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Faith on Trial in North Carolina Lou Dobbs Tonight

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I mean now tammy bruce washington times columnist fox business contributor host of the fox nation show yep uh amy bruce there we go great to see you yes and i love that that event as much as you do fabulous turn of events it really is and and by the way there’s a they’ve written into the law if anyone sue’s them like the foundation for freedom the state attorney

General will it no cost be representing that school district to assure that there is a defense of that law yeah there’s two fronts here it’s it’s the the notion the statement that this makes the fact that that is the national motto that references to faith in god in the public square have been under attack for years now by groups like that and the fact is is that

The majority of americans believe in god they’re people of faith i think over 90% of americans celebrate christmas regardless of their underlying faith-based beliefs and it is a reminder it is the motto of the nation for recent came up during i think it was world war one but as americans were wanting you know being no no no strike that the civil war as as there

Was a realization that you know we we must believe in something beyond ourselves so it’s good there but it’s also important because we must push back on these leftists we must show them we will not be cowed by very simply god belongs in our public square it does god the issue of face this idea that the freedom not to believe in god means that others don’t have the

Freedom to express their belief in god it’s mindless just just like a non-american it mean yeah yes sir go ahead i just want to turn to something not quite so happy the catholic church its magazine america magazine the jesuit-run magazine basically boosting communism in this country defending marxism comparing christianity to communism saying christianity is just

An ideological faction this from a church run magazine the jesuits you know known for their social work being perhaps left-of-center i believe the pope i believe in god i believe in jesus and i don’t like organized religion so much but i do believe the pope was a jesuit and and so you know the thing is it’s not as though we’re ignorant to what this causes what

Communism causes the death of over a hundred million people in the last century we come to this with the knowledge of the fact that it’s more than a cancer it’s a mass murderer and yet with everything we know there was it was a very much an apologist kind of a story of like so what’s going on with the catholic church i mean they want to be communist they are in

Many instances not holding accountable priests who have committed horrible crimes against children pedophilia is it is it’s an appalling period in this church’s history and to have this kind of influence from the jesuits it all they have to do is look at cuba venezuela well they did focus certainly the the fact that they would go to this kind of political tripe

You know in a time when not just the world needs a faith-based direction in leadership but the church itself does and this is now this is what left us do though they infiltrate and then they destroy and catholics and people of faith everywhere need to recognize that the church is not immune from that and and to make sure that they maintain some kind of influence

So this kind of f element gets removed tami bruce great to see you thank you so much great to be here

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Faith on Trial in North Carolina • Lou Dobbs Tonight By Independent Women’s Voice