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Exciting Changes & 2K subscribers

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A big thank you if you are subscribed to my channel. I hope my videos have helped you in some way. Your continued support is highly appreciated.

Hey guys welcome back to another video on my channel i really apologize for the music um i’m sure you can hear it because it’s super loud that people have got their window open in their car anyway i’ve been trying to film this video and it’s just not stopping so i’m just gonna do it um i wanted to make a little update video before i go into making more regular

Content again um my aim in the next two or three weeks is to make some videos based on topics that i want to share stuff about um it’s really distracting anyway and um yeah i wanted a bit of an update video because i haven’t been making regular content recently and i took a break for for christmas time and it was just so easy to stay like taking a break but also

In the uk we’re in lockdown i can’t go out anywhere i’ve resulted in making a video in my car in a supermarket car park um because literally you know you’re not supposed to just go out for no reason so i’m going out to the shop and i need to go to the shop anyway um you know just because you can get stopped for doing so and i know i shouldn’t be like afraid of

That and you know if i was to stop on my way to the supermarket anyway there would be no real issue or whatever but i know just these rules they just i have this this way of like making them not make sense to me so like what would be the problem if i just went out for a drive what would be the issue um then they say i read somewhere it says something like oh

If you’re stopped um and you you just say you’re out for a drive you can get fined for that because you know you could break down and it’s like if i broke down and someone could come and collect my car for me i you know it’d be good business for them and i hear my partner to pick me up so there would be no need for me to have any contact with anybody so like i

Don’t know it’s just a bit some things are just a little bit over the top and don’t make a lot of sense to me and that’s fine because they need to make i guess they make them to make sense to everybody so there’s no like clauses like like loopholes and stuff like i can find just these easily anyway um but yeah so onwards i um have a new job basically um which is

Really really needed for me um basically i’ve been working um 12-hour shifts for a few years now and i’ve been finding them increasingly difficult like i work two or three 12-hour shifts in a row and you know i get days off in between them um i think i wear like 40.5 or something like that hours a week but what actually happens is if you take it from like monday

To sunday one week i work 24 hours and like with you know that’s not including breaks i mean that is including breaks and then the following week i work about 60 hours and it’s insane and it’s 7am till 7pm and my sleeping pattern is has been wrecked this whole this so many years and it really kind of messes with your head a little bit for me anyway because i

Don’t really get super emotional but when i’m tired i’ll get emotional over stuff that’s not even like it’s just stuff that i don’t need to be emotional about that i would not normally be emotional about um and i don’t like that at all i don’t like feeling that way and you know i just it’s just like i will do my 12 hour shift i will come home from work i will sit

Down for like a few minutes and i will get up and my legs are so stiff that i can’t walk properly and it’s just like yeah i need to do some exercise i need to lose some weight but i tried and i’ve tried it so many times but because i can’t really fit into my structure like if you’ve only got two days off a week and you’re working 12 hour shifts the other day like

There is no time to exercise apart from those two days where you’re trying to recover from your shift and it’s just for me it’s just like you you’re not getting the progress that you want to like i’ve tried some things i’ve been like kickboxing before and i tried to do regular yoga and stuff like this and it’s just so difficult to fit that into that routine where

You’re working five days one week two days the next and the day after you’ve done the 12-hour shifts you’ll like feel exhausted and you need to recover like my sleeping pattern goes like five to seven very best hours sleep for like a couple of nights and then 10 to 12 hours late for the next night it’s like this i’ve tried and tried so hard to get my sleeping

Routine right i just cannot do it um it just wasn’t working for me other people seem to manage like if they’re younger or they’ve got more stamina or they’re just physically fitter i guess or i don’t know but being around like lots of people for that time of day for that amount of hours is exhausting for me anyway like i’ve always had i tried to have breaks by

Myself because it’s exhausting um and yeah and you know recently i’ve been able to go out my days off my partner’s working from home so i’m just literally sat at home listening to him working and it’s doing my head i mean if you know what i mean because it’s like i can’t really go and do anything like i’m not mad at him or anything but i just can’t really like

Go out and do stuff like i would normally do on my shifts um because of lockdown and so my new hours are going to be friday monday to friday half eight to half four and it sounds like a dream um yeah i’m really looking forward to it like i don’t want to spend my days off just feeling tired and crappy because i’ve been working 12 hour shifts they’re not for me like

Initially they were good because i had lots of time off work and i really liked that but over time it’s just become more difficult for me and so i’m really happy to be able to do some do a normal have a normal routine i’ve bought a well-being journal i’m going to start like once i’ve been settled in my job a week or two i’m gonna start regularly exercising um

