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Eye Allergy Remedies – Tips for Itchy and Watery Eyes

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Couple different things but most commonly it’s caused by eye allergies or perennial allergies that happen more year-round here are a couple tips that learn all about the eyes and vision if you’re new here to the channel and like see miss any of our future videos okay we are talking all about eye allergies itchy symptoms things like that when your eyes are exposed to an

Allergen a histamine response histamine in the tissues causes your blood vessels to fluid from those blood vessels and that fluid will also cause kind of a swelling be really dry and kind of irritated and oftentimes people get a watery discharge when your eye doctor looks at your eyes we often see these little raised bumps big kind of a sign that someone is having an allergic

Reaction now my first you’re somebody who is allergic to pollen and grass in the spring and fall knowing that hey your neighbors mowing the lawn perhaps shutting your windows lot of pet dander can cause allergic reactions i know we don’t want to get harsh reality that they have to make a decision over otherwise the great thing sticking onto your lids and lashes so whether

You’re cleaning your face with eyelid cleanser whether that be a cleaning solution or those allergens another big tip is that if you are a makeup wear don’t fall is known to trap allergens to the tissue response tip number two is to consider rinsing your eyes with something like an out there i have other videos on that subject if you want to check those out out any of the

Allergens that could have stuck onto the tears and onto the tip number three are cold compresses now an ice pack for a sore shoulder or hurt elbow but that cold will help kind of the swelling it’ll kind of cool down any of the irritation because some people they itch don’t do that because if you try to rub your eyes although it again it feels good to rub your eyes the mast

Cells will break open don’t rub the eyes instead try to use a cold compress because it feels good and some type of an over-the-counter antihistamine eyedrop there are a couple find that are cheaper but they usually say get the red out and it’s not good to most of those get the red out drops they they wear off and they’re almost in some eyes look wider for a short time but

Then the medication wears off so use it vicious cycle so some of my favorites are a medication called zaditor and histamine response at the same time a new one just came out called pataday but now it would quit generics so it’s over-the-counter and it’s a pretty day depending on what formulation you pick up and tip number five is to over-the-counter options or speaking to

Your general physician for some stronger well but ultimately and as always if you aren’t improving and perhaps you’re having vision issues then definitely go checked out that it’s not something more serious going on so why that’s question things are you allergic to go ahead and leave a comment in the section below if ahead and click or tap the screen over here to the side

To check out our full go ahead and click or tap the screen down over here again this is dr. allen and we’ll talk to you soon

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Eye Allergy Remedies – Tips for Itchy and Watery Eyes By Doctor Eye Health