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Face Mask for Acne: Peel Off Aspirin Mask

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Face Mask for Acne: Peel Off Aspirin Mask

Hello everyone this is josiah speaking i started shooting this tutorial thinking of sharing with you a facial mask but i somehow ended up putting a sort of a facial cleansing tutorial well after sharing with you in my previous beauty tricks how you may use the vitamin c to make a vitamin c facial toner to help you fade away on the scars dark patches and spots today

It’s a strange turn to help us clear our complexion aspirin is an anti-inflammatory both when taken internally and applied topically which can help reduce redness and calm inflamed skin conditions such as acne and rosacea aspirin is a great spot treatment for blemishes as it contains a small percentage of salicylic acid which is an active ingredient in many acne

Fighting products this pore strip mask is great for acne prone skin for mature or aging skin sunspots and uneven skin tone some of you may be already familiar with this an aspirin facial mask especially those of you living in united states but if you are not familiar with it and pretty much sure that you are going to enjoy it because it’s not the usual classical

Austrian facial mask just be tuned and you’ll see why we need two uncoated aspirins one egg white and one lemon while aspirin works its wonders on inflamed skin the egg white helps reducing excess sebum on the skin by shrinking the size of the pores it will also give the skin of firmer and more even look by greatly reducing larger pores lemon brightens and exfoliates

As it is a natural source of vitamin c and is rich in alpha hydroxy acid please note that if you are allergic to aspirin probably you shouldn’t either of life topically hence i strongly advise you to try a patch test on your forearm before us threading it all over your face cut open the lemon and squeeze out a few drops on the two aspirins let them dissolve for a

Few minutes in the meanwhile we shall prepare our skin for the facial mask i use my homemade foaming face cleanser to make sure i remove all the impurities and sebum from my face whenever i do a facial mask i always make sure i prepare my pores for the beauty treatment with a steam facial we need to bring a pot with four cups of water to a boil before reducing to a

Simmer add also some fennel seeds which will release their essential oils in the hot liquid otherwise you may directly add one or two drops of your favorite essential oil we have to hold our clean face 10-12 inches from the bowel with a towel draped over the back of our head to holding the steam for 5-10 minutes with our polls open the aspirin mass will penetrate

More deeply and work more profoundly the aspirins are dissolved by now as you see they have four now this slightly grainy texture the basic mask with only aspirin and water does not hold together well as the mask dries chunks of aspirin will fall off hence it usually requires a biting agent as honey or yoghurt which i recommend using if your skin is dry but as my

Intentions are to make a portrait mass suitable mostly for oily and acne prone skin combining the anti inflammatory effects of the aspirin with the skin tightening and firming effect of the egg white i went for the egg white separate the egg white from the yolk and beat it well with a fork or a whisk you may use the yolk in a hair mask it works wonders for dry

Lengths mix the beaten egg white with a crushed aspirin and we are now ready to apply it but actually the fun is not yet over i wanted to apply a cloth mask on the face but as it was a last-minute decision i did not have the time to buy it but most pharmacists sell them i had to improvise so i took a paper tissue which i split in two to make the mask as thin as

Possible then in a clumsy way i marked with a soft pencil my eyes my nose and i used the scissors to cut it open i of course forgot to mark my mouth as well so i had to stay silent for all the masks narration now we are ready to apply the mask i first applied a layer of the mask directly on my face and as you can see it is pretty messy then i apply the paper mask

And apply the another layer on the mask directly on the paper mask it looks scary doesn’t it i’d recommend applying these face masks when your hobby or family is not around the house if you don’t want to scare the hell out of them let the face with our masks arrest on your face for at least 2025 minutes or until you feel your skin tightening up then gently peel

Off the tissue paper which will remove all the skin cells revealing younger healthier looking skin this aspirin for strip mass is a great easy homemade alternative to smooth and soften your skin brighten your complexion minimize pore size and reduce discoloration just note that applying the mass more frequently can irritate dull or dry out your skin but it depends

On your skin’s level of sensitivity as i build up the mask from my face i used again the gentle foaming cleanser to make sure i removed every trace of the mask from my skin then i used the linen glove to refine the superficial feeling i then applied my homemade facial toner made out of herbal waters and my bootylicious delights the facial cream which will put the

Final touch on this beauty treatment as it is perfect for oily acne prone skin and minimizes the excess of sebum previously i customized it for my combination skin adding the purifying and whitening booster to obtain the best results in the long run i would love to hear from you if you’d like to leave a comment in the comment area down below which other beauty

Tips or tricks you’d like me to share with you in other words help me help you well i hope you have enjoyed this video and that you have found it useful and informative if you did please share it with your friends like the video and subscribe for more videos i wish you a wonderful day wherever you are and remember enjoy little things for one day we may look back

And realize they were big things bye if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of my beauty tips just remember to select the option email with new uploads’ as shown in the video to make a call vitamin c facial toner to help us fade away agnes cars red spots and dark patches and today it’s a fitting as prince turn you

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