no no it’s not it’s not at all so we’re gonna prescribe you erythromycin to help treat for this upper respiratory infection all right myosin kid we’re gonna you’re going to take it orally with food okay all right it can be

Administered through iv or as a topical cream but i’m gonna be taking this before you take it orally like you’re gonna be taking it 500 milligrams of it every 12 hours i could give you 200 milligrams every six hours but i think the five hundreds going to be a better route and if you were a young child i would give you three thirty to fifty milligrams per day in

Intervals all right it’s classified as a microlight antibiotic zmax and by oxen are two examples of microlight antibiotics that make up the mechanism of action the mechanism of action inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding to bacterial 50s ribosomal subunits binding inhibits peptidyl transferase activity and interferes with translocation of amino acids

During translation and assembly of protein so yesterday one of the drugs such as the read-through madison what are they used well erythromycin is used when people to treat infections and prevent people from having infections all right that’s what we call an indication for use that would be my case correct yes and the reef times we don’t use erythromycin are when

People are hypersensitive they have a fructose intolerance they have a glucose galactose malabsorption problems or sir case isil mouth face problems do you have any of these conditions or problems i have none of those luckily but uh what are the side effects that i could experience this drug i can tell you some of those some of the side effects and adverse effects

Of this drug are anaphylaxis deafness diarrhea cardiac arrhythmia but that’s rare that’s a rare side v – that’s been nausea vomiting and abdominal discover super infections including pseudomembranous colitis have been occasionally reported to occur in association with erythromycin therapy pancreatitis liver and skin issues have also been reported so nate are you

Currently on any other medications that’s good because this drug interacts with a whole bunch of other drugs such as a stim is all the mesial pride and musn’t last team all right now i’m gonna give you packet that’s going to explain everything you need to know about this drugs is gonna have all the side effects on it and every drug that interacts with okay then

It’s also gonna have some trade names and some generic names on here okay here you go and like i said take orally with food take 500 milligrams every 12 hours okay it says it right here right doc yes that’s right right there all the information he needs in the package just like i said thank you doc you’re welcome if you have any problems just call me yeah i’ll

Have my dad set up an appointment – yeah there’s a couple weeks yes all right thanks doctor thank you for all you health care providers out there you need to be aware of the herbs of medicines maker patients making because it will increase the likelihood of adverse effects due to the fact that is excreted much more slower you need make sure the patients know take

It orally with 16 ounces of water food every and ivs can be given without regards to some other fun facts for you pregnancy you can’t give it to anybody who is pregnant because they cross some crosses the placental barrier and it is excreted in breast nom so don’t breastfeed while you’re honest it’s you slip off used less often due to the antimicrobial resistance

It is known as the grandfather drug in this category and it’s used quite often 20 years ago

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Erythromycin By novak14burner