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Facial Steaming… This may help you tretinoin (retin-a) users!

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Hey guys, been a little bit busy last week and this week had this video recorded then but only got round to editing it together today. So, sorry for no video last week. However I think this quick one may be of benefit to anyone who has been using tretinoin and finds the flaking a bit of a hassle and embarrassment. Its something I’ve used for a while but “forgot” about since my acne had stopped. But since this new spot formed it came to me again and upon using it for one thing, I found another and hopefully it can be a help to you now too…

Hey guys so i’m back today with a very simple treatment that any of you can do at home of just heat and water and that’s obviously as this title suggests is facial steaming so facial steam and such listen fan i’ve done for many years but i stopped since my acne declared up and only in recent years i’ve been using it for allergies and breathing issues but this

Week about this very annoying deep spot which i’m sure we can still see they’re showing through a little but it has gone down but it’s scary because it’s in those scar areas that we treated with micro needling and tread noan and because it’s deep the last finger one isn’t of a scar taking place so i’m going to keep my eyes on that but it’s this that’s actually

Sort of caused me to return to steam because these kind of deep spots they get dry they get tight and they don’t seem to help themselves so steam has always been a good way at loosening and softening the skin surface and the pars to actually allow them to breathe better shall we say and because of that that comes a lot i have a lot of questions when it comes to

Steam in some say yes some say no so that’s obviously why i want to be here to sort of debunk and help answer those questions with the studies and the researched about the answers as we always do on this channel rs was steamed in some cedar opens the pause now technically that is a no it’s not possible to open and close a par as there’s no muscle around each one’s

Without doing so but the heat helps soften the skin and allow more loosening of the power walls which in turn will help remove any trapped skin or debris which in turn will have the pars look larger and once they’re cleared they’re going to return to their normal size but remember the size is set genetically so a completely different size from star in whether it’s

Small or larger isn’t gonna happen alright so the next is that steams actually damaged into the skin or aggravating and if that does hold true in part that it can actually be irritated and stimulate in the steam it’s not the most appropriate for sensitive people are sensitive skins of rosacea but anyone with normal oily dry skin or even acne will benefit from the

Steam you know with acne can actually help heal the open wounds where spots may have been extracted or even helping them loosen without any need for pressure or tool structurally extract them in the first place now something i’ve recently found and it’s been so great with steam in is for anyone using try knowing also known as renee and other brand names which are

No load of you are using this on this channel so it’s been working so great there it gets the flakes off now seven of a video is that this is the worst side effect and sometimes it doesn’t bother me and sometimes is just too much to ever feel comfortable having anyone see me so most times i was having to use physical exfoliation scrubs and that was the only way

I could bring myself to leave the house but doing that regularly on top of this it’s just gonna leave your skin pretty raw sensitive not look good not feel good so with steam in i’ve actually been able to ditch the scrubs and just roll the fingers over the face and it’s removing the flakes without any further irritation so i definitely recommend this for you to

Try a flake is a big issue for you and just moisturize straight after and you’re actually really gonna lock in that hydration so the thing that i use is this designated facial steamer which pretty much has got this metal pan into the bottom and that’s where you add the water and then you’ve attached this faceplate and you put it onto a table turn the on button on

And around a minute or so the water is heat it’s a steam now i’d recommend this over a pan on flame or electric however you heat in the kitchen because it’s much more controlled and the device has a temperature control built-in so it’s not going to get too hot and the faceplate kind of keeps you in a good range away from where you might burn because the steam burn

Is more dangerous than a hot water burn so you’ve got to be careful with that however if a pan is all that you have then you could do it you know the way they did it back in the day well you’ve got a towel over your head and you’ve over a bowl over the flame but like i say safety is paramount so maybe even just use a kettle boil the water put that into a pan of a

Bowl and so there’s no open flame and then just allow the water to cool slightly for a few minutes because you don’t need it super super hot but common sense should always be used because you know hot water is hot water and steam esteem you’re gonna burn yourself if it comes into contact so you’ve got to be careful and just steam for a maximum of five minutes any

Longer isn’t really necessary and also take breaks so ten-second breaks between now five minutes and don’t keep in constant exposure so the reasons steam ins good for you and that you may want to try it is because one it’s actually gonna help you boost circulation due to the increased blood flow so it’s great for anything sort of pre-event if you start feeling

Really dry and dull and that no products are really doing it for you and the next is that it’s cleansing which you know that’s pretty obvious but it’s really good at loosening debris which can be trapped within the pars and it’s much more efficient as softening blackheads than just plain water and so are scrubs and because they’re not suffering in loose and in

Effect from the steam it can actually help loosen any spots that may have come to a head much faster than without and also help that skin around it now heal faster now a great thing too is you might actually be able to throw out your hash acne based products because of this which is something that i personally do recommend to do anyway if you do have acne off spots

I guarantee you that’s definitely making them worse now it’s on this more on my channel in other acne videos if you want to see more on that so finally the steam gives a greek lens to the face and the parts that actually allows you of a products far better ability at absorbing in and giving you the result that it would design for and the passive results to steam

And i’ll use in steam is that it might actually help you a little bit with grievin and sinuses and you can even tailor the experience with herbs according to what you’ve won so it almost becomes two-in-one with aromatherapy so a good routine to actually incorporate steam into would be to cleanse first then exfoliate then add the steam and then apply a face mask

Rinse it off then follow with emotional races and any other products that you may be using and that would pretty much be your once a week go to routine for adding steam in and kind of going all out but the guideline would be never to do it more than once a week and never to go over ten minutes at a time i personally just recommend five and remember that anyone

With sensitive skins or rosacea should avoid using steam just because it’s quite stimulating to the skin so there we go guys i hope that’s given you something to look into if you haven’t tried it especially anyone that’s dealing with liver and a flake in who wants kind of a more of a gentle way at removing it without the need to scrub and if you have tried it oh

You’ve got any questions then let me know below in the comments or over on my instagram messages and anything else that you would like to see posted on here let me know that too and if you’re not subscribed and you found this helpful then why not join us here by clicking that button and i will see you all in the next video bye

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Facial Steaming… This may help you tretinoin (retin-a) users! By Ben Ives