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Everything you NEED to know about Vocal Tics in Tourette’s

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In this video I discuss everything you need to know about vocal tics in Tourette syndrome.

Hi everyone and today i’m going to be discussing everything you need to know about vocal tics so number one ticks can be long and complex phrases they can be in context and they can actually have a linguistic meaning so sometimes they can look purposeful however they’re not they are totally involuntary because human brain is a complex thing and ticks can be complex

So if you hear someone yelling a whole phrase and maybe it’s in content in context and it is still a tick and you should trust us because i think with the complex tics there is a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of people have accused me of faking my condition when i’m not i never have another will and i think it’s just nobody should be you have to be judged like

That so i think that it’s important people to know that ticks can actually be long and complex phrases and they’re not actually purposeful even though they may look at number two we do not choose what we tick if i could tick normal sense of things rather than my coprolalia i would but unfortunately we don’t really have a say in it it’s pretty much that my i stopped

Described it like my brains like it’s got a three-year-old in it and it just wants to mortify me by yelling whatever i shouldn’t yell a situation which makes everyone stare at me number three are ticks don’t actually have volume control like i’ve had people ask me can you whisper that or can you say it quieter but unfortunately that’s not really option i wish

It was but if if in public if i cannot scream it or yell whatever i’m ticking and if i could whisper it instead that would be really great but unfortunately that doesn’t happen because our tics are voluntary we to choose the volume unfortunately um number four i know that in the media the the discussion and trail of coprolalia can be seen as quite controversial

But although sometimes on tv it can reinforce the stigma that sure it’s about swearing i do still think it’s important to raise awareness of cooperator on both the tv and media and stuff because it does still affect us and it can have really long lasting social implications and can lead us to become withdrawn and stuff and we also face a lot of discrimination

So i think it’s important to rather than ignore copulating rule together i think it’s more important to actually change how it’s presented so i think that rather than just viewing it’s a funny thing we should actually view it and you can still do something funny because i do agree that might explain me it’s important to also show the hard side and the difficulty

That we face and i think is what’s important that rather than actors pretending to have tourette’s in films and stuff i think we should actually have more portrayal of people who actually have tourette’s and i don’t know documentaries and stuff and show me exactly what we face and not just the funny stuff um number 5 please don’t get offended at our tix um as i

Said i have had coprolalia quite a lot and unfortunately people get offended but that can just make us feel really guilty because we don’t want to be yelling these things as i said we don’t choose what we take and stuff so i would just i think understanding is really important under saying that we don’t control it so please try not to get offended because then we

Just get upset um number six we’re not actually thinking what we tick like if i take something offensive people are like are you actually thinking that but i say no i’m not um for me i i kind of say it’s like a second brain or something like i get this i’m trouble thor is like an acute assault the concept of my mind and i’m thinking don’t tick that don’t tick that

But it go around in my head in the loop and then i’m sure i’ll be saying it but it doesn’t actually flip my opinion at all so it’s not what i’m actually thinking it’s just i saw involuntarily think what i shouldn’t think and then ticket but it doesn’t reflect my opinion and i’m not a horrible person having coprolalia because if you don’t know coprolalia in which

I’ve in to erase the inappropriate and obscene tics and only affects 10 to 50 percent of people threats but it still affects some of us and it can really have a lot of social implications um number seven i got this comment on one of my videos where people said oh that’s not a tick or any one word or two but ticks aren’t necessarily just one word or two because as

I said in my first point they can be full long sentence isn’t everyone stick to different but as a spectrum there’s very mild tics is very spitak simple and complex so pretty much anything the human body can physically do can be a tic i’ve had vocal tics or up to 20 words long so there’s a lot so there is such thing oh sorry so this is number eight there is such

Thing as observational tics so sometimes if i see someone with a funny hair color i might yell something about that i might accidentally comment on someone’s weight or whatever but it’s really important to know that i don’t actually mean it and as i said it’s sort of like intrusive thought i think why shouldn’t think of an acht role but say it but it doesn’t flip

My pin and i’m not a roll person it’s sort of very impulsive and it sort of says the one thing you shouldn’t say like a three-year-old trying to mortify me but yeah obviously facial tics are a thing but they are not purposeful even though they may look at and then actually they’re not actually directed to anyone they’re just uncontrollable triggered by certain

Aspects in the environment that we see here maybe smell or anything else and number nine i actually don’t mind people laughing with me at some my tips because to be honest if i take something very random i’m not talking about defensive stuff or visio and love that if i take something very random for example one of my favorite tics i had was when our dl oompa loompas

Are sexy that was probably the funniest vocal tic i’ve had but um to be honest i’m off first usually so i don’t mind people like my friends laughing with me but there’s a difference between laughing with me and at me if you laugh with me it kind of reassures me that you’re not offended and defuse the tension but obviously there is a difference if you’re laughing at

