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In this episode, I discuss a medication known as eszopiclone (Lunesta).

Everybody welcome back to drug talk is always in your host garrett campbell today we’re going to discuss the medication known as estaba clone it’s brand name is lunesta now before i talk about the medication itself just keep in mind that this channel is for information purposes only and not to be used as a source for recommendations for your personal health care

Less topic loan is a non benzodiazepine hypnotic whose exact mechanism of action is unknown it’s believed that it achieves its action through binding to the gaba receptor complex in terms of indications for use as zopiclone has indicated to be used in the treatment of insomnia now before somebody wants to use this medication there are some contraindications that

They must clear as well as some precautions and warnings that they should be made aware of if somebody has a hypersensitivity – as zopiclone or any other component of the product they would not be able to use this medication this medication would also be contraindicated in patients who have experienced complex sleep behaviors in the past after using estaba cone

Zella blonde or zolpidem in terms of precautions this medication is on the biers criteria which is a list of medication of the elderly population should either avoid or use cautiously we want to avoid giving this medication to the elderly population as there’s minimal improvement in sleep latency it would also be an increased risk of experiencing adverse effects

Similar to benzodiazepines such as delirium dementia cognitive impairment and falls and in this population falls may lead to fractures patient should avoid using alcohol with this medication as there may be a cumulative cns depressant effect patients who use this medication would be an increased risk of experiencing cns depression if patients have severe hepatic

Or liver impairment while using this medication they must adjust their dose they should be made aware that angioedema and anaphylactic reactions have occurred complex sleep related behaviors have been reported such as making food while asleep and making phone calls while asleep these events were to occur patients typically do not remember them abnormal thinking

And behavioral changes such as agitation or aggression may occur patients with depression who use this medication may experience a worsening of depression and sometimes they may experience a suicidal thoughts and finally abrupt discontinuation or withdrawal of this medication may produce withdrawal symptoms so the medication should be stopped slowly now once

A patient has cleared the contraindications and is made aware of the precautions and warnings and they start to use a sawbuck loan they can expect to receive their dose orally as this medication is available as a tablet if somebody is using this medication to treat insomnia they would typically start off with a dose of 1 milligram taken immediately before bed

After time they may increase their dose to 2 or 3 milligrams and 3 milligrams would be the maximum dose now as with all medications there are some side effects or adverse reactions the patients may experience while using a sabra clone so i’ll go over some of those here now 8 to 34 percent of patients may experience a disorder of taste vomiting occurs 3 percent of

The time dizziness can happen up to 7 percent of the time and headache may happen up to 21% of the time 1% of patients may experience a migraine and 5 to 10 percent of patients may experience a respiratory tract infection now it’s the more rare but serious side effects would be complex sleep behaviors or angioedema that’s all we’re going to talk about today with

Estaba clone or lunesta as always i’m very thankful you took the time to come by and watch one of my videos if you found the information valuable and you’d like to help grow this channel you can like the videos share the videos or most importantly subscribe to the youtube channel there’s also some links in the description you can check it as well the different today take care you

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