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Extreme Game of S.T.I.C.K. vs 8 Year Old Prodigy

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Ethan Fineshriber takes on Hayden, an 8 year old flipping prodigy, in an extreme game of STICK (S.T.I.C.K.) both on and off the trampoline. The loser has the terrible consequence of having to call their mom and tell them they pooped in their pants. See how this hilarious game plays out.

Go easy on me no no no no four backflips in a row let’s go all right ethan try this back handspring back all right guys this is taking too long he’s beating my butt so i’m going to step it up double bet oh it’s on going on what’s going on guys back with another video so today i’m going to be playing something called stick it is a flipping game and it’s not

Just any flipping game it is crazy because while i’m going against someone who has beat me in this before his name is hayden you may have seen him in some of my previous videos he is so much fun and he’s really really good at flips and how old are you eight wow so that’s what we’re gonna be doing before we get started i wanna make sure you guys know that i have

A second channel that’s right it’s called i’m fine shriver and well it’s uh not for young kids it’s for older kids so make sure your parents allow you to watch it click on the eye to go check it out why don’t we remind everyone how i beat you it’s not my fault it’s the transform so the way the game works is you basically do any sort of flip and it works just

Like horse and basketball so you try and do a flip and if the other person cannot do the flip and stick it what we mean by stick is land it without moving your feet to adjust yourself like i always do when i flip so cool he’s really good at landing and staying the same place because he does gymnastics i don’t and that’s what we’re gonna be doing today and whoever

Sticks their tricks the least loses and that was kind of how i lost fine and i don’t feel good about losing so i’m gonna up the stakes what or whatever it’s called the game yeah whoever wins this one the loser has to do something really really bad like what the loser has to inform their mom either through text or through call that they have just pooped their

Pants pooped their pants surprised that’s not gonna go over well with my mom neither is mine which is why i’m gonna win double bet oh it’s on i think losers go first and that would be you since i’m a nice guy i’m going to start off with something easy and simple a standing back top so if i land this without tripping then hayden has to do it and land it without

Tripping and if he doesn’t then he gets an s first one to get to the whole word stick loses let’s do it your turn easy let’s do it you lose forever and i win forever actually no that was just the first letter let’s go all right your boy is already getting a lot giving someone else a letter how do you feel what is the matter with you so he has an s i have

Nothing but uh he gets to start the next one so go easy on me he says no hmm ooh standing front flip because he sucks at them oh yeah stand up did your butt touch the ground no he landed that he actually landed that and he well he is right i kind of suck at those but doesn’t mean i can’t try let’s go can’t touch this i’m just kidding yeah let’s go i landed

The trick no letter for me and i get to set on the next one let’s stop i shouldn’t be flipping with the camera i’m going to make this a little harder i’m going to do a standing back tuck but you already did that but on the ground whoa hayden’s done these before but i don’t know if he does it easily hi yes let’s go i’m sticking i’m sticking everything today

All right let’s see if he sticks the landing one standing back flip coming right up crap all right hazy baby what’s next what’s your set i’m gonna do a combo all right ethan try this back handspring back tuck bit okay good luck i’ve actually never seen him do this on a trampoline before so i’m interested to see if you land this and stick it of course oh yeah

I love your little dance there easy peasy no big deezy let’s do it here we go no darn it i thought i had that i’m too big for this so hayden’s got a letter but so do i now but i get to set this one three backflips in a row let’s go that rhymes oh yeah hopefully i’m not too big for this one darn it sweet i don’t have to do it i have an idea what are you gonna

Do where are you going you’ll see are you thirsty or something no but this is what you gotta do and stick it okay those aren’t really easy but fortunately i’m a pro bottle flipper guys do you realize that i am now losing um yeah i have s t and he has s i’m losing to an eight-year-old but that’s okay because i have a good combo in mind four back flips in a

Row let’s go here we go one oh we took a step let’s go it’s okay dude you get to set now it’s his turn and i’m assuming he’s going to do something crazy hard but we at least are i’m not losing anymore we’re tied oh st we’re tied at st i know what i’m gonna do i’m gonna do a handstand go down back flip and stick it do it and the flute all right my turn hold

The net all right guys this is taking too long he’s beating my butt so i’m gonna step it up okay eight-year-old full bounce double full stuck actually i’ve never stuck this before but i’m gonna do it for the first time uh i’ve never done a double full before but i’ll try yes it is tied to sti to sti now it’s hayden’s turn i’m making something hard all

Right good luck i’m gonna do a back back front let’s go i’m gonna be nice and set exactly what he just tried to do so back to the back front flip and if i land it and stick it then he gets a chance to do it again so let’s go back front stuck landing you shouldn’t have give me a second chance okay my turn back flip to butt to backflip i’ll admit i’m not so

Good at these but i gotta beat him i can’t let him beat me again no s-t-i s-t-i-c darn it i’m gonna go with a good one here uh full to stomach to cody it’s a front flip this will be fun hayden can’t do cody’s let’s see if i can at least stick it take it let’s go wait what to go to just do your best we’re both tied at stic next person to get a letter and

Unfortunately it’s your set good luck let me show you how the pros do it i guess it’s your turn okay i’m gonna step it up a notch standing tuck stick it and bottle flip stick it this is for the wind baby standing tuck and the bottom flip yes oh yes beat that come and claim your bottle okay i would like to do it now yep you know i’m laughing because

You have to tell your mom you pooped your pants now do i get one retry one well i hate to say it but that’s the rules on your last letter you get two tries one more try i really gotta do this winner all right i know it sucks to lose and it’s okay you know what i won’t have you text your mom you’ll call her no no way i’m not doing that all right text her no

I don’t want to you have to i can’t she’s gonna kill me i can’t all right she’s literally gonna ground me all right i’ll do it no no no no no because i have her number two no no no no no no no yes should i text or call um please text no no no no no no please i’m safe no you’re not this is your consequence dude you agreed to this so well actually no you agreed

To doing it to your mom but she’s not interested no no no no no no no oh here we go i hate to inform you of this but hayden has just pooped his bands down yes don’t send it down maybe that’s me dude this is gonna be a long reply are you serious yes there we go oh my gosh this is so bad for me no what did i agree to doing it this is fun what happened i’m

So sorry i would be so embarrassed if i were you please don’t say that you’re still he’s still replying do i need to come clean it up all right maybe done okay that’s it all right it was fun hanging out with you buddy you need me to walk you home yeah okay okay let’s go i really don’t want to go inside at this point here here i’ll make a deal with you let’s

Record his reaction and if this video gets 20 000 likes i’ll post the reaction so they can see it fun okay guys you know what to do and

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Extreme Game of S.T.I.C.K. vs 8 Year Old Prodigy By Ethan Fineshriber