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In this episode, I discuss a medication known as ezetimibe (Ezetrol, Zetia).

Everybody welcome back to another episode of drug talk as always i’m your host garrett campbell today we’re gonna be talking about the medication known as azita my it’s brand name is easy trawl before we talk about the medication itself just keep in mind that this channel is for information purposes only and not to be used as a source for recommendations for your

Personal healthcare so azita mod reduces cholesterol by acting at the brush border in the small intestine by reducing the absorption of cholesterol this would reduce the amount of intestinal cholesterol that is transported to the liver so overall azita ‘maybe should reduce hepatic cholesterol stores and increased clearance of cholesterol from the blood now in

Terms of indications for azita ‘maybe i will start by saying that typically this medication is used with other cholesterol-lowering agents however it can be used in mixed hyperlipidemia some patients use it in the treatment of homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia it can be used in primary hypercholesterolemia and finally it can be used in familial sitosterol

Emia now before somebody was to use a zita ‘maybe there are some contraindications they must clear as well as some warnings and precautions they should be made aware of this medication is contraindicated in patients who have active liver disease it would also be contraindicated in patients who have unexplained persistent elevations in the trans an amazes these

Contraindications would only apply if the patient is using this medication along with a stem it’s contraindicated to be used in patients who are pregnant again when used with a statin and finally it would be contraindicated in patients who have a hypersensitivity to a z tamiya or any other component of the product now in terms of precautions the first one here

Does kind of stem off of one of those contraindications we talked about so if xe-dom’ ab is used with the statin the patient may be an increased risk of experiencing hepatic issues such as an elevation in their trans an amazes it is not recommended to use this medication with other fibrates or fino fibrates it’s also not recommended to be used in patients who

Have moderate or severe hepatic parent myopathies including rhabdomyolysis are possible in patients using as either mine they would be more at risk if they’re over the age of 65 if they have hypothyroidism if they’re using high doses of statins or with the use of phyno vibrates upon any signs of this developing the medication should be stopped along with the

Other medication that they were using such as statin or phenyl fibrate that is used to treat cholesterol there’s also an increased risk of myopathy in patients who have renal disease so we would expect closer monitoring in patients who have moderate to severe renal impairment should be especially an issue in patients using a simba statin with their ezetimibe

In doses over 20 milligrams now when somebody is cleared of the contraindications and made aware of the precautions and warnings and they start using a zita mod they can expect to take it in tablet form medication should be taken with or without food and it should be taken at the same time as a statin dose or a phenyl fibrate dose if the patient is using those

Medications as well however if the medication is a bile acid sequestrants then it should be taken either two hours before or four hours after if a patient is using a zita ‘maybe following a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack they can expect to take 10 milligrams once daily in combination with a statin for example 40 milligrams of simba stone which was

Shown in studies if somebody is using this medication to treat familial hypercholesterolemia they can expect to take 10 milligrams of azita myv as well and it would usually pair it up with something like atorvastatin or simvastatin again a statin and the dosing seems to be the same for other conditions that we mentioned when we talked about indications for use

The only difference would be when treating primary hypercholesterolemia there is an off-label instruction that the tablet can be split and patients may try five milligrams as with all medications there are some adverse reactions or side-effects that patients may experience while using as eat amide or ezzat row so i’ll list some of those here for you now urea

Happens in 2.5 to 4.1 percent of patients 2 and a half to three percent develop joint pain and about three percent may develop muscle pain nazo jada’s happens about three percent of the time and sinusitis happens about two percent of the time upper respiratory tract infections were reported in about three to four percent of patients the more serious but rare side

Effects would be hepatitis an increase in hepatic enzymes and a full access or rhabdomyolysis it’s all going to talk about today with azita ‘maybe or easy trawl as always i’m thankful that you took the time to come by and watch one of my videos if you found the information valuable and you’d like to help grow this channel you can like the videos share the videos

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