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Estrogen Modulating Drugs Visual Mnemonic

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Here I use a visual mnemonic to discuss major Estrogen modulating drugs namely: SERMs, aromatase inhibitors, and leuprolide

Hey guys in this video we’re gonna talk about estrogen modulating drugs so specifically we’re going to talk about sam’s aromatase inhibitors and lastly looper lied speaking of our alma’s jeez what is that stink looks like this examiner showed up to clinic but and he hasn’t taking a shower and maybe forever who’s that oh yeah anna she’s in the clinic and she’s getting

Harassed by these osteoclast classmates oh what a pain he’s heading back i don’t know that guy that eccentric fresh frenchman also known as new professor ned or the pro looks like he’s shown to work late again what’s going on in the front there the religious riot they should own up to do a little sermon let this sermon remind you of the sermon also known as the

Selective estrogen receptor modulators now in this video we’re going to talk about three major serums specifically when i talk about tamoxifen relax fen and klonopin so notice three all have the same sort of ending is defend suffix so let this fence remind you of that send fen phen suffix of these arms and let these mocking kids remind you of tamoxifen so they’re

Mocking behind this tan fence tan mocking dance tamoxifen toward the more notice that this fence is holding back these osteoclast classmates from antagonizing these people are trying to enter the clinic and that’s on both sides so we see this fence holding back this crazy osteoclast classmate notice there’s bones on the ground and also to signify this osteoclast

Action so this is a reminder that these serums have both tamoxifen and raloxifene have an estrogenic effect in bomb that is to say that they are they block the development of osteoclast ik precursors over here on the tamoxifen side we see that these guys are protesting with looks like a red uterine structure tamoxifen has an estrogenic effect in a meter of tissue

So it seems like these guys are the pro-life guys because they want that endometrial tissue to proliferate give support life on the other side we can see this empty uterus and that’s to signify that raloxifene has an anti estrogen effect on antimaterial tissue as you say it doesn’t cause proliferation of endometrial tissue here’s this kid and tag 9 yana raloxifene

Has an anti isogenic effect in breast tissue signified by this kid grabbing and stroller these suggestive wills of breast tissue on the other side we also see some antagonism so this crab-like glove is to remind us that tamoxifen is used to treat breast cancer as a first line agent but it also carries a risk of inducing cancer due to its fashion genic effect in

Other tissues such as in the uterus as we discussed let this relax sign over here on the relaxation side remind you of the drug itself relax fen and it is used to treat osteoporosis so see just like in the video at the museum we had this relaxed event sign holding back this osteoclast classmate from getting around the fence and maybe breaking some of these bones

Due to his enraged politic let this last sam drug calm offend you represented by this girl forming the clumps here in the back a compound is used to induce ovulation so that would be in people with an end of the latorre state and that’s represented by this sort of ovarian like dirt patch and these clumps come some sort of dirt that she’s formed to represent and

What this clump that she’s thrown at the professional or the pro represent the mode of action of clomiphene is in the hypothalamus so his arm here is supposed to represent a hypothalamus with his bag being a pituitary like structure now works is it basically causes an antagonistic effect in hypothalamus that’s causing the body to not essentially see the effective

Estrogen concentration thereby causing more estrogen to be released through this hypothalamic pituitary axis so by blocking the unit rope and releasing hormone receptors for estrogen you effectively increase fsh and lh causing further increase in serum estrogen but this examiner stank remind you of the drug exam a stain next let this lady ana with the stroller

Remind you of a nest result let and a stroller with the alphabet pattern remind you of electrum soul and all three of these drugs exam a stain letrozole and a mr. zall are all aromatase inhibitors which is why they’re in this aroma cloud trying to sort of lock out that stink you see the examiner is effectively using his clothing pin on his nose to be an aromatase

Inhibitor so this reminds us that exam is stain is in fact aroma to an aromatase inhibitor and is also using a similar pin on the nose technique reminding us that a nest result is also an aromatase inhibitor now lastly we have electra’s old so this stroller hood is shielding the baby and so it’s a reminder that letrozole is also an aromatase inhibitor so three

Aromatase inhibitors in this in this video examine a stain an astral drizzle so i know with their stroller and letrozole so let letters on the stroller now let this pink ribbon and anna’s hair remind us of aromatase inhibitors blocking estrogen synthesis because aroma chase is the last step in estrogen synthesis and so for this reason aromatase inhibitors can be

Used to treat breast cancer remember this is similar to tamoxifen which is also used to treat breast cancer and that was depicted by describe like gloved and grabbing out on his hand and antagonizing her symbolic of tamoxifen and mystic effect in breast tissue now over here on the far end we see that someone’s shut down the their sign in the grass and it says the

Pro lied so it seems like they’re upset about how the professional has been lying to both the clinic in the public so let me sign loop role i’d remind you the pro lied remind you of loop relied over to the professional here you see he’s clutching his back and he’s getting hit by one of those cloth of dirt so let him clutching at his bag remind you that loop real

Id is a kinetic trophy releasing hormone analog so it’s going to bind a block at the receptors thereby acting as a blockade on fsh and lh and for this reason the proline can be used to treat prostate cancer in addition to that it can be used to treat breast cancer so notice that he’s using this white bull in a similar manner as these guys using their clothing pin

In order to block the aroma however blue light is not an aroma taste drug um but it can be used similar to aroma taste drugs to treat breast cancer so again let that white bulb be a reminder of prostate cancer being treated with loop relied now on to some side effects if we zoom in here on this protester on the relax relax of inside we can see that he’s got this

Ironic caution don’t talk touch because hot cĂ­mon t-shirt and he seems to be really angry and hot over this teacher telling him to relax so let this be a reminder that some drugs cause this sort of menopausal mimicking effects of hot flashes and other disturbances and these disturbances are going to be noted by these clumps of dirt hitting this relaxed teacher on

The head reminding us of headaches on the muscle reminders of myalgia and on this joint reminding us of arthritic pains and lastly this clumps have ended up knocking down her glasses and so we remember there’s also a visual disturbances i believe that should be it just to summarize let me get this screen out so to summarize we had these same drugs they are effective

In different tissues and they have different effects on depending on that tissue so some of those effects being caster genic and some of those effects being anti isogenic so remember this 10 fence with the kids mocking behind it and reminds us of tamoxifen and its effects were astir genic with respect to bone that is this offense protects these people from getting

Their bones broken by these crazy kids second and in the metro tissue it’s estrogenic in that it causes in support proliferation of that endometrium and in breast tissue it’s antagonistic whereas anti estrogen ik causing not causing any i should or at least not causing as any significant estrogenic effects and for that reason being used as a first-line agent for

Breast cancer on the other hand we had relax offend which had a similar estrogenic effect in bone that is to say this fence blocks this osteoclast classmates from coming by and breaking these people’s bones with his hot politics however an endometrial tissue we had the opposite effect so it’s a so-called anti estrogen ik effect and demetrio tissue but having a similar

Effect in breast tissue raloxifene is used to treat postmenopausal osteoporosis next we had the we had one more sam drug and that was the clone 15 which was used to treat and ovulation and remember from this claude what the mechanism of action was on the hypothalamus then we had the estrogen the excuse me the aromatize drugs those being the exam a stain letrozole and

An astra’s all being used to treat breast cancer then lastly we had the pro or new professional representing lu provide and all of his lies are being protested to here on the lawn remember liberal light can be used to treat prostate cancer and due to its effect on both testosterone and estrogen it can be used to treat breast cancer that’s all thanks for watching guys have a great day

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Estrogen Modulating Drugs Visual Mnemonic By Clifford Sondrup