Me then it just sounds like you’re taking the mick but laughing with me when we’re all off and together and you can see i’m not struggling with them if you just sort of see it in a light-hearted way then it’s it’s good i don’t mind people laughing at my tics number ten some ticks actually occur once and never happen again like ticks are usually said to be repetitive

Move on some sounds and that is for some ticks however with my vocal tics especial the coprolalia obscene ones inappropriate ones as bacon saving of observational ones and random ones they can just occur once in an environment and then i’ll probably never take him again and that’s so with my random outbursts and phrases so trace is very random i don’t know where

Half things come from i’ve had people ask before where did that even come from right i honestly have no idea i wasn’t even thinking about it as i said we don’t think what we tick it just i don’t know my brain is just putting random words together that seemed to make sense it’s weird number 11 tics are not a behavioral problem they are a uncontrollable neurological

Symptom they are the brain misfiring signals they’re not psychological they’re not payroll to obviously we can’t help it and it’s just a very sorry few signals so please don’t punish it and if you are a teacher or something and you have a stream with tourette’s them obviously please don’t send us out the class i have been sent out the class was taken for and it’s

Quite humiliating because i obviously don’t mean it number 12 i think i said this a couple of minutes ago but tics are of a spectrum of severity so as i said anything to be a tick but so vocal tics which is mainly what this videos about they can range from maybe a whistle or cough or tongue click to certain words or maybe as i said whole phrases or coprolalia

Echolalia which is where you repeat what someone said or play leigha player is where you repeat your own words and it can sometimes sound like stuttering there is such things subtleties as well so obviously there’s a whole variety of different tips you can happened what tick you get depends on the individual but ticks always change anyway so sometimes you can just

Wake up and he’s taking like okay i’ve gotta live with this now also with when you develop new ticked you don’t know how long it’s gonna last for example i had one complex motor – it wasn’t vocal tick but i had one complex math day that lasted for years i was pretty sick of that but then i have had some tics that i’ve only lost a day which is very strange don’t

Really know why oh here we go number 13 sometimes i find my vocal tics actually happened in different ways somebody we’ve mentioned like when i’m vocal ticking something my voice sort of goes a bit high-pitched and shrill that doesn’t always happen because sometimes i have to get my normal voice but sometimes you can easily tell us something at it because it’ll

Sort of go in high-pitched voice and you can usually tell us obviously not be saying it but yes oh number 14 and certain words become ticks so for example someone might tick the word ostrich it can be that random but for me i found that it’s more actually it’s more about how the word feels that how it sounds because before ticks some people including myself get an

Urge and that urge needs to be fulfilled by the tick which is involuntary so for me i find that some of my most common single word ticks were calculator carrot cactus i think canada so yeah i had for work tips and if not sure about a lot more than but therefore that happened around the same time and and i think it’s more about how it feels and out sounds because

I had to go to the santa’s calculator carrot canada and what i keep always forgetting one calculator canada carrot and whatever i decide a minute go every for it but um it was the sound that i have to make as a tick and redirection can work some people however or z redirection doesn’t work for everyone and i just find that because my vocal tics don’t bother me that

Much if this is single words then i don’t need to redirect it it’s just something that happens i guess um but yeah certain well some ticks because of how they feel or sometimes it can actually be something you’ve heard for example i have sometimes picked up things off tv and stuff so sometimes if you hear something and it sort of sticks in your brain if it’s like

Memorable or something or funny you might tick that so that can sometimes happen and it’s sort of the power of suggestion which is also why some people can pick up tickets of other people with tourette’s so it’s quite strange and the last one is so this is number 15 basically there’s no intention behind our text as i said we don’t choose some you don’t intend to

Offend anyone if we take anything appropriate we don’t tend to tick anything really this is voluntary and also are ticks aren’t actually directed anyone as i said they can be in response to things we see an environmental stuff or things we hear in the environment but they’re not really directed because they’re not as saying them they are involuntary so we don’t

Choose to say it therefore they’re not actually directed to anyone in specific therefore we obviously don’t want to offend anyone and we just hope you don’t take offense i hope this video has taught you a bit more about vocal tics and tourette’s and hopefully at some point i can make a video about motor tics and stuff because that’s also very important oh i do find

Out my vocal tics are probably the bonnano so a little bit why don’t you know how i speak motor tics are probably one of the most sorry vocal tics are probably one of the most socially isolating symptoms because they’re the most noticeable with with motor tics they can be known to build but i find that because my vocal tics can be quite loud you usually hear them

Before i even walk into the room so there isn’t they’re very noticeable people can hear me coming so yeah hopefully i can make one about motor tics too though as well so i hope you enjoyed this video hope it helped bye bye

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Everything you NEED to know about Vocal Tics in Tourette's By Ticcers Unite