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EULAR 2019 – Press conference: Rapid remission of proteinuria in lupus nephritis

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The results of this study presented at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR 2019) suggest maintenance therapy with cyclosporine (CYA) results in more rapid remission of proteinuria compared to mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) or azathioprine (AZA) in patients with lupus nephritis. The efficacy of CYA, MMF and AZA in obtaining and maintaining remission of lupus nephritis (LN) is comparable over the long term.

Yeah lupus nephritis affect more than half of the patients with sle and is a major risk factor of mortality and morbidity despite standard of care therapies some patients with lupus nephritis at the 10-year cumulative incidence of and stage renal disease of 10 percent and life expectancy was reduced by twenty three point seven and here’s a in patient with renal

Damage for the treatment of lupus nephritis the current euler guidelines recommend induction therapy with the hydros of glucocorticoids and cyclophosphamide or mycophenolate hospital and maintenance therapy with a soprano omega final 800 fatal or a culinary inimitable a two by two comparison was made between asura brain and mycophenolate mithila and between

As a divine and sacred sport but there are no comparative studies among destroyed drugs especially in the long term we conducted a retrospective observational study aimed to compare efficacy and safety of cyclosporine mycophenolate appeal and as a as a true-crime in the long term maintenance therapy of lupus nephritis primary endpoint was winner status at one

Five and ten years and we choose as complete winner response in normal egfr and protein we’re less than 0.5 gram per day as partial response a normal egfr under protein we are more than 0.5 gram per day and as no response in abnormal egfr secondary endpoints were incidence of renal and external flex and safety profile we enrolled 104 patients mainly females 70

With s only and biopsy proven lupus varieties as expected that if the class four was the most frequent 74 patients entered this study at the diagnosis of lupus nephritis and 30 patients during a lupus nephritis flare the meaningful whopper from the start of maintenance therapy was 14 years patients received as induction therapy in most cases three metal prongs

Or parties followed by oral prednisone in association with the cyclophosphamide and then as maintenance therapy 32 patients received cyclosporine 36 and atropine and 36 mycophenolate until the beam duration of maintenance therapy was eight years at the start of induction in reduction therapy and the majority of patients at the severe nephrotic syndrome and from

Twenty to thirty percent at the an acute renal failure at the start of maintenance therapy there was a consistent improvement in creating egfr and proteinuria but the group to be treated with the cyclosporine displayed and higher significantly protein wheel levels in line with these findings this desecrates point group at the lower complete remission rate in

Comparison with mycophenolate in fatal and the top line at the start of maintenance therapy after one year of treatment donor was a progressive improvement in a complete remission rate in all groups in particular in in the cypress cypress point group achieved the highest complete remission rate with an increase from 28 percent to 72 percent in one year now the

Difference was a significant after five years more than 80% of patients reach the complete remission and there were no significant differences in creatinine egfr and protein yuliya after 10 years the high rate of complete remission was preserved in particular for the sixth point group butter creatine he is a significantly higher was a significantly higher in

The in the cyclosporine group in comparison with mcdonald ethnicity lenders algebra overall the study demonstrated that there are no significant differences in winner flex x-ray no flags and side effects it should be noted that at the start and at the end of the study they are tayla the attacker hypertension weight are similar among the three groups so given that

The disease the first study to compare cyclosporine as a two-prong and mycophenolate nofa atilla as maintenance therapy in the long term after ten years of observation cyclosporine as a to brian mcdonald a team of atilla has proven to be effective in consolidating and maintaining or emission of lupus nephritis inner groups the mission was maintained for over ten

Years the number and type of lyrics and of severe side effects were not significantly different among cyclosporine mycophenolate of atilla and as such brian notable our results achieved in the second point good despite worst clinical conditions at the beginning of maintenance therapy psycho sprain allowed a rapid achievement of lupus nephritis remission in the

Majority of patients achieving the same results of as atropine and mcconnell 1850 i want to thank all the colleagues that collaborated in this study in particular dr. maroney and dr. john jozek that gave me this opportunity and the a less necessary italian group that supported me

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