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EU Bans Menthol Cigarettes

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Menthol and flavoured cigarettes are to be phased out within weeks ahead of a complete ban in 2020 in another piece of bad news for smokers…

The independent is reporting that the eu is banning a pretty popular kind of cigarette they say under new tobacco laws menthol cigarettes will only be sold in packs of 20 from may 21st as part of a longer plan to phase out the flavored cigarettes entirely by 2020 the complete ban also include skinny lipstick style cigarettes and flavors such as vanilla and strawberry

The phase-out began last may when cigarette packaging was standardized under new rules designed to prevent young people from taking up the habit okay so i have many thoughts on this so when it comes to banning this specific on a cigarette let’s stick with the you know the flavours menthol vanilla strawberry am i in favor of banning those no i’m not actually i’m

A little bit more libertarian on these issues if you want to smoke with vanilla cigarette or a strawberry cigarette or menthol cigarette you should be able to do that now maybe i’m a little bit biased here because when i was a smoker i was newport lite and newport lite is uh it’s a menthol cigarette so menthol was my thing i loved mentals obviously as everybody

Knows and as i’ve described on-air before i went from smoking that to using the the little blue e-cigarettes with the blue tip and i have to say man it worked for me at least where i used him for a while and then i eventually just stopped using them so i was too lazy to go to the store to keep buying them but and now i don’t smoke at all so the e-cigarette thing

Kind of worked for me and yet kind of scratch the itch to like it may it wasn’t the full satisfaction of a cigarette but it was like fifty-eight percent of it or 62 percent of it and it was enough for me to go that’s all i need it’s got a little bit of nicotine in it it’s the vapor it’s not the smoke it doesn’t cause cancer so old like the e-cigarette hatred out

There i don’t agree with it it worked for me and maybe that’s anecdotal but i think it it probably worked for a lot of other people too and even if it didn’t work for it and they keep smoking that what it’s still less bad for you than cigarettes than traditional cigarettes so here’s my thing on this what i’m in favor of when it comes to cigarettes is regulation

So everybody knows i talked about this with my drug stance all the time legalized tax regulate so for cigarettes they should be legal they should be taxed and they should be regulated i think the regulations right now are 2 lakhs but you have to regulate in the right way so what i would do is the additives that are carcinogenic and toxic and horrific for you i

Would ban some of those additives i’d been the worst additives the ones that really cause cancer and are horrific for you so if i was emperor my rule would be all the carcinogenic additives are gone they’re out ok but cigarettes are still gonna be legal and who knows maybe the cigarettes still have detrimental effects i’m sure they do but at least you got out the

Worst cancer-causing additives so they’re healthier the government shouldn’t have to like force you to be healthy by regulation it’s good you should still have a choice they can’t like what i’m gonna force you to eat have a healthy diet they can’t do that right so it should be the same thing with cigarettes you can’t even if they’re still unhealthy you can regulate

Them to make them healthier by taking out the additives but outside of that like no i’m not gonna get into regulating the flavors you can’t have menthol you can’t have vanilla you can’t have strawberry that’s government overreach i don’t think it’s government overreach to say let’s take out the additives that are that cost cancer i don’t think that’s government

Overreach i do think it’s government overreach to get into the flavors and stuff so i would regulate cigarettes more effectively and more intelligently but still have them legal and i would still let you pick your your flavor and stuff that’s too big government in my opinion where you start like if some people are favorite banning cigarettes that’s way too much

Way too much there’s a healthy rational middle ground here where you can ban the additives but keep the flavors so you still give people freedom of choice you just make them relatively healthier than they were

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EU Bans Menthol Cigarettes By Secular Talk