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Hello my name is amanda faygo and i’m here to talk to you about attorney sept 14 and antagonist the chiller step is an effective drug we should treat many autoimmune diseases several studies have shown that it significantly reduces the progression and symptoms of juvenile arthritis ankylosing spondylitis and particularly with matata letters my objective today

Is to explain to you the mechanism of action of a genesect our first week we begin by explaining the roles tnf has in the body because there is no con cure for these rhythmic diseases the usual treatment option can support pharmaceuticals consisting of launched oral anti-inflammatory drugs such as an oxy can the password and finally once tolerance is reached

Disease-modifying antirheumatic agents such as clinical steroids or administrator however recent advancement into understanding the pathophysiology of inflammation has led scientists to discover the role science such a pines have in the infinitary process now again set itself the world health organization described cytokines as signaling protein molecules used for

Self communication it mediates and regulates immunity inflammation and future places recently scientists have been able to develop biological medication that are able to bind to the specific cytokines which can note the infinitary process these cytokines are also known as pro-inflammatory cytokines now tumor necrosis factor or tnf is a family of 12 inflammatory

Cytokines thought to be produced by macrophages monocytes and even adipose tissue the first two to be identified 14 f alpha and tina beta tnf alpha plays a more vital role in the incremental kosis tnf alpha are thought to play key roles in joint destruction by increasing secretion of their mental metalloproteinase enzymes which together with other proteolytic enzymes

The destruction of chondrocytes which leads to cartilage degradation which will eventually lead to joint space narrowing now tnf-alpha also increases activity of osteoclasts which therefore increases bone reabsorption which may lead to bone erosion tip alpha also finally transform synovial sites in the articular joint which creates particular information which

Really may which will eventually lead to joint pain and swelling now articular information is also related to college degradation and bone reabsorption now do not be overwhelmed by this graph but this drop basically shows of the pathological world’s tnf plays and other cells tniv intellectually in the body now on the very left of the graph you can see tnf here

And a binds instructed all these other cells for example on the top it instructed macrophages which increases again pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines which will the increase information and this circular motion here is the main octo pathophysiology pathological not a physiological effect of these autoimmune diseases because for the natural diseases because

It’s the accumulation and plate proliferation of these white immune cells which creates which increases information just a circular process now tnf alpha also binds to the parasites which will eventually increase the crp of a serum now see how p stands for c the active protein and this compounds the c reactive protein is what is used to measure information in the

Body which is what doctors used to measure information in the body now kent alpha also finally binds to a keratinocytes which processes skin thickening now there are two distinct cell receptors for – an f there is the 5500 dalton protein and the 75 kilo dalton protein also known as p 55 and p 75 as you can see here you can see the tnf receptors p55 at p 75 and

It initiates tnf effects once it’s bound to the on the specific cell as an example its tnf alpha binds to these cell receptors it will initiate its effect as a pro-inflammatory cytokine and it’s affected and initiate its many pathological roles mentioned previously now intercept here and this diagram here as you can see on the left is a protein consisting of two

Identical p75 receptors fused in the fragment crystallizable portion of this of the human and the globin now the hemoglobin is the basic structure of an antibody with this fragment crystal on the reflection it’s their structure the antibody in the body now this is extra hemoglobin it increases atenas of half-life in the body now this specialized structure enables

Most notably there’s p simplify receptors enables it to bind to clearly prevent it from binding to surface cell receptors convicting it’s from inflammatory effects rendering it biologically inactive now in turn acept is subcutaneously injected twice weekly with 25 milligram doses or once we agree with the 15 milligram dose it is slowly absorbed by the body with a

Peak plasma concentration after 48 hours and a bioavailability of 76 percent now this bioavailability of 76 percent it means if the amount of therapeutic effect it has on the body which means the semi 6% therapeutic effect the highest it simply a good tip that she summarized at aricept is 18 the antagonist therefore it prevents the binding of tnf to surface cell

Receptors now the discovery of tnf antagonist revolutionize treatment for patients suffering autoimmune diseases and liver diseases – it previously prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and disease modifying and tina angels know to have up to some tiny little benefit and dangerous side effects now my presentation has discussed and described the rose tnf

Esma body and described the mechanism of action and have a pitch intercept and how he instructed t&f thank you and a side note the biological mother quotation of h in a sec how it was biologically engineered was by using ovaries for the chinese hamster there’s your references

Transcribed from video
Etanercept By Armando Hasudungan