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Estrogen, Mood Swings & Menopause Connection Dr. Berg

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Hi guys in this video we’re going to talk about estrogen your mood and menopause and a lot of other things connected to the menstrual cycle okay now here’s the problem a lot of the symptoms for high estrogen or estrogen dominance are very similar to low estrogen so when you do research in the area of estrogen you’re gonna find a tremendous amount of unknowns

Complexities and confusions so as we go through this i’m gonna point out the things that we definitely know for sure and then i’ll show you what i’m going to recommend so when people talk about estrogen there’s not just one estrogen there’s actually three different types of estrogen and they all have slightly different purposes you have estradiol estriol and s

Jerome okay when you’re pregnant you’re primarily using estriol which is anti-inflammatory as anti-cancer and it has a lot of other properties but when you’re in menopause you’re primarily using s drone okay and this is the one that increases your risk for certain types of cancer but typically when you’re not pregnant and when you’re menopause the primary estrogen

Would be estradiol but you also are producing these as well so realize that your adrenal glands also make the three estrogens as well and when you go through menopause they do help to supply the lack of estrogens that the ovaries make and so if you’re going into menopause and the adrenal glands are weak then you could start seeing all sorts of symptoms because the

Adrenals cannot back up these ovaries so therefore you’re going to end up with low levels of certain hormones and high levels of other hormones and this can create night sweats hot flashes bone loss and a whole series of other events we do know in certain studies that when you’re depressed you do have a lower amount of estrogen but this can occur at the first

Part of menstruation it can also occur at other points during the cycle of hormones in a given month and what can also occur during menopause so there’s certain times where estrogen goes down and then also to make things more complex you can have progesterone being dropping out too far giving this relative higher level of estrogen even though estrogen goes down

The ratios are going to be off making the pier that estrogen is too high when it’s too low and you can also get depression and anxiety if the estrogen is too high there’s a certain structure in your brain called the amygdala and the amygdala is the part of the brain that has the most estrogen receptors and that little gland is responsible for all sorts of things

Related to stress it can affect your mood and put you in a state of anxiety and worry and doom and gloom so estrogen has a huge effect over your mood and your cognitive state so when someone takes birth control pills which is mainly synthetic estradiol it’s basically convincing the hypothalamus kind of like the master gland in your brain that you’re pregnant and you

Don’t need to are you late okay so with that comes a lot of other complications increased risk for blood clots stroke headaches and the list goes on and on if you compile that by consuming a lot of foods that are not organic and smoking and going through stress you can really set yourself up for a lot of problems not to mention golf stones and gallbladder disease

Now if you’re female the most important thing that you can do to help balance estrogen would be to avoid commercial foods that contain hormones and i’m talking about dairy that’s at the top of the list like like milk commercial milk not good because the amount of hormones in that milk is pretty high now the next worst thing would be commercial meats so you want

To make sure that your meats in your dairy and even your vegetables are mainly organic okay and also consume a good amount of cruciferous vegetables to clean these endocrine disruptors or estrogen mimickers and other hormones out of the liver and out of the body now your liver make certain enzymes to help you balance estrogen so if there’s too much your liver will

Detoxify that excess the same thing with your gut the gut has a very important purpose in making sure that there’s not too much estrogen in the body so if you have a fatty liver okay if you have liver damage if you have a problem with your digestive system where you don’t have enough good bacteria and too much of the unfriendly bacteria this is where you can have

A problem with an overload of estrogen in the system and that can link to a whole bunch of other problems including suppression of the thyroid gland so high levels of estrogen can inhibit the thyroid function and then when the thyroid is low as in hypothyroidism that can also affect your livers ability to get rid of estrogen your metabolism alright so that being

Said there’s a couple things that you need to focus on number one go organic as much as possible of course do keto and intermittent fasting because that way you can reduce the sugar effect and the insulin effect and just make sure it’s high quality and make sure you do organic lots of cruciferous vegetables now avoid dairy if you have problems with your menstrual

Cycle or you have too much estrogen however for most people if they do grass-fed dairy it’s going to be okay but i would definitely not recommend the milk or yogurt now out of all the nutrients iodine is very very important in regulating estrogen it helps to balance estrogen by lowering the bad and increasing the good you can get that in seek help or seafood okay

The other mineral that’s very important in menopause is boron boron is really essential to help balance estrogen and it’s really good for women that are going through menopause and i would recommend it if you experiencing irritability or depression take some boron and i think you’ll actually feel a lot better because that’s kind of like the missing element so the

Combination of iodine and boron is very very important and then again the cruciferous the kale the broccoli the brussels sprouts there is a product that i use called estrogen balance that you might want to look at it has something called dim which is a concentrated cruciferous so one pill is equivalent to two pounds of cruciferous so in this product that put a lot

Of factors to help balance estrogen whether it’s too high or too low so i hope this video wasn’t too confusing because there’s so many complexities when you deal with the endocrine system especially with estrogen and so many unknowns but i do know going organic is going to be very very essential to protecting yourself in the future against the harmful effects of

Estrogen thanks for watching hey you know what i just want to say thank you for watching these videos you made it this far i appreciate your attention and your precious time

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Estrogen, Mood Swings & Menopause Connection – Dr. Berg By Dr. Eric Berg DC