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You believe in god jeremy oh come on marcus please come on man come on if you have any last-minute prayers see him now oh come on having a good day hello dylan how you doing what’s up officer gold how you been man you catch any bad guys lately nope swan little scoundrel what are you doing now where’s your brother marcus i don’t see him anywhere he’s at home

He got into trouble with my mom and he’s not allowed out of the house anymore is that right huh he also told me to tell you that he doesn’t want to work for you anymore he said that yup so i decided i’m going to take his job you want to come up for me yup how old are you kid 13 i’ll be 14 next month damn it you’re getting younger and younger every year

Come here what do you think i’m wearing a wire did i say that so he said he doesn’t want to do this anymore huh so what do you think can i get a chance come on i’m a freshman in high school now i have tons of customers we can sell to whoa whoa whoa kill me i killed what do you want don’t you know it’s a bad idea to run from a cop you’re no cop man you’re

A bully and you’re a criminal oh yeah you got proof for that huh do you have proof for that that’s what i thought now jeremy where is my money i’m telling you i don’t have it i just picked up a big load from fabian’s people i gotta get this load off your hands and then i’ll pay you in full ah damn huh what’s that huh what is this hey man that is my personal

Stash that is for operating transactions with clients don’t touch the business pile man what do we got here jeremy huh what’s this you signing pills now yeah man i told you about this you’re shipped in from cambodia strong hit real hard send you to a plan of you for it it’s 60 bucks a pop i got 100 in there 10 bags of those to get off out and onto the street

You do the math 16. who are you selling to huh just like yourself no man it’s a young person’s drug party drug high school kids are eating it up like vitamins dangerous extremely addictive all right i got a job for you but if you’re going to come work for me you got to be all in or not at all do you understand and that in the event you ever get caught you

Keep your mouth shut you don’t see a thing but you understand that you just let things start themselves out and i’ll be the one that’s gonna come get you out got that you understand that yeah don’t get caught all right attaboy okay ready to make a lot of money what you’re watching is real officer gold is selling drugs to kids and he’s using 13 year old dylan

To pedal his drugs around the neighborhood he’s been doing this for years he goes into urban neighborhoods and finds kids desperate to make money and turns them into criminals dylan on the other hand doesn’t really know the true degree of what he’s doing he is poisoning his own neighborhood his community his family and his friends it’s easy for a young boy his

Age to be blindsided because the money is coming in so fast that he doesn’t really recognize the true consequences of what he’s doing now this all came crashing down one day when dylan’s older brother marcus found dylan’s stash hiding inside his room hey dill all right mom sounds good can you explain this what are you doing in my room i said can you explain

This what are you doing in my room marcus get out are you selling now no i’m not now get out of my room also you’re using you don’t know what i’m doing is this is from officer gold listen to me dylan he’s an evil man he’s not your friend now tell me you’re not selling tell me you’re not selling something funny he told me you’d be like this he told me you’d get

Jealous just cause you’re afraid of being a man doesn’t mean that i’m afraid now get out of my room um hey leave my brother out of this excuse me you heard me leave him out of this well it’s nice to see you too marcus how you doing man i don’t want him involved in anything you’re doing stay away from me you don’t come back you notice i mean you’re a little

Turd i’m the one who tells people what to do around here now i’m not only a little brother captain marcus if he wants to leave he can whenever he feels like it don’t be jealous marcus he’s not a little like you are don’t get out of here before you get out anything happens i’m coming after you good luck man good luck marcus dilly hey hey hey hey dylan

Dylan dylan mom dylan stop don’t do this to me not to me not to me dylan dylan mom dylan dylan just wake up stop playing stop stop this is a joke stop mom hurry yo marcus jeremy what are you doing oh i’m hiding from you know who hey listen man um i’m really sorry about your brother oh she’s so young if i would known he was gonna use him to sell for

Him i never would have done it you were the one providing those drugs yeah man i’m sorry i may be a drug addict but i’m not a monster i’m not out here to hurt kids man i told him 18 and up he wouldn’t listen to me he’s a lunatic you killed him yeah i’m sorry man it wasn’t me i swear to god this is your fault it’s happening get on your knees come on marcus

Please no i’m sorry man please i said get on your knees come on marcus no please come on man please come on oh please come on man please you believe in god jeremy oh come on marcus please come on man come on if you have any last-minute prayers see him now oh come on whoa there he comes ladies and gentlemen the man of the hour i told you if anything happened i

Would come after you oh yeah what does that mean you killed my brother you have to pay thank you brother marcus he brought that upon himself hey it’s not my fault you didn’t teach me not to be an idiot in this game it’s not an idiot he was 13 years old he was just a child hey marcus not the one to put the drugs up to his mouth and make him take it what are you

Gonna do with that marcus oh you think you’re the only big shot in town with a gun huh you think i’ve never stared down the barrel before that doesn’t scare me marcus well here we are opportunity presents itself again what are you gonna do marcus huh you’re gonna shoot a cop in broad daylight go to prison for life leave your mind behind that one but no sons

Behind go for a marcus let’s see you can draw faster that’s what i thought you’re not an idiot like your little brother you know you have your whole life ahead of you yeah but i don’t jeremy yeah hey he’s right kid you got your whole life ahead of you i’m not gonna let you throw away on this loser you shoot him he wins me me on the other hand i’ve already

Wasted my life so gone get out of here marcus going home marcus marcus jeremy buddy what are you doing i’m putting an end to this buddy mark it’s gone get out of here your brother doing the same for you don’t do this jeremy marcus marcus morris we’re not done with this marcus this ain’t overworkers i hope you guys enjoyed today’s life lesson with luis

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Evil COP Caught SELLING DRUGS to Kids!!!! SHOCKING ENDING!!!! By Life Lessons With Luis