My eating is gonna be so much better because i’m not gonna be eating like currently i eat like two breakfasts and it’s really really bad for me i know but it’s because i wake up at like half five and so i wake up and i’ve got to eat something before work because you know i’m gonna be waiting four and a half hours until i get a break and then i’m gonna be having

Lunch at like half one one half one um and i get an afternoon break and i don’t get to eat my tea till like after seven so if you think like you can’t have it just doesn’t it just doesn’t work for me and my own body metabolism um and so you know i’ve been relying a lot on caffeine and sugar this past couple of years at least and it’s really not done anything

For my physical health and obviously exercising is really really important for mental health as well so having those things in my life it’s gonna really really benefit me a lot and i’m really determined to like get a routine with that get it in order like when i was on when i used to work um eight hour days which was a few years ago now i was able to i mean i

Had my adhd like i wasn’t on medication then so it was a bit harder you know for those reasons um but generally i was able to lose weight better um you know eat better stay healthy um and so yeah i’m looking forward to getting that back on track and i think that’s going to really really benefit me it was almost like i needed to have needed to get this job and

It’s in a chemistry laboratory which is really interesting um and yeah i’m actually looking forward to starting and i start in less than well just over i think it’s like a week and a half now um so that was really really great um i’ve been you know one of my goals this year because i’ve turned dirty issue and one of my goals was to read lots of books or to read

More books so i’ve been reading books i got a bookshelf for my birthday which is awesome i’ve been reading this book which is basically carl jung’s um autobiography autobiography autobiography um and yeah i’ve been really really really enjoying it and you know i actually get a lot more pleasure from reading than i do from just sitting on my computer all day

And watching youtube videos googling stuff like that’s what my life’s been really recently um yeah but i’ve realized that the internet can be limiting um which sounds a bit weird because how is you know the internet’s like very vast and there’s so much knowledge on there and everything but you know the effort people put into books as opposed to um what do you

Call it um internet articles and things like blog posts and stuff is just incredible and you can really gain like an insight into somebody’s mind so it’s just something that’s really been something i’ve wanted to really delve into and this book is incredible and i hope you know i’ve brought other and asked for presents like other books from carl jung and i’m

Just loving them and i really interested in what he has to say in his how his mind works and things so yeah really recommend that um autobiography if you’ve ever if you like carl jung’s work anyway um yeah and you know i turned dirty and i’ve realized that it’s a good thing and um yeah i’m just i feel like this year is going to be really different for me um in

Many positive ways and yeah so i don’t want to ramble on anymore really i just wanted to say that like my the anxiety issues i was suffering with like started a few months ago um well got worse a few months ago have gotten so much better like that’s not really um something that’s bothering me and i do want to share how i was able to help myself with those things

And you know i will do in time um but yeah i just need to sort of like get the get myself into this new job get myself into our own routine um create some structure in my life because i’ve lacked structure for so long like i i feared structure like i’ve always felt like it was like a prison or something and i’ve wanted to sort of like but if i don’t have that

Structure i my life just falls apart a little bit um so yeah i hope you guys are doing well if you have any like questions for me to answering videos or you know recommendations of stuff you want me to talk about please leave them down below i definitely consider them um you know i hit 2 000 subscribers as well which was like a big milestone for me as well and

You know i’m not somebody who wants loads of followers like i don’t um want i don’t want to be known like it sounds really weird um i don’t want other people to know who i am if that makes sense um but the aim of my youtube channel basically has been to help people um and you know i have used it as a creative outlet from time to time but really what’s the most

Natural way for me of using it is to help people and you know create videos that sharing my insights about experiences and that’s what i aim to do in the future as well um and i think that’s what people like and people like seem to like that you know i just don’t like plan out my whole video i just sit down and i’m honest and that kind of feels like more like

Who i am as a person so i’m happy to continue making stuff like that and yeah it’s the stuff that i feel comfortable i’m doing as well so yeah i guess that’s everything like oh i just wanted to say that you know some people did donate a little bit of money to me and i put that money towards getting a new camera lens obviously i’m not using that camera right now

I’m using my phone so in my car um i don’t draw attention to myself but i will be using my dslr next week to make videos which i’m really excited about doing um inside my house and yeah so if you’re doing well i hope you’ve been keeping well um during this time as well like you know i’ve turned into a complete hermit because of it i think everybody has because

We have no choice of the toys uh just been kind of you know going to work and then um sitting at home basically um but yes i’m looking forward to seeing um what the future holds for me and kind of making my life better for myself in ways um more more physical ways i guess so yeah um i don’t know why i can’t end this video so i’m just gonna say bye

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Exciting Changes & 2K subscribers By Finding Your Serenity