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Ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone Pharm

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Hi guys my name is sonia and i’m gonna be going over ethanol estradiol and no arrests and wrong with you guys today so as many of us already know but ethanol estradiol and nora syndrome is a birth control oral contraceptive some brand names underneath ethanol estradiol and neurath and ron are low last strand fe s true step fe and nakhon what is birth control use for

Birth control helps is used for preventing pregnancies of regulating periods regulating blood loss and periods which can also help with iron deficiency anemia birth control can also reduce period cramps and can also protect females from endometrial and / ovarian cancer also birth control can help with the management of acne so how does birth control work ethanol

Estradiol and nor thin drone is a combination pill that contains female hormones that prevent the release of an egg into an ovary the combination pill works by thickening the mucus of the end of the cervical and uterine lining making the process of fertilization of an egg harder also because the mucus of the cervical and uterine lining are thicker the fertilized

Eggs cannot attach to the uterus how to know if birth control is working well the answer is simple effectiveness of birth control can be confirmed by no conception meaning there’s no birth or an egg was not fertilized guidelines for birth control and when taking birth control a negative pregnancy test is required before taking birth control patients who smoke

Are encouraged to quit smoking due to the increased risk of blood clots strokes and heart attacks patients who are over the age of 35 and small patients who smoke in are over the age of 35 are usually not recommended to take this medication because of the increased risk of blood clots strokes and heart attacks patients who are pregnant should also not take this

Medication because there is an there is an increased risk of birth defects that can happen during pregnancy if you’re taking this medication route routine follow-ups and examinations are encouraged throughout your therapy meaning we would like you to routinely check your blood pressure get breast examination to domino examinations and pelvic examinations it is

Also recommended to get pap smears every 6 to 12 months birth control comes in more than one form birth control can come in transdermal patches but vaginal contraceptive rings hormonal iuds and birth control shots forms of oral birth control can vary from either well the forms of world oral birth control can contain either 21 active pills or it can or it can have

21 active pills and 7 sugar pills which are enacted how should birth control be taken when beginning or oral birth control for the first time for the 21 day regimen the first active pill should be taken on the first sunday after on the first sunday after your period begins for example if your period begins on a sunday the period the the pill can be taken on that

Same sunday pills may also be started on the first day of your period regardless of the 21 day regimen or 28 regimen day regimen the 21 active pills must be taken at the same time every day for this medication to have full effect what should you do if you miss a dose so this is very important information because i know a lot of people get busy and doses are missed

So if you miss one active pill you should take the pill as soon as possible or as soon as you rim or you can take the pill the next day but you have to take two of them the next day and then continue taking one pill per the rest of the pack if two pills if two active pills are missed in a row during week one are we to then take two pills per two days take two

Pills per day for two for two days in a row then take one pill per day for the rest of the pack also it is important that you use and i cannot stress that you use a second form of birth control for at least seven days following the miss pill if three active pills are missed in a row during week one week two or week three immediately stop taking the medication and

Use another form of birth control if you are sexually active until your next period begins or until pregnancy is ruled out as soon as your period begins or pregnancy is ruled out a new packet of pills can be started side effects of birth control some side effects of birth control that you need to know are that birth control can cause thrombo embel thromboembolic

Events such as myocardial infraction z’ pulmonary and bol embolisms thrombophlebitis and strokes it has also been known that birth control can cause hypertension breakthrough or regular bleeding breast cancer hyperglycemia and hyperkalemia some immediate some what you should report to your healthcare provider immediately notify a provider and discontinue the use

Of birth control if one or the one or more of the following occur so if you suspect a pregnancy swelling of the ankles or swelling of the ankles and feets and weight gain pain swelling tenderness around extremities headaches chest pain blurred vision which could be a sign of a thrombolytic event yellow skin or yellow yellow skin or eyes dark urine or light colored

Stools which is a sign of hepatic hepatic dysfunction and i’m normal bleeding a a healthcare provider should be notified immediately and discontinuation of the drugs should occur i have and i also have a handout underneath this video so if you would like to see it you are more than welcome and if you have any questions you can just type it

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Ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone Pharm By Yesenia Gonzalez